Generation Two: Introduction

Yayyyy its here! 😀 I’m so happy to say Generation Two is finally commencing! Its kinda of a long introduction, but will somewhat bring us into Clementine’s story. I hope you guys enjoy it, even though its only the introduction. I know I already mentioned it but, Persimmon, Lemon Loquat and Clementine are available for download, and I updated family tree. No spoilers yet though.

I’m not sure if there’s else much to say, except every chapter will be told from Clementine’s POV otherwise specified. There should be no strong language used in this chapter. Also things might seem fast, but I’ll try to make it seem not haha.



Hello wonderful people of whom I’m grateful to be speaking to. My name is Clementine Moscato. My mom is the first women to really talk about her life in a diary of some sorts. But, since I’m an aspiring author, I will be doing it like an online journal Haven’t decided the style yet or anything. Anyway, my mom is Meringue Moscato, the founder of our family really. She’s a great role model to me, and I’ve been the one chosen to took after the house after my parents are gone and to live here when I have my own family. Right now its the summer before I’m shipped off to college, and I’m trying to enjoy my time while home.


Screenshot-3 Screenshot-4

Lately most of my time has been wrapped up with my boyfriend, and yes I said boyfriend, Oak Leaf. He’s a sweetheart, with such a gentile personality. We met our senior year of high school at the local library. I was so shy, and nervous when he started talking to me. He told me later on, that it was cute how I stammered and looked at the floor. I have a hard time opening up to people because I worry about rejection, but he made me feel safe and trusted. Hard to believe for an eighteen year old man. My mom pretty much don’t date until you’re older.She was right, men aren’t as trustworthy as they want you to think. But, Oak is different. He really loves me, and I love him.



“Aren’t you excited to finally go off to college and get our lives started?” I smiled cheerfully

“Ha-ha, yeah of course sweetie. I’ll be great to finally be together. I can’t wait.” He half-smiled

I don’t know if it was just me, but it seemed like his smile was forced and he was gritting through his teeth, but I was probably reading too much into, because I have been known to worry about our relationship and Oak tells me I’m always overreacting and which I am. I don’t know why I have such trust issues, guess its because I have such a fragile personality and emotions. I get upset very quickly.

Many Weeks Later, and A month Before College:


Lately we’ve been finishing the final preparations to send me off to college, like finalizing a place to live. My dad doesn’t trust Oak, so won’t be rooming with him, but I’ll be moving in a house with two other girls. It sounds fun to me, just hope they’ll like me. I know I’ve been gushing like crazy to Oak about it, I’m sure he’s annoyed by now. Oh well. That was until I got a phone call one night from him asking him he could come over. He seemed quiet, and concerned so I told him to come right on over.


It didn’t take him long to come over, and his eyes had a sense of sadness in them. I frowned a little, but kept a straight face until he told me what was on his mind. Obviously something was bothering him.

“Hey Clemmy, we need to talk something that I’ve been trying to get off of my chest for awhile, but didn’t have the confidence to do so.” he confided

“Oh Oak, what’s up? Tell me what’s been on your mind?” I frowned




At first he stood there and glanced at me, gazing into my eyes and eyeing me up and down. He was reading my body language and my mood. I shifted my weight between my feet, because his gaze was starting to make me nervous and fidget. The suspense was killing me, because I had no idea what he was going to say or thinking.

“Look…Clemmy?…Er Clementine. I’ve been meaning to say this for weeks, but its hard to tell you things that might hurt you.”

“Hurt me?”

“Yes, this might, and I’m sorry for it. I never meant to ever say these words to you. But, I’m not coming with you to college.” he said fast

“Oh, that’s okay. You can go wherever you want, no problem.?” I let out a small chuckle

“No, I mean as your boyfriend too. I’m not coming with you to University of Apple Loosa Pie, and I’m not going to be your boyfriend when you leave.”

I didn’t say anything right away. I just stared at him in disbelief. My heart was wrenching with the instant pain that just severed it. I was speechless, and my mind was going a mile a minute. I was sad, mad, confused and heartbroken. No way to describe it. I couldn’t face him anymore. I could feel the tears staring to rush to my eyes, so I walked away and then turned to look at him. I could feel instant anger coming over me and my stance became intense.




Oak could tell my emotions escalated quickly and tried comforting me. But, it was useless. I was already too mad to care what his explanation was. I wanted to scream. Not even say anything, just scream as loud as I could. Normally I’m a quiet about my emotions, but Oak pushed me over the edge. He’s been wanting to say this for weeks, and he waited until the last minute?! I was so mad.

“Clemmy-please don’t overreact. I know how you can be emotionally unstable, and didn’t want you to blow up like this. I wanted to tell you in person, and it took me awhile to work up the courage to even-” he explained

He didn’t even seemed hurt or sad to tell me what he was. It was like he was just brushing it off like it was nothing. I was just some girl he picked up and now leaving in the dust.

 “It’s like you don’t even care Oak! Like you don’t care about my feelings, how this makes me feel or anything.  Its like you aren’t concerned about how this would affect me.” I shouted

“Clemmy I-“

“Don’t even Clemmy me. I am no longer your girlfriend or even a friend. Just go. Even though you were the happiest thing to happen to my life,  just go. I guess I’ll try and have to get over you, but just know you’ve broken my resolve and trust. I hope you know that. I blame you.”

And just like that he left. I didn’t even watch him leave, I just stood there helpless as the tears made their way down my face. My hands were still balled up into fists, until all of the wrath washed over me and turned into sadness. I cried and cried.




The tears just kept coming, gushing from my eyes like a river. The feeling in my legs finally rushed back, I was jilted and almost fell to the floor from weakness. I immediately went downstairs, walking as fast as I could without my dad seeing me. He would of wrung Oak’s neck more if he saw his little girl got hurt. I could help but cry out for my mom when I got to the basement. Sobbing like a little kid who’s toy just got stolen.

“Moooommmmm!” I cried out

“Yes Clem?” she asked softly

She then heard my sobbing and loud cries, and her demeanor changed

“Oh!? Honey what’s wrong?!”

“Mom, *sob* he…Oak…he, he just broke up with me.”

“Oh I’m sorry sweetie. Did he say why?”

“Not really, he just said he wouldn’t be there to go to college with me.” I sobbed into her shoulder, clenching onto comfort

“I’m sorry he did that. He should of gave you a better reason, and I know he hurt you. But, it will only hurt now. You’ll get over it. Everything happens for a reason.” she calmly soothed

“Don’t know if I can bounce back from this. He made me feel so safe, and built up all of my trust.”




My mom pulled a way and put her hands on my shoulders to cheer me up and almost give me a pep talk. My crying had slowed down and heartbeat almost back to normal, but I was still devastated. She looked me straight in the eye and smiled. Her smile was always contagious, so she knew what to do.

“This might be what you need right now. Start college with a fresh slate. Don’t have any ties when you go. Have a chance to make new memories and relationships, really shape who you are.” she reassured

I was still kinda dazed and just stared at her, giving a small nod. I was confused as to why she was saying this. Almost like breaking up was the best thing for me. I was still frowning.

“It doesn’t make sense now I know, but you’ll get it eventually. Meeting new people gets your mind off of the past is all I was trying to say. “

“I’m trying to understand what you meant, honestly.” I whispered

“Well, I’m glad you heard me at least. Just think about the future, optimistic.”

“Maybe you’re right.”

About a Week before College Starts



“So are you ready to be shipped off to school?” my mom blurted out one night to get rid of the awkward silence

I was little taken off guard because I was still thinking about Oak and everything. Still kept me down, but I was dealing with it better than expected. My dad knows what Oak did to me too, and he’s been very quiet around me since then, so our family dinners have been awkward none of the less.

“I’m glad you asked mom, I’m actually getting pretty excited like you said. Thinking about the future and what it will hold.” I laughed

“Well that’s good.” my dad said sternly

“Yeah, I think things will go good.”


That’s when my dad really decided to give his two cents in, like usual. Thinks he knows everything.

“Listen, Clementine. I know Apple Loosa Pie has a great school and is a nice place, but just know there are people in that town that don’t like me, and might hurt you because of it. That’s why your mom and me and to feel. Now, you have your mother’s last name, but still. Don’t be naive and think they might not make the connection. Just be safe, and not stupid. Don’t put yourself in a situation to get hurt and let others take advantage of you. It hasn’t slipped my mind that the man seeking revenge on me will  have one or many drones stationed in that area in case I ever show my face up there again.” he argued

“Dad, you should know you don’t have to worry about me.” I broke softly

“Yeah, I know but you are very kind. I know you don’t trust easily which is good, but still. Sometimes people might take advantage of your kindness because you’re just like you mom in that sense.”

“I’ll try to remember.”

Screenshot-45 Screenshot-49

Eventually that week flew by and it was time for me to hop on the college expressway and leave my parents and live life as an adult finally. My own place, my own schooling, and my own choices. I had a small meltdown a eel days ago because it seemed scary and my dad didn’t help that one night with his “advice”. But, now I think I’m ready to see what a new location has in store for me. I hope my roommates are like me and we can get along and be friends too. My parents had the same worries, and let me know as they sent me off.

“Clem, remember what I said about the potential threats there?” my dad repeated for the hundredth time

“Yes dad, I think its pounded into my head by now.” I mumbled

“Hey, I don’t want anything happening to you. I already have to worry about your older brothers, who seem to think risking their life on a daily basis is okay. Things are different when it comes to my daughter.

Screenshot-51 Screenshot-53

“Just promise us you’ll keep in touch so we do know how things are, and know you can always come to us.” my mom softly said

“I will mom, don’t worry. You guys know I would never keep you in the dark.” I smiled

“Well good, the taxi’s here. Tell us when you actually get there, we want to know when. And me and your mother love you very much.”

I can only look forward to what’s about to come.


6 Comments on “Generation Two: Introduction”

  1. Minty says:

    I like Clem I have a feeling she will be a great heir. If there’s ever a female orange heir in the Parfait legacy I plan on calling her Clementine.

    That was very mean of Oak to dump her on the spot like that. And without good reason as well! Its okay Clemmy, he didn’t deserve someone as sweet as you.

    I was wondering if maybe you’d like a Parfait spare to plop into Clem’s gen. Elixir, Zodiac’s cousin, would be around the age where she starts college. I could package her up for you if you like.

    • bethysims says:

      Haha Awe I”m glad you like her! 🙂 Clementine is such a pretty name.

      Yeah, Oak is the first thing she’ll start to learn about people as she goes along her journey.

      I would definitely take a spare! I have to repopulate Apple Loosa Pie with berry sweet sims, so that would be great, and Elixir could make a contribution too! 🙂 Thank you for offering, commenting and reading!

      • Minty says:

        It is a very pretty name!

        Well I think its good that it will help shape her view on things in the future. I think the next thing she needs to get a hold of is her emotions. I don’t think it very good for her to react as much as she does.

        She’s my favourite of Romeo’s kids and she got a really good mix of her parents. I’ll package her up for you tonight and send her over via tumblr 🙂

      • bethysims says:

        Since she’s very shy, and tends to keep her emotions in, until something shoves her over the edge, Hopefully she can get ahold of it :/

        Also, thanks so much! 🙂 Can’t wait to get her in game!

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