About Me

Hello there šŸ™‚


My name is Bethany. I am a twenty-one year old college student. I come from the Badger State, and am a proud Cheesehead. I’ll be entering my sophomore/junior year of college, just shy of six credits. I’m majoring in Healthcare Adminstration. I’m excited to start school again, so I don’t feel bad when I spend all day simming haha.

Facts About Me:

-could wear sweatpants everyday if I could

-love coffee, anytime of the day

-Sundays are my favorite day of the week

-I love to sing and dance, especially in the car

-I’ve been simming ever since they had games for the gamecube

-I recently collected most of the sims 3 expansion packs

-I love ebay

-I watch anime such as Naruto and Bleach, and looking for new ones to watch

-I love blogging, either about sims or whatever comes to mind

-I am shy in person

-I only just recently decided on my major, in May in fact

-Every time I start a sims 3 project, technical difficulties seem to get in the way

-Indigo is my favorite color

-I love watching football, NFL to be exact

-The Green Bay Packers are my home team, and always will be

-My favorite Packers player is #87 Jordy Nelson, wide receiver

-Reading makes me sleepy, unless its sim-related

-I live on my own and have since I was eighteen

-I’ve had Ovarian Cancer, I am a survivor

-I’ve donated my hair ,and very proud of it.

-I love anything that is Renaissance themed, such as The Tudors, and The Other Boleyn Girl (I love Tudor history)

-I take regular naps

-I prefer Diet Soda, Cream Soda is my favorite

-Sometimes I feel ashamed I play the sims, but I remember there’s a wonderful community devoted to the sims on tumblr

-I love doing beauty reviews on products, and wearing make-up

-My birthday is April 26th

-I drive a soccer mom van

-I love to bake

-Meatloaf is my favorite meal, I have it every year on my birthday

-I countdown to my birthday starting March 25th

-I have one ovary, due to Ovarian Cancer

-I’m not afraid of needles anymore

-I wish I had a boyfriend, so I’d have someone to talk to at night

-Me and my best friend are the complete opposites

-I wish I had better writing skills for my sims stories, and that I was more creative

-I feel spoiled at times


If I think of anything else, I’ll add. This is just to give a preview of me šŸ™‚ I’m very friendly.

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