Generation Two: Chapter Four

NOTE: OMG Just realized I spelled Four as For! 😦 Please excuse my stupidity with not spelling…I’m too lazy to fix it now. My bad. Its supposed to be the number, not the preposition.

Hello Hello 🙂 I’m back with a chapter! yay! But, before I dive into it, there are a few things I need to say. First about this chapter, its rather short compared to the previous ones. But, there will be a lot of dialogue. Plus, I had to make up for the last, lengthly one lol.

Second, is about my actual busy life. I’m in my junior year of college, and as of yesterday I’ve had all of my classes. Hate to say it, but this semester is going to be busy. VERY BUSY. I’m retaking chemistry which is going to be hard itself because I’m not a chemistry person haha. I have a healthcare leadership/management class that has way too much work for the three credit class. For some odd reason I have Learning Java, a simple computer programing class? My major is Healthcare Administration..why do I need to be able to code programs? My Intro to Business class looks like the easiest class…..

SO what I’m trying to say is updates might be slim since the weekends (if that) will be the only time I’ll be able to play sims unless I get ontop of my work (won’t happen). I apologize. Didn’t realize this semester would be so shitty.

Okay, I think we are ready to proceed 🙂 There shouldn’t be any Profanity used in this chapter, so no need to be warned. This is a happy chapter, I promise!


 Screenshot-58 Screenshot-61 (2)

After what seemed like being verbally attacked once again by another woman, whom is associated with Almond, I decided to lay low for awhile. Let things soothe over. I could feel a lot of tension on me from Elixir. Straw suggested I should of told Almond about it, but that’s not what he needs to hear. It’ll just sound like I’m trash-talking his best friend on the basis of one conversation. I don’t want to lose him as a friend either. I’m sure she was just letting me know what the boundaries were. Problem is, I’m not interested in pursuing Al in a romantic way. I really just want to be friends, and if I tried to,  I would fail miserably. If I were to be mistaken, it sounds like Elixir might have a little crush on Al, and gets jealous from any other woman who he associates with. But, whatever her reason is, I’ve been avoiding people lately. After class and writing bits and pieces on my novel, I slip off to the library and read books for references. The library is such a peaceful place. You lose yourself easily. Made me forget about the real world for a little while. One of my favorite parts about literature.

Screenshot-63 Screenshot-65

I was in the middle of reading a……um, a romance novel. I was finally starting to break into early parts of the plot. It’s a great love story written by one of my favorite authors. He just knows how to pain a picture and make you feel like you’re right there watching the scene unfold. On rare occasions he even knows how to make you feel like you are one of the characters. He hits personality notes perfectly.

I was slowly starting to slip into this alternative world with these two wonderful characters, a voice came through. I would of ignored it if it wasn’t so husky and deep.

Indiana? Very interesting title for a novel.” a man’s voice questioned

My eyes shot up at the figure standing over me. Three words came to mind as I stared at the man looking down at me. Tall, dark and handsome. Oh my berry. Certainly glad my mouth was hanging wide open at the time. I must of been staring long enough to make him feel uncomfortable though.

“Hmm no response? I hope I didn’t spook you too much.”

Screenshot Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8

I didn’t realize I was holding such a compelling stare at him. I quickly stood up to face him, and I could feel my face starting to turn a rosy, pink color. Holy berry, this man was one, good looking man. I had to take a mental, deep breath before speaking.

“Hello there. And um yes, the title is a little misleading I suppose. But, its by one of my favorite authors. Its a great love story, about a French noblewoman and her search for true love during her miserable marriage. If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend reading it sometime. Even if romances aren’t you’re thing, its still a great story to read because of the themes and imposing questions being asked throughout.” I explained

“You must be an avid reader I take it?” he asked with a smile

A gorgeous smile, might I add.

“Hehe, yes I am. I’m actually a writer and studying Literature at the university here. Reading is a great way to develop you’re own writing style and for brainstorming. Especially since I’m hitting writer’s block lately. How about you?”

“Actually I do haha. In fact, I was curious about you when I saw you since I pretty much know the regulars of the library and you are someone I haven’t seen before. I try to get to know everyone who comes here since its nice to have intelligent conversations with other readers and find out what people’s preferences are. I always learn something new.”

“Oh really? That’s great! I’m always looking for feedback from people too. Haha funny how that works out.” I chuckled

Screenshot-13 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-17

“That is funny haha. Guess its a good thing I walked over and inquired about the book you were reading. Oh, I almost forgot. I probably introduce myself so we aren’t just two strangers having a conversation. I’m Choc Bean, and you are?” he gestured

“Nice to meet you Choc. I’m Clementine Moscato.”

“That’s a very pretty name. Nice to meet you as well.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, but since I revealed what I do. What is it you do?” I couldn’t help but twiddle my thumbs around as I asked

“I guess that’s fair. I actually graduated from the university about two years ago, and for right now I’m still doing my clinicals before I become a full-fledged surgeon that people trust. I have to build confidence in that matter too. ” he answered

“Wow. Congrats on your clinicals! I hope all goes well for you with that.”

“Thank you. But, enough about me. I’m more intrigued by this novel you mentioned that you are writing.”

Screenshot-21 Screenshot-24 Screenshot-29

“Oh? Hehe are you sure you really want to know? I don’t want to bore you.” I nervously let out a giggle

“Haha you’re cute. Of course I do! Not everyday you meet a writer in the flesh.” he laughed

“Alright. Don’t judge, its only the first novel. All through high school I focused on poetry and short stories. I’m probably taking a jaunt with the writing a novel, but never know until you try. So far, I’m going for a strong, female protagonist. I want her to emulate qualities that I seem to lack. This character is very personal since she’s slowly starting to become my alter ego. I haven’t broken any ground on the plot since that’s where I’m having writer’s block. I don’t have an antagonist either. So far I’ve delved into her history and background. Its a slow process.”

“Sounds like it. I like the idea for your main character though. You seem to already be challenging yourself by writing a character that isn’t someone you know a lot about. As you said, alter ego.  It sounds like a very, berry idea. Though, it might be geared towards women more than men, it still sounds like something someone should read. Almost sounds like a soul searching type of theme or identity crisis theme. Hopefully you get over that writer’s block soon.”

“Awe thanks. That’s sweet of you to say. I feel like you already know so much about me now, and I know so little of you.” I let out a small smile

Screenshot-35 Screenshot-40

“Haha yeah, sorry about that. Sometimes I ask too many leading questions. My apologizes.” he sarcastically smiled

“Haha no its alright. I like stimulating conversations like this. I guess I’ll just have to keep up with your questions.”

“Oh really? I have a better idea. How about we discuss each other over dinner sometime?”

Screenshot-41 Screenshot-46 Screenshot-48

“Haha……what did you say?” my lips moving slowly from a curve to a straight line

“Go to dinner with me? It will be fun. I promise.” he smiled big

My straight face quickly turned into a tiny smile. This beautiful berry of a man actually wants to go out to dinner with me? Is he really asking me out? no. He can’t be. My smile quickly turned serious once again. I felt my body tensing up and becoming uncomfortable. I was starting to feel shy. Do you say yes Clem? What? Why are you even asking yourself that. Of course you do! Just look at him!

Screenshot-52 Screenshot-55

“Is that shy look a yes then?”

“Oh, um. Hehe yes. We can go out to dinner. I’d like that.” I smiled back


“Um, Clementine. I can’t pick you up or contact you without a phone number…..” he playfully raised his eyebrow

“Oh. Haha right.”

He pulled a pen out of his coat pocket and I wrote in down on his hand, and he wrote down his on mine. What are the chances of meeting someone this nice on a day that I’m trying to avoid people? I just hope when we do go out, that I don’t make a complete fool of myself.

Hope you like:) Thanks for reading. Not sure when the next update will out. I’ll probably get Chapter Five out, and then switch to another legacy of mine. So except a break after Chapter Five.


6 Comments on “Generation Two: Chapter Four”


    *runs around in circles panicking*

  2. Minty says:

    Trying to catch up on this since I saw you’re posting chapter 6 soon. I’m terrible I know 😦 I think its one of those situations where I was going to comment later and then just forgot about it.

    Yus, I am glad Clemmy noted Elixirs protectiveness of Almond (I want to call him Al but that was Elixir’s grandpa’s nickname and it keeps getting me muddled!). I hope they become friends in the end they’d get along well.

    Choc is so sweet! He’d be the kind of guy I’d go for.

    • bethysims says:

      haha no biggie! I’m been terrible and neglected Clemmy for 4 months! Then I didn’t even finish writing the chapter yesterday so I’m doing it as we speak haha.

      Haha I think Almond is too formal for a nickname, just the way he was brought up.

      • Minty says:

        N’aww don’t feel bad, I regularly do that to my Parfaits so I know the feel. Though I was chatting with Risa recently, and I do have photos ready for a few updates.

        Yeah, I can kinda see him being that to be honest.

      • bethysims says:

        Yeah, that’s why I have multiple projects so if I get bored with one, just move onto another. Seems to be the best system.

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