Chapter Five

I’m back with an update right before finals and the holiday! 🙂 I’m so happy I finished in time to get this out today, since starting Monday is finals week for me. I don’t have finals Monday, but I work. I have a final everyday Tuesday through Friday and then can we say CHRISTMAS VACATION! I’m going to try to get as many updates out over the vacation as possible since I have a feeling next semester will be busy too.  I’m also really surprised with myself how far along I already am with this Generation? I just realized yesterday I was already on chapter five haha. I don’t know how many chapters (ideally) this generation will be. I’m shooting for ten at least, but my founding generations always suck, so never know. We’ll see right? I think that’s all I have to say for now. Sorry I always tend to ramble in the beginning.

Again, just remember that the POV is from Meringue’s.





 I woke up earlier than normal this morning. Not that I didn’t mind since I have a lot to do in the mornings, but I know its because I have some strange man sleeping in my guest bedroom. Even though it irritates me having some strange berry in the house, I continued with my morning rituals. Showering, a little bit of cleaning and making breakfast. Tangerine,err Tang? wasn’t awake yet so I figured the smell of crisp waffles would wake him up. I was mistaken apparently. I prepared my plate and went to the living room to eat my breakfast. I waited before I started to eat if I could hear him stirring. He sure did like to take his sweet time getting up. Its a good thing he doesn’t live her permanently, I don’t think I could tolerate that.



Since he didn’t wake up, I figured I’d be nice and leave a plate out for him. The least I can do right? Even though I’m not too fond of the arrangement we have. I think last night while we were talking I was blinded by his good looks and charm. I don’t know why but when I woke up this morning I had  sudden change of heart. Probably because the sight or even thought of men disgusts me at the moment. Sure, yesterday I hated being alone, but now I feel like it. I’m only human, and us women have mood swings whether being pregnant or not. I don’t know why I’m feeling all this built up aggression. I mean its not like he did anything wrong? He was just looking for someone to help him out, and I was there to be that person.  I don’t why I’m feeling so conflicted. I just have this gut feeling, and I don’t want him to get too cozy here.




After I finished my morning chores and showered off from being in the garden all day, I decided to sit in the den and read up on modern farming practices. I just started to get into my reading when I could feel eyes one me. I could tell Tangerine was staring at me. (Sorry but Tang seems too personal and I don’t know him well enough to call him that, even if he does prefer it).

“Can I help you?” I asked sternly

“Yes I was hoping you could. Did you leave that plate of of waffles out for me?” he asked back

“Oh…uh yes, I did. You weren’t up when I made breakfast, and instead of letting the food go to waste and to save you from searching for food , I left it out for you. I hope you don’t mind that you have to reheat it.”

“No no of course not. That’s very sweet of you, thank you so much sunshine.”

Sunshine? I could feel my cheeks start to flush at the utter of that word. I buried myself in my book after he left the room. Why is it hard for me to keep a straight face in his presence? I want to not like having him as company, but once I’m around him I lose all inhibitions and current emotions I’m feeling. He just has a way of making me feel comfortable and happy. I think getting him out of this house is going to be difficult. I think he’s already too comfortable, he already has a nickname for me? Only way to get to the bottom of was to discuss it with him.




After he finished his late breakfast, I made sure to inquiry about how long he just plans on staying.

“Oh hey sunshine, what’s up?” he smiled

“Hi. I was wondering have you contacted the towing company yet?” I inquired

“Oh, um no I haven’t yet. Sorry about that. I guess I’ve been lagging on my promises haven’t I? I’ll go do that now sunshine.”

“Thank you.”



 I was shocked at his surprised response to my question. Guess he didn’t expect me to keep up on his word. But, we had an agreement on how long he would stay and what he would do. its almost like he intentionally forgot about it? He wouldn’t do that right? I felt suspicious all of a sudden. Since he went in the other room to talk on the phone, I listened outside the door. I could hear him dialing on the phone, so that much was true.




Eventually, I heard him talking to someone. It sounded like he was whispering at first, as if he knew I was outside the door. Like he has something to hide. I think I was just hearing thing though. What would a guy like him have to hide, and who could he possibly be whispering to anyway? Besides, he started to talk to someone, and it clearly was a towing company.

“Uh hello there? Yes, hi there. My car broke down last night and I had to leave it on the side of the street. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it, but I need to get it towed before I get fined or something.” he explained


“Okay, that sounds good. Do you know how long this will all be?”


“Ahhh okay, I see. Thank you for your services. I’ll be sure to keep in touch with you. Hopefully its nothing serious.”




After I heard that last line, I could tell things weren’t looking good. I didn’t need to hear anymore. Instead I went and took a seat on the sofa and waited for him to come tell me what I already knew. I just hope I didn’t react as negatively as I was feeling. I heard the click on his cellphone, and that’s when I moved to the edge of my seat, waiting. He didn’t come out right away. I wonder if he was too ashamed or afraid to tell me what happened.  I started to feel bad making him call them since that’s probably how he felt. Great job Meri. I thought. Eventually he came out of the bedroom, with a frown on his face. This didn’t help me feel any better. I started to feel worse now. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to like what he was about to tell me.



“So what did they say?” I whispered

“Good and bad news.” he said sharply

He didn’t seem to happy about the answers he got either.

“Oh….well what did they say?”

“Well they told me its going to at least take a day to retrieve my car from its location, and get back to their shop. Then, it could take up to two days to figuring out what’s wrong with it since I couldn’t pinpoint the cause or problem. After that, the time is unknown how long it will take it to get it fixed since they don’t know the problem, and the problem could be simple or complex.”

“So, you’ll need a place to stay for at least the next three days at most?” I piped up

“Essentially? Yes.” he sighed



Poor guy. Like he hasn’t been through enough already. His car breaking down in a town he’s not familiar with, and going through the trouble of finding someone to help him out, now he has to stay even longer. He has a life to get back to and I’m sure he misses his own home. I pondered it over in my head, trying to think of what advice I could give him. I could refer him to the motels in town, but then again the motels here are ridiculously over-priced since they don’t get many guests and they’re trying to earn  living. I don’t want him to be ripped off. That’s when the thought of offering him to stay longer came across my mind. I don’t know why it did since I haven’t become accustomed to having him here for one night, what makes me think I could handle three more?  It pained me to do it, but I really feel for him.

“Do you want to just continue staying here? I know its kinda weird since you barely know me but I understand your situation.” I offered

“Are you serious?…or better yet, are you sure you want that? I don’t really want to impose on you.” he questioned



“Um yes I am sure. If you go stay downtown you’ll just be overcharged and that’s not fair to you. Especially since you didn’t exactly plan to stay here.”

“Awe, well thank you sunshine. That means a lot. I’ll try to pull my own weight around here by looking after myself, and staying out of your way. I’m sure its not easy having some stranger sleeping in the room next to you.”

Boy, was he right. I hate that I’m that easy to read. I wish I was better at consolidating my true feelings. Like when he gives me that warm smile of his. I could feel my cheeks become a little rosy, I had to quickly make an excuse to leave the room. His smile is to die for I swear.




And so it was settled the next few days he would continue to stay here while his car would be getting looked at and hopefully fixed. Shortly after two days have past, he started to become much more comfortable with staying here. He had no shame walking around in his boxers,…shirtless. Now I’m not saying I don’t enjoy his…um, his body but for being a conservative woman such as myself, makes it hard to keep a straight face and look him in the eyes. A few times I found myself awkwardly  reacting to seeing his radiant orange skin being exposed. Needs to warn a woman next time! Especially a woman who is very shy when it comes to seeing the opposite sex,….the opposite sex that is half naked too. Girls in Briocheport must be very different there. Girls are more conservative and homey? I guess is the right word. Like I said earlier, its a good thing he doesn’t live here permanently.


Also in the two days he’stayed here, I’ve noticed things about him. He spends a lot of time on the phone. He’s always talking to the same man. I know this because he uses “sir” and says it the same way each time. He’s very cautious in  not saying this man’s name out loud. Even when he’s in the room alone. Makes me a little curious since he really devotes his time, even when he’s not in his hometown. I can see why he doesn’t like unexpected surprises, you can only get so behind on your job. Hope he isn’t getting too beat up over it I almost feel guilty even though I didn’t do anything directly to affect the time he has to spend here.


Lately I haven’t been doing so much myself. Things are still kinda awkward between me and Tangerine. I don’t really know what to talk about with him, or even if he wants me to socialize with him. Like today for example, after I finished working in the garden and did the chores around the house. The air in the house was so quiet and odd, that I just went back out to the garden and here I am looking and basically talking to my plants. Looks pathetic probably, but I can’t shake my feelings. I still have this suspicion about the man that’s been staying in my house for the past few days, but yet why do I enjoy his company? Even though we barely speak, and he spends most of the day working. Its the acknowledgement from him, the acknowledgment of him recognizing I do live here and he enjoys that. I can tell he does. He smiles every time I see him and he’s started calling me “sunshine” regularly. And, I have to admit I’m starting to like the cute nickname.


“What are you doing all alone out here?” he scuffed, breaking my train of though

“Oh,…hey there. Working on your tan?” I joked

“Huh? Oh. Oops kinda forgot I was still in my boxers. I’m sure your neighbors won’t mind the view.”

He sure did have high self-confidence. I like that though. Its not overwhelming like Strudel’s was, he just says it and leaves it at that. I could help but really admire him. He was hard-working, nice and just loves talking. Not something I was expecting from a complete stranger.

“Hey! Sunshine you all there?” I heard his voice piercing my ears

“Oh, sorry. I was thinking about some stuff.” I lied

“Ooh what’s that? Your boyfriend?!”

“Haha no. Besides, I don’t have one.”



“What? I find that hard to believe. You’re a very nice girl, any guy would be lucky to have you.” he gushed

“You think so?  Thanks Tang.” I smiled

“No problem sunshine. So you want to tell me your life story? We have some time to kill, and we don’t really know each other that well so might as well start somewhere.”

“You really want to know? As long as you tell me yours in return.”

“Its a deal sunshine. Shoot.” he smirked

“Hmm let’s see where to start? Well, first off all my family is from Apple Loosa Pie. My parents met in high school and fell in love. They were both farmers just as I am. A little clique, but I’m still proud of them. They’ve made me who I am. They decided to have only one child, me. I’m grateful I got all the love of my parents without feeling jealous, but yet I kinda wish I had siblings. My parents were older when they had me believe it or not, so by the time I reached my senior year they both passed within days of eachother. In the will I was left our family house and the land. I took it with pride, and here I am I guess.” I marveled

I could feel a smile coming over my face as I told about my life to him. I’m sure he wasn’t impressed, but its nice talking to someone new.

“How about you?”

“Ahh my life. Its probably not as happy as your sounds, just so you’re aware of it. I have many siblings, and I never knew my mom, but  was told he was a lovely woman. Very kind-hearted like you, at least that’s what my grandma told me. My dad was a hard-working man and didn’t really know how to take care of kids. He expected high standards since he had to learn how to take care of ourselves. He didn’t like slackers, or half-ass jobs. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand this at the time since I’m the youngest out of three sons. My brothers always took care of me, and when it came time for them to start caring about themselves I didn’t want to become independent. So I learned the hard way. In high school, I didn’t care much about anything and my dad taught me the hard lesson of hard work. From that day on I worked my way up in the company I work for. I’ve poured my heart and soul into my job, and made my boss my life. Most people would say that’s not a life to live,but its the life I know to live.  I’m sure you’ve noticed how much I work just by spending time with me for two days.” he sighed

“Oh Tangerine. I think its great that you work out. It means you know what you want, and you’re determined to get it. That’s all. Plus, you seem happy with your job and that’s all that matters.” I reassured

“Thanks Sunshine. Glad there’s one woman that understands. Most women don’t, that’s why I’m still single. Women only love me for my money sadly.”

“Yeah, well my ex-boyfriend was a sexist berry who thought he was going to control my life and change me.”

“Ouch, I’m sorry you had to deal with that berryhole of a guy. Good thing you got rid of him.” he agreed



This is the most comfortable I’ve been talking to someone, other than Apple that is. I think I’m really starting to like him.  He was really something else.

“Hey, I’ll be right back okay? I’m finally going to get dressed!” he laughed

“Oh, okay.” I stammered

I stood there waiting for his return, and then my mind started to wander. Does he having something up his sleeve? and why was he getting dressed as if he has to? I always seem to overthink things and don’t just let things happen. Apple always told me that was a flaw of mine.  One flaw I’m hoping to work on. Just letting things happen. But, then again isn’t letting a strange man stay in your house fall under that? Ergh I don’t know! I really need to stop letting my thoughts get the best of me.




“Well Ms. Moscato shall we go out on this dapper evening?” he twirled around

I have to admit I laughed at his funny voice and cheesy smile. It was definitely a side I didn’t think Tangerine had.

“Haha what are you doing, err saying?” I laughed

“Why Ms. Moscato I’m asking you to have dinner with me. I’ll have to leave right away once my car is fixed, and it won’t be a proper goodbye, so we don’t we go enjoy ourselves for the night? “

“Eh-what? You want to take me out? I don’t know..I don’t think I’d be good company.”

“Oh come on now .You’d be great company! You have been for the past few days, why would one night change things? Plus, sight seeing a new place would be nice from a local.” he coaxed

“Okay, fine. But, I’m wearing this.” I stated.

“That’s find madam.”



He wanted to go to the pier since he loves the scenery here. Plus, the water in Briocheport isn’t as pretty and clean due the industry there. I agreed, it was a lovely place to go. He opted to grill out, I objected but he said it was the cheapest he could do and it would be fun. I didn’t want to agree, so I just stayed silent. This outing started to remind me of Strudel, and that’s one person I don’t want to thin about every again. I tried not to let it get my mood down, but I felt a little bored and wanted to go home in the beginning.



That was until he burned the hot dogs hehe. I know its cruel, but I honestly thought it was funny. Its cute to see him embarrassed, and I was only teasing.

“Ahh shit. I burnt them.” he frowned

“Hahaha, can’t cook simple hot dogs Mr. Sherbert?” I teased

“I’m sorry sunshine. Can kiss our dinner goodbye.”

“Oh nonsense, I’ll still eat them. Bring em’ over here, we are going to enjoy this dinner that you slaved over. “


“You are one woman that is full of surprises Sunshine, you know that?” he raised one eyebrow

“Oh really? Well I can the same for you.” I gave him that look

“Haha fair enough, fair enough.”

“That’s what I thought. I was curious, where do you get off calling me Sunshine?”

“Oh do you not like it? I’m sorry it just came to me when I saw you.” he quickly apologized

“No no, I’ve grown to like it I was just curious.” I smiled

“Oh. Well in Briochport, the girls aren’t of true beauty. If you know what I mean? They tend to “enhance” their beauty, and their coloring, and it usually turns out bad. Most yellow berry women I’ve seen look like a burnt lemon, or a highlighter. But, you , you look natural and radiant. Like sunshine.”

“Awe, well thank you. Glad I don’t look like a burnt lemon haha.”





Eventually after our burnt dinner, we traveled up to the deck and lounged. We watched the sky and waited for the stars to come out and light up the sky. We talked about whatever came to our minds, mine was a little more personal, but just wanted to get to know him better. I’d consider him a friend honestly. So friends should be able to talk about most things openly, plus I gave him the option to object.

“So, even though you have a heavily work load, do you plan or want a family someday?” I asked

“Haha my favorite question from women. Eventually yes I do. Do I know when? No. Do I hope its with someone special and it will last yes? I’m hoping I’ll be on the verge of retirement when I have a family, and my boss will have someone next in line to take my place when I have family. Of course, I can’t predict the future either.” he explained

“I was curious.Plus, I don’t have any male friends to get their perspective.”

“You don’t? Does that mean I’m your first?”

“Haha yes, aren’t you a lucky man.” I teased

“I’d say so.” he winked




Finally, the stars came out and the whole sky was lit up. It was a beautiful site, with the reflection off the water. It was still summer, and a night like this made me want to jump in and swim around. Like me and Apple used to do every summer, sneaking out and just having fun before school started. Deep in thoughts and taking in the view, Tangerine jumped up and motioned me to come by him. I obliged and was a on the outlook. What exactly did he want?

“Yes?” I asked

“Um…I was wondering….” he trailed

I noticed that he became shy all of sudden. This was new? For a confident guy, I didn’t think it was possible for him to have a shy side. Now I was curious. What could he be so nervous about, its only me? We’re only friends? Maybe he wants to ask something really personal and is afraid. I kept replaying scenarios in my mind until he finally said what he wanted to.

“You were wondering what?”

“I was…wondering if you wanted to go watch the starts up closer, on the beach with me?”

Did he just ask me to watch the stars with me? Did he mean it as friends or romantically? This changes things if he does. Wait, he wouldn’t right? Or would he? Oh berry, he just confused things. Oh berry no. What if I say or do the wrong thing? Act cool Meri. Just say yes. Just say yes. And so I did.

“Sure, I’d love to!” I said cheerfully

“Great!” he agreed




He lead the way to the beach. My nerves were all over the place. I didn’t know the nature of this outing anymore. Was it a secret date or just two friends out? I hate not knowing. Why do men complicate things? I tried to keep my cool though. Dear Berry, let me get through this night alive.

“Hope you don’t mind sitting in sand.” he smiled

“Oh no, I don’t haha. Otherwise I wouldn’t of agreed to this.” I joked


“Oh wow they do look bigger even though we’re on lower ground. So bright too.”

“Shine bright like you sunshine.”



I think this just turned into a date. That was flirting I knew it was. He just moved his hand over mine, and started to hold mine. I was taken back, but made sure my body language didn’t alarm him. I wasn’t sure if I wanted this to be a date “date”. I mean I just got out of relationship not too long ago, and I’m not sure if I want to open my heart up again. Why was he doing this? Why didn’t just say he wanted it to be a date? Was he afraid of rejection? So many thoughts were rushing through my head the second he held my hand in his.




I turned to smile to him, I knew the moment I looked at him he’s smile back. It was cute to see his face light up,and he had a killer smile. What kind of girl wouldn’t want to be watching the stars with that? I have to admit, in the mist of all of my irrational and rational thoughts about this night, I didn’t want it to end. Especially when he moved his arm around me. I felt safe and calm with him. Even thought my mind goes crazy when I’m around him, he makes the atmosphere feel so serene and calm.




“Hey do you know what that berry constellation is?” he whispered

“Hmm? No I’m not familiar with them.” I shyly admitted

“Well good, because this wouldn’t be a cool piece of information if you already knew it. That constellation is of a berry warrior who is conflicted. There’s a woman he’s supposed to be with due to his status and popularity, but really he’s in love with a girl who would be the last person he expected.”

I could feel my cheeks starting to flush. I know he wasn’t talking about himself or me, but the story reminded me of myself. Even though it wasn’t anymore close to my life, but I saw myself in that girl he was really in love with. The story made me smile though. He had a soft spot, which I have to think its wonderful.

“I’m glad I know that berry legend. Its a good one. Thanks for telling me. I’m surprised you know it though. For being such a busy guy, its nice that you have random pieces of information floating around in your head.”

“Well as you said earlier, I’m full of surprises.” he chuckled



We sat there awhile longer until we both knew it was getting quite late and we should probably be getting home. There was no place open except the bar, but that’s not really my thing. When we were about to leave, he pulled me into a hug. He told me how lucky he was to of meet me and appreciative of my kindness. I expressed the same generous words of how I was glad to make to a friend out of an awkward situation. He laughed but agreed. He took me home, walked me to the door like a gentlemen, and stopped. He turned around to face me with my hands intertwined with his.

“What is it now?” I softly asked

“I just wanted to say that I’m thrilled to have met you, and I honestly mean it. I’m glad that you were the one berry that opened her door when I went around seeking help. You are truly an amazing woman.” he gushed

I wasn’t sure what to say, I was speechless. He has only known me for a few days and he has so many feelings about me. And why do I have feelings for him already? He was a beautiful berry himself. I never thought I would ever meet someone as special as him this very night.




I lied. I never thought I would ever meet someone as special has him ever.

Poses provided by: Poses by Skylar, Spladou, Juba_Oo (was listed in the pose back as creator) and TumTum  Simiolino.

OHMYGOSH I am so sorry for the length! :O I had no idea it was going to end up being this long, honest! There’s no way to break this up into two parts either. Again, so sorry! I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter even though the monstrosity of the length :/

Hopefully that doesn’t happen again, my writing just went wild apparently.


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