Generation Two: Chapter Five

Yay its here! 🙂 Chapter Five at your service. But, remember this will be the last update for a little bit since I’m switching legacy families. Also to note. The next chapter will bring up very, extreme and adult themes. That’s why I’m giving it a little bit of a break so I can mentally prepare, and do a little more research and also give readers a fair warning and to make you speculate 🙂

Again, its another short chapter like Chapter Four. I predict Chapter Six might be two parts so I went easy this chapter. There shouldn’t be any profanity used either,.

Also, wanted to say thank you to skylarsims for the pose used.

Shall we then?


Screenshot-4 Screenshot-5 Screenshot-8

As soon as I got home from the library and meeting the fellow Choc Bean, I had to quickly tell Strawberry about this since she is my dating g0-to girl. I’ve only dated one person and that was back in high school when it seemed to be easier. Straw has been through it all, and even though it might seem bad, I look at it as she has experience and knows exactly what she wants in a relationship. Whether emotional or physical.

“Soooo I think just got asked out on a date.” I nonchalantly let out

“What?! That sounds great Clemmy!” she busted out with excitement

“Well I said I think. I’m not entirely sure. It could just be a friendly outing too.”

“Wait. With who? You didn’t tell me you had a guy friend you talk to. Keeping things from your friend eh? Or maybe you wanted to keep him all to yourself?

“Uh…what?! No no. I just met him tonight. That’s why I’m telling you  now.” I half-smiled


Screenshot-10 Screenshot-17

“Oh haha, why didn’t you say so? So who’s this lucky guy. Give me details girl. I need all information to assess the situation.” she teased

“Haha okay, okay. His name is Choc Bean. Not sure if he is from Apple Loosa Pie originally or not. But, he went to college here and graduated last year I believe from graduate school. Err medical school. He is currently doing his clinicals here and he’s hoping to be a top notch surgeon.”

“Oh my berry. You caught a doctor?! Clemmy you have skills! Who knew you had it in you. I hope to berry you agreed to see him?!”

“Well yes. I did. But, should I treat it like a date or two friends casually going out?” I repeated

“A man is asking you out to dinner? Guys don’t do that unless its Almond or they’re attracted to men. You treat it like a date!” she playfully argued

“Oh okay. Good to know. I wasn’t sure….but wait. A date?! I’ve only been on one first date in my life and that was with my ex. Ohmyberry. Things have changed since high school how am I going to do this?”

Screenshot-22 Screenshot-25

“Well that’s why you have me?!” she characteristically twirled


“Uhhhh rightttt……..” I narrowed my eyes

“Oh don’t be like that. There can only be one reason you’re telling me all of this. You want my help and advice. Ooh! Can I help you pick out your outfit and do your hair too!?”

“Yes Straw, you can.”

“This is going to be so much fun! Date nights are the best! I can’t wait! When are you guys going out?” she delighted

“I believe next weekend. So you have a week.” I replied

“Challenge accepted. We will make sure you’re date night ready by then.”

Screenshot-29 Screenshot-38 Screenshot-41

That week seem to fly by. Next thing I knew it was Saturday night and Straw was helping me get ready for my “hot date” as she called it. I have to admit, I wasn’t as nervous as I initially was. The night I told Straw about it all, I felt like I was going to pass out the whole time. There was something about him. Choc Bean. Just thinking about him made my heart race. Surprised I didn’t faint the first time we spoke. But, he did put a smile on my face. Like I said, there’s something about him. Its almost like his aura is warm and welcoming. You can tell he’s sincere and genuine.

“I must say, or as they say in England. You do looks smashing Clemmy.” Straw smiled big

“I think you just insulted the whole English culture Straw. But, are you sure?” I frowned, looking myself over

“Would I lie to you?”

“Yes, you would.”


“Point taken. But, trust me. You look great. You look great, but its not overbearing or too flashy. Simple and classy. Men like that, and I know this Choc Bean will too. I can’t believe you had that dress and didn’t tell me.” she described

“Yeah, you’re right. I do look classy. Thanks a lot Straw. I really appreciate it.” I gleamed

“You’re very welcome Clemmy.”

Screenshot-43 Screenshot-45

Choc told me that instead of picking me up and having an awkward car ride home, we would just meet at our destination. We agreed on the little bistro in town. Probably because its the only place to really have a date. I took a taxi there, and my heart was starting to beat fast as the car was passing block by block, eventually incing away from the curb that sit in front of the bistro. I saw him immediately through the tinted window. A huge smile came across my face when I saw him look and smile. “Here we go Clemmy.” I told myself. What’s the worst that could happen?…Well besides him not liking me. I just won’t see him again.

“Why hello there fair lady. Nice to see you again.” he smiled

“Haha hi again. Its nice to see you too.” I gushed

“First, and foremost let me say that you look beautiful tonight. Very classy Clementine.”

“Awe thank you Choc. That means a lot.”

“I also have something for you.” he smirked

“Oh? What is it?” I asked

Screenshot-49 Screenshot-51 Screenshot-53

“I bought you some flowers. I noticed you wore yellow to compliment, and I saw these daffodils. They made me think of you and your smile.”

“Oh berry! Choc that is so sweet of you! Thank you so much!”

“You’re very welcome. Shall we enjoy a lovely meal together?” he motioned

“Haha yes, let’s. I’m starved.” I smiled back




The waiter led us to our table to the outdoor patio, and we both sat down with huge smiles on our face. We both were excited to see one another and couldn’t wait to finally “start” the date. During the first few minutes while he was perusing the menu I couldn’t help but look at him and study his features. Then it hit me. I’m. on an actual date. A smile came across my face. Here sat a man, who truly liked me for who I was and enjoyed listening to what I had to say. He liked my intelligence and didn’t care or use me just for my looks. I could only hope the rest of the date goes this well.

“How did you get to be an avid reader?” I blurted out

“Haha you don’t beat around the bush do you? You want to know all there is don’t you? Haha. Hmm, I’d have to blame my mother for that one. Since my dad was busy working all the time, and she was forced to be a stay at home mom. She feared we wouldn’t be educated since she was forced to homeschool us. Please don’t ask what I mean by that. Anyway, my mom wanted to make sure we received the the same education as the kids who went to public school so she made sure there was a lot of reading material around the house. Both current events and as many genres she could find. Plus, playing with your siblings can get old after awhile especially when you get older so I resorted to reading.” he explained

I didn’t say anything right away since I was taking in all the information he just presented. I must of been looking at him intently  because finally he broke the silence and looked concerned.

“It doesn’t sound glamorous I know. But, I’m grateful for my family and I’m glad they’ve made me who I am today. What about you?”

“My family life wasn’t any better. I have two older brothers who kept my parents busy with their shenanigans. Since I’m the youngest and was self-sufficient my parents didn’t really worry about me until I was ready to move of course. So to escape the chaos from my parents and brothers always budding heads, I read to to escape the actual reality I was living. Helped develop my imagination too.” I shyly admitted

“Well sounds like a good thing since it helped you choose a career path. Family can teach us so much can’t it? It really shapes you. That part of psychology has always intrigued me. But, I’m a much better surgeon haha.” he joked

“Haha yeah, family is something else like you said. I’m always curious about how others grew up since you can tell a lot about them just from knowing their family. Both bad and good.”

Screenshot-65 Screenshot-67


We sat there an talked for over an hour. Anything and everything that came to mind, we discussed it. We laughed, had serious talks and let our curiosity get the best of us. Eventually, the bistro was starting to close up their dinner hour and they notified us of the make your own drink bar they have set up for the evening hours. Choc’s eyes lit up and he looked at me for approval to go make a drink. I nodded and laughed at his silliness.

“Can I make you a drink fair lady?” he asked with a cheeky smile

“Haha sure, why not. One can’t hurt.” I smiled

“Awe just one?  Sounds like you might need more than one.”

“No that’s quite alright. I’m not much of a drinker. I usually have one and I’m good.”

“I like that. Beautiful and modest. That’s hard to find these days.” he winked

“Consider yourself lucky then? I let out a chuckle

“And a sense of humor?! I might as well be doomed!”

“Haha oh boy, you better get out while you still can!”

Screenshot-73 Screenshot-75 Screenshot-77

” I’m really glad you agreed to come out with me.” he whispered pulling me in for a hug

“Awe, I’m glad you asked. I’m having a really good time with you.” I whispered back

“So you wouldn’t mind if I did this then?”

“Did wha-“

Oh berry. Did this berry of a man just kiss me? His lips and touch is so soft. I didn’t want it to end. I could feel both of our lips, trickling smiles at the same time. It was sweet. He was sweet. I didn’t want our lips to stop being locked. He made me feel confident and happy. I haven’t felt that way for a long time. When he pulled away, all my mind could think about was the hope of him kissing me again and the fact that I wanted to see him again.

Screenshot-79 Screenshot-84 Screenshot-88

He offered to walk me home since it was starting to get late and dark out. We didn’t talk much on the way there. We let our body language do all the talking. Holding hands, giving me light kisses and grabbing his arm tightly. It was a great ending to a wonderful night. Before he walked me to the door, he grabbed both of my hands and swung them around.

“So, am I going to see you again?” he chimed

“Hehe well I certainly hope so. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have fun tonight.” I giggled

“That’s what I like to hear haha.”

“You sure are something else aren’t you?”


That’s when he kissed me again. Longer and deeper this time. He slowly pulled away with his famous smirk.

“I don’t know, you tell me.” he quietly said

I didn’t say anything. Instead I kissed his cheek and waved goodbye. I don’t know how long I can wait until we see each other again. I hope it won’t be too long.

That’s it for this chapter! Hope you enjoyed 🙂 As mentioned, more drama/action happens in next chapter so be prepared!


6 Comments on “Generation Two: Chapter Five”

  1. *sits at a table in the corner staring at Choc Bean suspiciously*

    I am torn between two hypotheses.

    The first is that, like I mentioned in my previous comment, this is an intricately planned trap by Coffee Bean to finally ensnare the Moscato family and Clem needs to run away fast while she still can!

    The second, is that Choc Bean is actually innocent in all of this and actually likes Clem. After all, he did state that his father was typically off working, so maybe he didn’t have much of a connection with him at all. In this scenario, I sense a touch of a Romeo & Juliet thing going on. Not quite the same, but definitely a taste of it.

    Hmmmm. I guess I shall just have to wait and see now because it looks like I am fully caught up!

    Great story so far! I’m really glad I found this blog 😀

    • bethysims says:

      Hmm both very good hypotheses….I’m not going to say much more than that though hehe. Glad I can keep you guessing! *muahaha*

      Hopefully Chapter Six will be out soon! As for the moment I’m working on my other sim families that desperately need to be updated haha.

      And thank you so much! 🙂 I’m glad you really like it.

  2. Minty says:

    Eh, I have to agree with Lily that I’m a bit unsure about Choc now.

    Like a part of me wants to believe he’s an innocent sweet guy, but I feel like he might be linked to Coffee Bean.

    Curse you for making me feel torn! 😛

    • bethysims says:

      haha oh???

      hehe I like this, my job is working *rubs palms together*.

      But, you have to admit Choc is very cute! Haha I can’t help but admire his looks every time I see him.

      • Minty says:

        Oh my you sound just like me when people get confused at my legacy! I’m secretly sat there grinning cause I know what’s going to happen. As writers, we clearly enjoy seeing our readers get tortured 😛

        He is! A very handsome man :3

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