Chapter Nine

Hello again! Another update you say? Yes, you’d be correct. I have the urge to play and write the Moscato’s and finish up the generation soon, so that’s why these updates are coming fast. Plus, I only have one more week and the rest of this week before Spring Semester starts and the updates will be slowed down. Also, I’m sure some readers are wondering what happened sine I left off with a cliffhanger 🙂

I’d like to thank and give credit to Arosia and Berrysweetshoppe for the poses used. And I’d like to thank and give credit to I-like-teh-sims for the scar used.

This chapter I think is okay in length, but might be a little long in case you’re wondering. There shouldn’t be any bad language in this update, but if there is you’ve been warned. Also, POV will be shifted in this chapter, but it will be notified.




Everything became a blur after I found Tangerine lying on the floor lifeless. All I remember is tears instantly streaming down my face and my mind jumping to conclusions. I remember searching vigorously for his phone so I could call or help. I eventually found it and dialed nine one-one. I tried to tell the operator about what happened and what I found but the words wouldn’t come out. Only tears and “help him” over and over. Luckily they have the technology to locate me because by the time they notified me they were on their way, my legs gave out and I collapsed to the floor. Everything didn’t seem real. I wanted it to be a dream, but I knew it wasn’t. And one thought kept racing in my mind, “I did this to him”. I made him go down this path, and it was my fault. Wht kind of person does that? I couldn’t help but blame myself the whole time. From being in his apartment to waiting in this room beside him. I felt like the worst berry in the world.

When we reached the hospital in Briocheport, I was attended to for shock. Eventually I calmed down and  searched out Tangerine’s room. At first they wouldn’t let me in because I wasn’t family, and I quickly told them that he didn’t have any. I was the closest thing he had. They were skeptical but allowed it. As I walked in, it was hard to fight off more tears. He looked better than before, but it was hard seeing him in a hospital bed with all these tubes connected to him. I just sat down and waited until the doctor came in to tell me what was going to happen. The waiting was the hardest, I could see Tang’s head doctor talking with the nurse who would be tending to Tangerine. I tried reading their faces and it didn’t seem good. This made me nervous.



After I watched them for awhile, the nurse looked over and noticed me sitting here. She nodded to the doctor and he turned his head to see me. That’s when they both proceeded into the room. I sighed and took a deep breath. This was it, the dreadful news I’ve been waiting for. I was as prepared for it as I was ever going to be. Which wasn’t at all.

“Miss? You have relations with the patient?” the doctor cleared his throat

“Uh, yes I do. I’m the one that found him and I’m his girlfriend.” I lied

“Oh, okay. Well we want to go over our finding and prognosis with you since it seems he doesn’t have any other kind of family.”

“Uh, sure. Yes. Okay.”




“Have you been told anything yet?” he asked first

“Um no, but I’ve made my own observations so far.” I sniffled

“Okay, well I’m sure you know that the patient overdosed on prescription pills and there was consumption of alcohol along with the pills.”

“I figured out that much.”

“Okay, well the pills that he swallowed were not his own. In fact, the pills he has our painkillers and looking at his medical history there is no need for him to have those pills. I can’t exactly tell you why he did this, but it could of been a form of suicide.” he explained carefully

Suicide, the word I was hoping wouldn’t come up. After he finished I could feel the tears rushing to my eyes, I couldn’t hold them back any longer. All I could do in response was cry, and manage to say thank you. But, he wasn’t done.

“That’s not all though, Miss?”

“Moscato. Miss Moscato.”

“Ah right. Now, that part was the bad news. But, there is good news as well.” he half-smiled

“There is?” I cried out

“Yes, due to the fact that you found him in a timely manner and called for help he isn’t in such a critical condition as he would. The only thing that is concerning is his breathing, meaning he’ll have to eventually be taken off those breathing tubes in order to survive and function properly and there are concerning contusions on his body. Do you know if those are old or new wounds?”

“Contusions? I’ve never seen any since I last saw him.”

What? What does he mean by wounds? I thought this was a overdose? I was so confused



“Okay, well we’ll be looking into that just in case. If you know anything, please don’t hesitate to tell us.” he said

“I won’t, trust me. Is that all?” I asked softly

“Mostly. But, as for when he’ll wake up and start breathing on his own, I can’t give you can exact timeline. I expect him to wake up before he can fully breathe on his own, but that’s just my medical guess. We will let you know if anything else comes up, and you are allowed to stay with him as long as you want. Should we put you down as emergency contact and as the primary?”

“Yes, please put me down and thank you.”

His medical guess?! That wasn’t comforting at all. He could be unconscious for two months for all I know! I couldn’t help but continue to cry all my emotions out. I wanted to go hug Tangerine and tell him everything was going to be fine, but I can’t. I can’t be in his arms. I couldn’t believe all of this was happening. I just wanted someone to tell me he was going to be fine, or a sign to jump out and tell me. I needed to know he was going to be okay.



I managed to calm myself down that first day in the hospital from crying and tearing up at every sight and thought of Tangerine being hurt me causing it. That first night, since I couldn’t sleep I took a long hard at the facts and played scenarios over in my head. This is where blame and disbelief set in. Why would he do that to himself? Its because I wouldn’t accept his apology. But, he can handle rejections right? Why and where would he get pills that weren’t his own? Oh right, its Briocheport Meri. A place full of corruption. Why didn’t he call me if he was feeling this low? Oh right, you drove him away. Didn’t he have any friends here? Nope, he worked too much.

“Tangerine, I really wish I knew why you did this to yourself and what’s going through your head right now.” I sighed



Of course there was no answer, I wasn’t really expecting on anyway. I just want him to hear my voice, even though its been frustrated, angry and sad. I hope he is really hearing me and can’t wait to talk to me. I can only hope. He looked so peaceful as he slept there. I hoped he was having happy thoughts and not remember the events that lead him here. I also noticed he had a large cut on his face that was starting to scar up. Self-inflicting wounds now? Tangerine why didn’t you tell someone about your pain, anyone would of listened. Even me, if you would of. I might not of liked how you lied, but I wouldn’t of listened if you were hurting this much. I only wish there wasn’t something else I could do other than sitting here beside you.



It had been a week since I’ve stayed with Tangerine. One grueling week. I guess my absence was well noted by Apple too because eventually she called my cellphone wondering where I was. I told her what happened and she sighed with disappointment. I was a little confused since she said she would support me with pursuing this relationship with Tangerine. Maybe she was lying,  I don’t know. I could tell in her voice that she really didn’t see the point of me putting so much time and effort into this man and our broken relationship. To her love should be flawless and graceful. But, I know that’s not always the case .Sometimes it takes passion and work in order to make it happen.  I told her I was staying with him as long as he needed me, even if he wasn’t appreciative of it later on. It still means something to me. I was very surprised when she showed up one day to come see me.

“What are you doing here Apple?” I snapped

“Look, I know that you probably hate me for saying I was on board with you and Tangerine and than saying I wasn’t the other day.” she closed her eyes, avoiding eye contact

“Yeah, I guess you could say that.”


Once again after I answered her non-rhetorical question she avoided eye contact by looking over at Tangerine.

“Do you really think he tried to kill himself?” she asked quietly

“Yes I do, and that’s what the doctor told me. But, there are some questionable bruises and the cut on his face that leave no answers.”

“You really love him don’t you?”

“Yes Apple, I do. Even though being connected with him has head to mostly heartbreak, I can’t help but want him, and need him. I get the feeling he needs and wants me too. Even if he can’t tell me right now.” I smiled looking over at him

“I’m sorry for being a little two faced. I just don’t want you to waste your time on him and it turns out he doesn’t want you. You know? Only looking out for you. But, then again deep down something tells me he does appreciate it but has a hard way of showing it.” she explained

“I know your worries, I have them sometimes too. But, he doesn’t have anyone. And, quite frankly all I have is you, and I can’t keep putting my burdens on you of being lonely. You have your own family to worry about. Its like in a way, we’re eachother’s family and support system, you know?”



“I’m sorry Meri, and I really mean it this time. i don’t know if its my motherly instinct that is kicking in or I know that you are a fragile woman and I don’t like to see a man walk all over you, but I’m truly sorry. I promise it this time and this will be the last time I hope to ever be apologizing to you or something so cruel.” she pulled me into a hug

“Apple its okay. We’re friends and ever since we were small you’ve stuck up for me. You’re just doing your job as my bestfriend. Again, look how skeptical I was about Deci and now he’s your husband and the father of you’re little girl. We all make mistakes and have trouble grasping what we can’t understand. I just need an apology and explanation is all. I’m hoping to be home soon too, so you won’t have to come searching for me again.” I smiled

“Just be careful okay?”

“I promise.”


“So, how is he doing?” she nodded in Tangerine’s direction

“Well, they said he should be fine. Just a matter of when he starts breathing on his own and wakes up.” I looked at the floor

“You have doubts?”

“I don’t think he’s going to wake up anytime soon and that worries me. I don’t have a good feeling about it, but I try to stay positive.”

“Awe I’m sorry Meri. I’m sure he’ll pull through and everything will be okay. It might just take some time is all.” she reassured

“Thanks Apple. I hope you’re right.” I half-smiled

*Roughly a Month later*


Yes, its been about a month and Tangerine is still in the hospital. Still unconscious. But, the good news is that he is finally breathing on his own, that happened about a week ago. When that happened, Apple told me that I should probably come home at least once to take care of my garden and do things around the house. I didn’t want to, but I knew she was right. A breath of fresh air and familiarity would do me some good, plus I’m sure Tangerine would be fine for a day or two without me. Even though it killed me to do so. It feels like I haven’t left the hosptial in weeks, and I had to tell myself, uh yeah you haven’t. Literally.  I was surprised when the summer air was gone, and there were fall leaves starting to show up around my house. Its even become a littler cooler and started raining more. Hard to believe its been that long since I found him. I just hoped it wouldn’t be that long until he finally wakes up.

*Tangerine’s POV*




*muffles around under the covers and slowly opens his eyes*

 “Wow feel like I haven’t slept like that in years.”


“Wait, what? What the berry? Where am I? Why am I sleeping in a room that is pure white. This isn’t my apartment?”


“Did I die?….am I dead? This is probably what berry heaven looks like. Or pretty close to it.”

I wasn’t really sure where I was at first. To be honest it did look like I’ve been sent up to the pearly gates of berry heaven by how pure everything looked, and I felt like I got a good night’s rest. That never happens. That’s until I tried to get up.

Screenshot-48 Screenshot-49

“Wait, what? IV’s?! I survived!?” I gasped

No I couldn’t have. I was pretty sure I was a goner for when I felt those pills shoved down my throat and  was kicked in the stomach. I couldn’t even move, that’s how helpless I was. All I could was lay there and hope to berry I’d go quick.

“So if I’m alive, who found me?”

I don’t know anyone and I made sure no one knew my address on purpose except Coffee Bean’s thugs, of course they knew where I lived. He was a man that knew everything, and I even tried to make myself hidden. I was so puzzled.



I quickly scanned the room. I noticed three chairs at first.  Yep, this is definitely a hospital. So someone found me? To say the least I was intrigued, and curious as to who in the berry world found me. I hope no one I owe something too. That would be hell of a thing, be saved by the person you have debts to only to make sure you own up to them. The room was rather bare. I didn’t have any contact with my loved ones anymore, so I should expect this. That was until I noticed by the bedside a yellow flower. A daffodil I believe they are called? I could be wrong. It reminded me of Meri. My beautiful Sunshine, and her lovely, golden eyes. And her soft hair. I really missed her. Wish I could take back time and would of never met her so then I wouldn’t be feeling so much guilt and sadness about her.

I spoke too soon.

Screenshot-50 Screenshot-51


I quickly heard the door swish open, my eyes bolted to the door. That was when I found my beautiful, ball of Sunshine standing there with her mouth wide open in complete shock.

“Ohmyberry!? Is that really you Tang! Oh my berry! I can’t believe its you! You’re really standing and awake!” she squealed

“Uh, hey Sunshine.” a cheeky smile came across my face

She was the one that found me!? Oh please berry no. Not her.  I can’t believe she had to see me like that. Poor girl. I can only imagine what she thought, and what hell and emotions she’s been through…ehh how ever long I’ve been here. But, it was good to see her. She looked more beautiful than ever. Her bright hair and eyes glimmering like never before. It was nice to see her smile and light up. I really missed that. She smiled, but quickly turned to a frown and cried.

“I really can’t believe that I’m seeing you in the flesh. I thought you weren’t going to make it. You’ve been like that for a month now, and I honestly didn’t think you would hold out any longer.”

A month? Holy berry! I had no idea. She’s been by my side this whole month?



 I was still trying to make sense of everything, she walked over slowly. Her eyes looking very sad and apologetic. Something was definitely wrong. I had the feeling this wasn’t going to be that warm of a homecoming as we first acted.

“Tang, I’m so so sorry I didn’t believe you that night when you came to see me. I really am. I know I can’t take back what I said. But, you need to know that after you left and I thought about things I felt horrible. I really missed you, and I even came to see you. That’s when I found you like you were though. I don’t know how to express my regret, but I do. I’m sorry I was blind and couldn’t see that. ” she pleaded

She shouldn’t be the one saying sorry. I was the one that lied and screwed things up. She had every right to feel betrayed and angry. She was only acting on her feelings naturally. She’s been holding onto this burden for far too long.

“Don’t worry about it Sunshine. I was the one that messed up and lied. You felt those things because they cut deep. I understand that, I only wish I would of told you sooner and better yet, not gone along with it. I really missed you too .You don’t know how happy I am seeing you here right now. Even though you had to see me in such a state.” I soothed

*Meri’s POV*




I could tell he really meant what he said, and he took my words to hear to. We were amending for our mistakes and creating a fresh start, even if it did start with him almost dying. Sometimes that’s all it takes. He smiled at me, and I couldn’t help but smile back. I wanted to blurt out right there “I love you” but I didn’t want to rush it or ruin the moment. I couldn’t help but eye his body up and down. I know this might seem inappropriate, but I missed his body just as much as him. His arms wrapped around me, his body pressing up against mine. He made me feel safe, and it showed me how much he wanted me.

That’s when he caught me staring. I instantly felt my face start to flush, and I let out a small giggle. His smile widened and he pulled me in for a hug.

“I definitely missed your shyness, and that cute giggle of yours.” he whispered

“I missed you calling me Sunshine.” I whispered back

That’s when he quickly pulled away and raised his eyebrows in surprise, as something just occurred to him.

“So I honestly survived the whole ordeal and I’ll be okay?”

This made me very confused.


Screenshot-70 Screenshot-72

“Um,  yeah I guess? Weren’t expecting not to though? You seem a little surprised for someone who tried committed suicide?”

“What? Suicide!? That’s not what happened. Who said anything about that?” he shouted

“Um, well that’s what the doctor and investigators concluded. Plus, when I found you that’s what it looked like to me.” I explained

“Oh..I didn’t think about that. That’s not the point though. It wasn’t suicide, trust me. And no I’m not in denial, I’m telling you the truth. I would never try to harm myself. That wasn’t on purpose by any means. Those pills were forced down my throat, as well as the alcohol by Coffee Bean and his men. That man you met awhile back that night?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Yeah, well since I quit working for him he made it a point to make sure I pay for doing that. Ruining everything for him basically. I didn’t want him to hurt you, and he plans on doing so once he gets me out of the way. His men were waiting for me in my apartment, and tried to kill me but obviously didn’t succeed. They threw me to the ground and kicked me until I couldn’t stand up. Then they forced pills and booze down my throat to make it look like a suicide. The cut on my face is living proof of that.” he described the whole set of events

“Yeah, the doctors said you had questionable bruises and I was concerned about that scar on your face.” I quietly replied




“So basically that means that man, Coffee Bean tried to kill me and get a way with it. Are you understanding what I’m telling you Sunshine?” he asked one last time

What? Someone tried to kill him? I heard the words but didn’t comprehend the actions. What did this all mean? What happens now? Is he still in danger? Am I involved now? Oh my berry, so many frightening questions. All I could do was gasp in fear.

“Tang, that’s scary!” I screamed in fear

“I know Sunshine. That’s why I’m telling you. I’m in deep berry trouble with them, and once news reaches that I’m alive they’ll be after me once again. They won’t stop until I’m dead.” he said sternly, looking away

“But, no! You can’t be a target! You just recovered!”

“I’m not the only target, you’ll become one too.”

“What!?” I was livid

“I’m sorry Sunshine. Please don’t hate me. I never thought this would come to this nor would I develop feeling for you. I don’t want you to be in this, but you are whether you like it or not. He’ll know we’re in contact and that you’re the one that saved me. Plus, you’re the whole reason I quit associating with him. He didn’t like that very much either.” his tone quickly turned apologetic


“Tangerine, I’m scared.” I whimpered


My face started to frown, and I wanted to start crying for the both of us. What a horrible thing to find out after he just recovered. I have to fear for my life now? I don’t know if I can handle that.

I could feel Tangerine’s eyes on me, but I didn’t care. Tears started to swell in my eyes, and it would only take seconds for them to start streaming along my face. That’s when he pulled me into an embrace and held my face in his hand looking at me.

“Shhh don’t cry Sunshine. It’ll be alright. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but I promise it will. I have a plan and I’ll protect you.” he whispered

“I love you.”

The words barely came out of my mouth before he kissed me, and pulled back.

“I love you too.”

Andd that’s it for Chapter Nine 🙂 Sorry it took me the whole day to get it published XD. My internet was super slow and our provider has been experiencing some problems, so couldn’t evade. I hope you enjoyed the chapter! I’m feeling very motivated and can’t wait to get the next chapter out!


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