Generation Two: Chapter Eight

Back again πŸ™‚ I’m doing pretty good getting these updates out haha, which this generation is going to be longer than Meri’s just an fyi. But, I feel like just a few chapters I’ll be finishing it up, hard to believe considering its been a year since this generation started. This chapter is relatively long, but no way I could break it up into two parts. I’d say its a fair amount of dialogue instead of narration.

Hmm not sure what else to mention. Oh! This will be the last chapter for awhile because I’m itching to switch sim families, and there’s a generation I have yet to even start in one family haha. Plus, I need a break from plotty sim playing.

Things to note:

1. Profanity may be used

2. Full moon decided to come out when I didn’t want it to, so lighting is a bit weird towards the end, I attempted to deal with it the best I could.Β 

3. POV will shift in this chapter, and will be noted.


Screenshot Screenshot-4

“What do you think the doctor wants to talk to you about so last minute?” Straw asked

“Honestly I have no idea. I passed all of my evaluations, and there’s nothings seriously wrong with me physically or internally, at least nothing serious that I know. Probably give me a pep talk about how I should talk to someone through my problems.” I speculated

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-10

She did have a point. What did they want to talk to me about? They told I could be discharged an hour ago. I hope everything is alright or they don’t bring one of those child-like psychologists who talks to me like I’m a child. I was just as baffled as her. That was until the nurse came in.

“Ms. Clementine Moscato?” she asked


“So everything is alright, and you are ready to be discharged, we just have one final thing to discuss. After running those blood and urine samples we took from you, it turns out you are about four weeks pregnant. Congratulations on the new addition to your life. The doctor has scheduled some prenatal appointments for you so you can get up to date on the pregnancy and know what to expect. Otherwise, you are free to go.”

Screenshot-23 Screenshot-27

“Ww-what? Me? Pregnant?” my eyes widened with each reiterated word

No. I can’t be. Couldn’t be. My worst fear just came true. I’m carrying half of my rapist inside of me. No matter what I do, I can’t be free from his clutch. I broke down right then and there. The tears just started to fall from my eyes, and I quickly covered my face, trying to hide my sobs from the two women standing in front me of me.

“This….this can’t be happening.” I cried

Screenshot-17 Screenshot-31

“And you’re for certain she’s with child?” Straw chimed in

I could hear the disappointment in her voice, as she said “with child”. I was too ashamed to even look at her as I hung my head low with shame. A poor college student who went and got herself pregnant. I’m sure that’s what she’s thinking. I could feel her eyes on me, just waiting to say something to me.

Screenshot-35 Screenshot-39

However, I wasn’t expecting to be railroaded when I was finally was discharged and home once again. Just when I thought I repaired my relationships, it seems they were about to fall apart all over again.

“I can’t believe you Clementine! I cannot believe you! I swear on my berry sweet mother that you better not have tried that because you are now pregnant.” she immediately started to scream at me

“No. Never. I didn’t do any of this because I’m pregnant. I swear! I didn’t even know until the nurse told me today!” I drew back, trying to explain myself

Screenshot-46 Screenshot-55

“Oh do not feed me that shit Clementine. You wanted our pity party for you because you had a hunch you were pregnant and instead of taking responsibility for your actions and the outcomes. You make me sick. Here we are rushing to your aide, but you’ve been playing us the whole time.”

“How can you say that Strawberry? Do you really think I knew I was pregnant. I had no idea. Didn’t you see the shock I was in?”

“Whoa, ladies whats all the yelling about? I thought you guys mended your relationship?” Almond cut in

“Oh so did I. Until she pulls this shady shit on me. Go ahead Clemmy, tell Almond how you tried to drown yourself due to the fact of a pregnancy.” Straw bellowed

After ranting about supposed actions and announcing my pregnancy to the world, she eventually walked off and left, slamming the door behind her. So much for discretion.

“Is that true Clementine?”

Screenshot-60 Screenshot-63 Screenshot-67

“Of course not Almond. I would never endanger the life of someone else. Besides, I just found out I’m pregnant today before I left the hospital. How was I supposed to know?” I clarified

“Well, all I have to say is it better not be true. In fact, hearing you’re pregnant is a shock itself. But, no child deserves a mother who won’t take her obvious actions to heart and as suggested, take responsibility. I hope for your sake, and your unborn’s child’s sake, that won’t be you. ” he warned

Then just as the other berry, whom I thought was my friend, he walked off. Once again, I felt helpless. I don’t know why no one was believing me. I would never hurt someone else’s life. Never. Even if, I don’t agree with how this child was conceived or despise its’ father. I felt a frown slowly form, once again I’m a alone with no one to turn to. They don’t understand, this wasn’t a choice.

But, I’m sure if they knew the truth they would tell me I didn’t even try to tell them.



I decided I’d go somewhere, where I can usually think clearly and think in silence. No, I wasn’t going to the beach either. I went to the library instead. You’re probably thinking that’s a bad choice, because this is where I met my rapist but he can’t take this place away from me. I won’t let him. This is my sanctuary and I’m going to fight to keep it. It was starting to get late, but I didn’t care. The library was open twenty-four hours here and that meant not a lot of people would be there. I just wanted to sit there, and think about everything that’s lead up to this point.

If I wouldn’t of came to the library that night, I probably would have never met him. But, nope. I just had to have the urge to read in silence. I couldn’t of just read at home. That’s too easy. This could of all been prevented if I would of just stayed home.

Screenshot-135 Screenshot-139

Just one small mistake lead up to this. That’s when I started to feel my belly, and try to visualize being a mother and the growing baby inside me. I’m going to be a mom. Never thought I’d hear those words. I didn’t even plan on having a family. But, here we are. I am pregnant with my attacker’s child, and a part of him is inside me. At least for nine months, then a part of him is combined with me and is now in the form a berry. An innocent baby who has to grow up without a father, and will probably never know him because of the monster he is.

How am I going to do this? I can barely take care of myself. I’m falling apart at the seams as it is. Admitting defeat before I even become a mom made me upset. This child doesn’t deserve this kind of life or upbringing, but now its their fate. There’s no way I’m going to be able to single parent someone who reminds me of someone who destroyed my whole life.

“Its impossible.” I sobbed to myself


“This can’t be done. I can’t help raise this child. What if I’m a horrible mom.”

(Elixir’s POV)

Screenshot-142 Screenshot-146 Screenshot-148

I was just finishing some research for my final projects, when someone was crying hysterically on the second floor of the library. I tried to ignore her, but I mean this is a library? Go cry at home, some of us actually use this place to study.

Of course, that was until I got off the computer and saw who this woman was. It was Clementine. She was Almond’s friend, the one I met and was actually, quite rude to. I started to walk towards her, but then stopped to awkwardly elude her. Should I go talk to her? What if she hates me and wishes to never see me again. I mean, I basically told her off and she looks in distress already. But, then again….Almond did tell me about her recent shortcomings, about how she tried to submerge herself under water. So I should go talk to her, make sure she’s okay.

(Clementine’s POV)

Screenshot-152 Screenshot-156


During my sob fest, I heard someone else on the floor, but I ignored them. Until I see feet standing next to me. I recognized her feet, it was Elixir? What is she doing here?

Β “Elixir? What are you doing here?” I sniffled

“I came to see if you were alright, since I could hear you crying.” she replied

Elixir? Coming to see if I’m alright? That’s surprising considering she despises me as being Almond’s friend. But, at least she’s here and I can maybe talk to someone, if my conscious lets me.

“Soo, are you alright? Crying at midnight, in a library usually isn’t a good sign.”



I wasn’t sure if she actually knew about what was going on with me or not, but I decided to lie.

“Oh I’m alright, just a little emotional these days is all. Sorry for bothering you.”

Screenshot-15 Screenshot-24 Screenshot-32

“Yeah, I don’t mean to pry or sound rude but, you were crying as if someone died, and as I mentioned in the library. Plus, Almond told me about the problems you’ve been facing lately. I don’t think you’re okay Clementine.” she pointed out

She was right. I’m not okay. I’ve been sexually violated by someone I trusted, tried to kill myself and now am carrying his baby. I’m harboring too much guilt and stress. I can’t hold this in any longer.

“No, you’re right. I’m in horrible condition. My life has been ripped from me for the past month. First, I meet someone I thought I could trust, but only ended up being betrayed.” I wailed

“What? How did they betray you?”

“He, he, “

“He what Clementine. Please, tell me so I can help you.” she pleaded

“He raped me, and now I’m pregnant with his child. I don’t think I can handle much more.” I sobbed

As I was wiping away tears from my eyes, I could tell Elixir wasn’t sure how to respond to that kind of news. But, a huge sigh of relief has been lifted from my chest. I feel like I can breathe again, knowing someone finally knows. But, now I had to really explain. I just hope I’m ready for that.

“Uh..I’m sorry, I’m not sure what to say Clementine.”

Screenshot-36 Screenshot-41 Screenshot-49

“Do you want to tell me more about this man though. It sounds like you’ve been keeping this a secret for a long time. I don’t want to push you, but I can tell you’re already feeling some relief.” she said

“Um. Yeah, I can try to. You’re the first person I told, so I’m not sure how open I’ll be.”

“That’s okay. Start off small. Who is he?”

“His name is Choc Bean, I met him here actually. At the library. That’s when he asked me out, and we had a great time. He was funny, classy and smart. I couldn’t believe a man like him would want to go out with me actually.” I started


“By the third date, we went to a movie and he was walking me home because it was dark out. A night like tonight. We were walking on the path behind the house, and his attitude changed. He was more demanding and was curious about my personal history with men. I told him that wasn’t important and I didn’t want to tell him. He then started to joke about how I’ve probably never been with a man and then he forced himself on me. I told him no, repeatedly. And I mean repeatedly.”

“I believe you Clementine. No means no.” she soothed

“And now, now, I’m pregnant and have no idea how I’m going to raise a child that was conceived in the worst way possible. Or the fact he or she will share DNA with that horrible man.” I started to cry again


Screenshot-80 Screenshot-83

“Hey, don’t cry Clementine. After telling me what you just went through, you’re strong enough to keep your head up still. You will make it through this, its just going to be a long road and as you’ve probably come to know, an emotional one too. Here, let’s sit down.” she reassured


“Are you going to go through the pregnancy then?”

“Well, every child deserves life so of course I am. But, then again I’m torn between how I”m going to parent a child who will remind me of my rapist. What if my son or daughter ends up looking just like him. Plus, what if they ask about their father? There’s a lot of unanswered questions that need to be concerned. Plus, I’m going to need a lot of support which I don’t have right now.” I explained

“Even though we aren’t exactly friends yet, I want you to know I’ll support here. This wasn’t your choice. I’m sure if you told Almond and Strawberry they will behind you too.” she smiled

“I don’t know about that. Straw was there when they told me I was pregnant, and she thinks I tried to commit suicide because of this baby. But, I had no idea I was pregnant, and I would never endanger someone else’s life. Then she went and blew it all up to Almond, and I think he fears the same thing. So, they aren’t exactly happy with me.”

“What? That’s ridiculous. That berry of a woman had the audacity to say that to you. And Almond believed her? Almond needs to be talked to then. They both should know that wouldn’t be like you. I can even tell.”


Its strange how much better I felt telling Elixir about what happened to me. For someone to just listen has you tell her details that were humiliating and inappropriate, it meant a lot. I’m glad she was here tonight. Having someone hear me out with no judgement. Especially since we didn’t start off on the right foot. I’m glad I built up the courage to come clean. I feel like, for the first time in this past month, everything will be okay as they’ve been telling me.

“Listen, your baby may share half of its’ DNA with its berryhole of a father, but you’re the one who’s going to carry this baby to term, and be there when they’re welcomed into the world. That’s what makes a parent. Your baby will love you unconditionally, as I’m sure you will him or her. I think you’ll be a great mom, even if you have no idea what you’re doing.” she pulled me into a hug

“Thanks. I really needed this. You have no idea how much guilt I’ve been keeping inside.” I let out a small smile

“You’re welcome, but you need to tell Strawberry and Almond. If they knew the truth, they wouldn’t of acted like they did. The more you share, the better you’ll feel. As painful as that sounds. I’ll be there for you when you decide to tell them.”

I think…I think I’m finally going to be saved.


Elixir Rush Parfait is provided by alfalfalegacy/Minty. Thank you for letting meΒ borrow her πŸ™‚ I’m sorry it took so long for her part to come into play though!

That was Chapter Eight πŸ™‚ I think this is a chapter a lot of readers were hoping for. I’m going to take a little break from The Moscato’s though, so enjoy the four updates while they lasted haha. Thanks for reading and commenting.

4 Comments on “Generation Two: Chapter Eight”

  1. Minty says:

    I think my dislike of Strawberry has grown this chapter 😑
    Considering she’s known Clem for quite a while, you’d think she’s know that Clem isn’t the sort of person who would do the things she was trying to say she did. And the fact that she wouldn’t let Clem get a word in edgeways? Not cool

    The same applies for Al! He’s known her just as long and probably knows her a lot better than Strawberry does and he still doesn’t believe her?

    Aww Elixir! I know that Clem’s relationship with her didn’t get off to a good start, but hopefully they’ll become closer now.

    Lovely chapter! πŸ™‚

    • bethysims says:

      Ooh long comment! :3

      If I could, I would do a back story on Strawberry because that plays a lot into why she acts the way she does and has that type of mindset. Sometimes I forget the readers can’t read my mind XD. Like Clemmy at the time, she has a lot of emotional problems she keeps hidden that came on in her teenage years.

      Strawberry is a piece of work in progress. As for Almond’s response, he’s having a moment of being judgmental. He likes to have a tight group of friends, and I think once he feels betrayed or lied to, he gets defensive.

      And yes!!! You have no idea how long I’ve waited to have Elixir play the major part I wanted haha πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting πŸ™‚ Now, we have to take a little break.

  2. Ah! I’m so relieved that Clemmy is opening up now, but I too was really disappointed with the way that Strawberry and Almond reacted. I mean, I suppose I could understand their initial reactions, but they should have believed Clemmy when she said she had no idea that she was pregnant. I think her reaction upon hearing the news should have been evidence enough for Strawberry! As for Almond, to believe Strawberry over Clemmy herself? Not cool, Almond. I’m sure they’ll all work it out, but I’m still not too impressed with those two!

    As for Elixir, kudos to her for stepping up to be there for Clementine. She had absolutely no obligation to, especially seeing as they’d never been on good terms, but she didn’t let that get in the way of reaching out to someone who was clearly in need. This makes me feel pretty happy with her, lol.

    It’s terrible that Clementine got pregnant from this, but I have confidence too that she can make the best of it. My biggest worry though is the fact that Choc Bean is still out there…I can’t imagine such an effing sadist would stay away for long :/

    • bethysims says:

      ooh another long comment :3!

      Yeah, sometimes I forget the readers can’t read my mind haha because if I could/had the ambition I would do a back story on Strawberry. I think that would explain a lot of why she thinks the way she does and acts like that, even to her “friends”. Like Clemmy, Strawberry has her own emotional problems she’s dealt with and I think Clemmy brings out those bad qualities in her, even though she is her friend.

      As for Almond, he’s her friend, but he likes having a tight knit group of friends and once he feels lied to or that friendship is threatened he acts out wrong sometimes. But, then again, they don’t know the real, real truth.

      Yeah, I’ve waited so long for Elixir to finally play the important role I had planned :D. Even though she can come off kinda snooty, but she doesn’t want to see anyone she knows to suffer.

      Hmm…you’re premonitions may be or may not be correct. As sad as how her pregnancy came out, I’m excited to see what the baby looks like haha πŸ™‚ I think she’ll make it through too, just seems impossible to her at the moment.

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