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Chapter Eleven

Can you believe we’re already here at Chapter Eleven? Hard to believe I’d be at this point when I started this rainbowcy back in July. But, I’m glad to be nearing the end so we can have a new generation reign 🙂 Generation Two hasn’t even been born yet! Haha, I’m getting on it though! There’s a lot of redecorating I had to do and I’m still not even half way done with it. Anyway, there isn’t much I have left to say except that this chapter is rather long as well. There’s no way I could of broken it up in two parts. This chapter contains a lot of dialogue. It couldn’t be avoided haha, so hopefully you won’t mind. 

Also, I had a picture of Coffee Bean but somehow it got lost while editing, soooo…you’ll have to use your imagination a little bit. 

I’d like to thank and give credit to Arosia for the one pose I used, and Simmoa for the Champs Les Sims that will be featured in this chapter. 

Oh! and POV will shift in this chapter, it will be noted. 

NOTE: Minimal Strong Language May Be Used 





Its been roughly a month, maybe two months since we got married now. I can say that I love married life so far. Spending most of my time with Tang is the best thing I could ask for. Knowing he’ll never leave me again, and feeling the love we have for each other.  Couldn’t ask for more. Tang doesn’t want to start working again because if his name gets around town, Coffee Bean is sure to hear of it. I can’t say I like it to be that way all the time, but its nice to have him home with me so he can help me around the house. Or we just end up getting lost in each other. Apple keeps asking me when we’re going to have children. I told her I don’t even know if he wants them, or if he wants a lot. I, of course want children. But,I don’t want to rush things and ruin our relationship. We’re still in that honeymoon phase, and I’m really enjoying it. We’ll have kids eventually, even if it is just one. 









Plus, I don’t think I have the attention span for taking care of a child right now. I’m too focused on Tang and our relationship. Its like we’re two teenagers deep in love, and I can’t get enough of it. We’re silly together, and I love the spontaneous kisses, hugs and little gifts we give to one another. Even though we didn’t travel somewhere extravagant for our honeymoon, it still feels like we’re far from reality and I love it. I think he likes it too. We love spending all of our time with each other. We try to limit how much we go out just in case, but I don’t mind. Staying home is just as fun. 





The other day Tang let me sleep in later in usual, and he went out and bought more pumpkins for us to carve for the upcoming berry holiday. Berryween. Its a holiday were berries dress up like warlocks, witches, monsters and ghouls for fun or to receive candy if you’re a child. Its a fun holiday and Tang thought we should have some decorations up, so we carved pumpkins together one afternoon. 

“Now, I want it to be a surprise and see what you come up with!” he teased

“Okay, okay. I’m not very good at this so don’t laugh!” I playfully warned

“I wouldn’t laugh at your carving Sunshine.”

“Well good, because that’s not allowed.”




“Alright Sunshine, I’m all done! How’s yours coming along?” he announced 

“What? Hold on! I’m not done, don’t look!” I gasped

“Hehe its okay sweetie. I’ll wait patiently for you. I’m sure it looks great.”

“Might even look better than yours!”

“Hey now, I wouldn’t get too confident over there.” he chuckled

All I could was laugh because I was having so much fun with him, but we doing something so simple. Carving pumpkins, but yet it felt like I was having the time of my life. 

*Tangerine’s POV*







Tonight I had get some air. It was already eleven-thirty at night and I was bored. I don’t sleep much anymore due to the fact that I’m scared Coffee Bean or one of his berry goons is going to come into the house and try to kill me. Plus, I worry for Meri’s safety. She doesn’t need anything to happen to her, and she’s already taken a big risk of sticking my side. I’m grateful for that woman. I don’t know what I would do without her. That’s why I stay up and keep watch most nights, but lately I’ve been feelings stir crazy staying cooped up in that house. So I went out for a drink to put my mind at ease. I walked into the local bar here, and there wasn’t much going on. There was a bartender, failing at making drinks. It was pretty dead and that’s the way I wanted. I sat down, ordered a typical drink. Something with enough alcohol content to calm my nerves down. I was drinking it slowly since I would have to go back home, and I didn’t want Meri to think I don’t enjoy sleeping there at night or anything.

My thoughts were all over the place, to the point where I couldn’t think straight. I briefly scanned the room. More people have arrived and it was starting to get a little noisy. I guess the “party” crowd had finally arrived. I smiled, remembering when I was young and could be careless like the people in the bar. I kept scanning the room, looking and studying the people, and that’s when I saw it.

Screenshot-24 Screenshot-25





No, not it. Him. It looked like he was hiding behind a few people on purpose, but he didn’t see me so maybe he just showed up by chance. I don’t know, but I definitely knew that it was Coffee Bean. He wasn’t wearing his usual, expensive suits. Looked like he was trying to blend in with the people here. He was looking for me. I just knew it. I jumped back in surprise and fear. This was not good. I had to get out of here, quick without him seeing me. If he saw me, I’d be a goner. I didn’t want to stick around and let me spot me. I quickly paid the bartender, and  evaded the dreaded berry who was looking to have my head. Once I got outside, I surveyed the area. Did he come alone? No, of course not. He wouldn’t do that. He never does anything by himself. He’s a master of manipulation. It looked clear, but instead I look the long way home. And I went on foot. I walked through the wooded area, and ran as fast as I could home. Meri needed to know about this. We’re in danger. 

*Meringue’s POV*






“Meri, Meri! Wake up! Sunshine, please wake up!” I heard Tang quietly shouting by the bedside

I wasn’t sure what he wanted, or why I had to get up right at this moment, but I fought my sleepy eyes and slowly rose up. 

“Mmm, what is it Tang?” I rubbed my eyes

“I need to talk to you, we have a problem.”

“Huh? Talk to me? Its one in the morning! What could you possibly have to talk to me about at this time?” 






“Meri, this is serious okay? I was out tonight and I saw Coffee Bean. In the flesh, we aren’t safe here.” he quickly said, with one hand on my shoulder 

He went out tonight? When? I know that shouldn’t been the first thought to come to mind, but it did. I know Tang doesn’t really sleep anymore because he’s too afraid too. Even with me by his side. But, he worries about my safety too. He went to a bar though? and he saw Coffee Bean? What? The two things weren’t connecting together. 

“So what does that mean?” I sheepishly asked

“What does that mean? Meri, were you listening to me at all? That means we need to get out of here, fast.”

“What? Leave? Now? We can’t.”







“Well, I didn’t mean right this second, but preferably as soon as possible we should get out of here. Its not safe anymore.” he sighed

“Leave here? But, where will we go. This is our home.” I winced 

“Meri, you knew this might happen. We might have to live our life being on the run sometimes. This is nothing new.”

“But, we can’t leave here. We just got settled in together, and we’ve barely got to enjoy our first home. Plus, this is my parent’s house. I don’t know if I can just leave it be, sitting empty and have someone else living here. Its an heirloom, and what about Apple? My friends are here.” 

“Sunshine, are your friends and this house more important than your life? I don’t think so. I want you to be safe and alive.” he scoffed






“What was that? Don’t you ever snub off my friends and family Tangerine. These are people and things that are important to me. You should know that, and we need to work this out together instead of everything being your way.” I raised my voice

He didn’t like that, but he frowned realizing that what he said sounded heartless. I shouldn’t of reacted that way, but he should care about those things. They mean something to me. He quickly apologized for his words. 

“Look, I’m sorry I said that. I shouldn’t have. I just want what’s best for you and for you to be safe, and not have to fear for your life every second of the day. I’m saying that moving might be our only option at this time.” 

“Ugh, I really don’t want to move Tang. You know that right?”

“Of course I do Sunshine. I didn’t want to bring it up, but I don’t know what else to do.” He answered softly

“We could get in touch with the authorities?” I suggested

“We could, but something tells me they won’t be all that helpful. But, we can. If you want.”

“How about we do that, and if they can’t help, we’ll leave.” 

“That sounds good Sunshine. I’m sorry for hurting your feelings.” he kissed my cheek

“I know you didn’t mean it, I overreacted too.” I whispered back 



Shortly after our discussion about future plans and our future altogether, I was mentally drained and couldn’t go to sleep. I told Tang to go to bed and I’ll stay up so he doesn’t have to worry. He nodded in agreement and went to bed. I plopped myself in the living room. My head was starting to hurt from all the scenarios and what the right choice is at this point. I was exhausted, yet I just woke up. He was right, I did know that this was a possibility. I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon, and so suddenly. I just wanted a little more time here with him and my friends. I guess I’ll have to get used to living like this, even though its quite an emotional ride. I just hope I can get used to it.





I stayed out in the living room until dawn. The moment the sun came up I called down to the local police station. I know it wasn’t much, but I needed answers and guidance. Plus, someone had to know about this horrible man that was after us. The man on the other end of the phone didn’t seem convinced when I asked for their best detective to come over so we could talk to him about our “problem”. My patience was running short so I had practically yell for him to send someone over. I was already in a bad mood, but now I was in foul mood and wasn’t standing up for anything that I didn’t like. This was going to be a rough meeting, but it had to be done whether Tang agreed or not. 

We didn’t have to wait long, because soon enough there was a knock at our door and a sharp dressed berry walked through the door. He smiled and then his face became mute. He introduced himself as Detective Gum, and he was here for our service. I greeted him, introduced me and Tang. Tang, gave me the look to wait in the other room, so I did. 



“So what did you folks call me down for?” he asked immediately

“We have someone who is on the hunt for us. His name is Coffee Bean, he’s originally from Briocheport. He’s a sleazy and corrupt businessman. He plays dirty and I used to work for him. He wants me and my wife since we got in the way of his dirty schemes. I saw him last night at the local bar, so I know he’s already here. We’re just not sure what to do next. I know that we can’t stay here, but she wanted some reassurance from the police.” Tang explained


“So you need err or want me to take him down? But, yet you’ve done nothing illegal in the matter?” 

“Well I used to use dirty tactics when I worked with him, but that was back in Briocheport. I quit working for him quite a few months ago. See, he wants this property because he plans on monopolizing Apple Loosa Pie and this lot is the cheapest.  Well, we aren’t giving it up that easily. He’s already came after me once and tried to kill me. He didn’t succeed so he’ll make he does the next time.”

“Ahh okay. Well I don’t have jurisdiction in Briocheport anyway, but if he’s here I can bring him down.” Detective Gum smirked



“Thank your listening and coming down on your own time. Hopefully we can figure something out together. If you wouldn’t mind, we can talk about it with my wife in the other room.” Tang stated

I listened the whole time. I wasn’t about to be left out of the plans and discussions. I was just as involved as Tangerine. I wasn’t as scared as I used to be about this whole situation. I was more worried, but it wasn’t fear. At least not yet. 

“I’d be happy to talk to the both of you and devise some sort of plan. This sounds like a serious issue and I can tell you are living in fear.” 

Screenshot-70 Screenshot-74 Screenshot-76


All three of us sat down in the living room, and waited for someone to speak first. I didn’t have anything to say just yet, so I waited for Tang or Detective Gum to say something first. 

“So how do you plan on finding evidence against him, so it will be enough for probable cause? ” Tang spit out

“Well you might have to help us with that. Do you have any papers, phone calls or anything against them?” Gum asked

“Currently no. My apartment in Briocheport was ransacked by them when they attempted to kill me. All I have is my testimony. Not enough I understand, but I do know his true plans. I guess it’ll only be a matter of time until the truth will come out.”

“We’ll find something I’m sure. You can’t give up that easily. We might have to work with Briocheport police force as well. As long as you’re telling the truth, there will be some loophole.” 

“I highly doubt it. No one will be able to get to him. He’s too powerful and has too much status. I’ll believe it when I see it.” Tang argued 

“You’ll just have to have some faith. What’s the reason you called if you don’t think  I can help anyway?” Gum raised an eyebrow






“That you’re going to have to ask my wife about.” 

“Oh, well, what is your concern ma’am?” 

“Protection. Tangerine doesn’t believe we’re safe living here, and quite frankly I don’t want to leave this place. This is my home. This has been in my family. I can’t just get up and leave. Is there any way you can provide protection so we don’t have to leave?” I laid out

“Hmm, well if I can be honest?” he looked at both of us for approval

“I’d prefer you do.”

“Meringue is it? Ma’am, in this type of high risk situation, you’re husband’s plan might be the best plan. Relocating would be your best bet. That way your enemies don’t know where you are, and if they come for you, you aren’t here just simply waiting for him.” 

“What? There has to be some other way! Relocating is the last thing I want!” I disagreed

“I’m sure it is. Leaving one’s home is never easy, I’ve seen it many times. But, safety is what matters in this situation.” Gum noted







That’s not what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear that there would a way we could stay here. I stood up immediately. I didn’t want them to see the tears swelling up in my eyes. I tried to stay calm and convince myself this was the best option. But, that’s not what was happening. I wanted to lash out and yell at them for being fools for not seeing my way. But, that wouldn’t solve anything. Its hard to accept this way of life, and I have a feeling I’m going to be at war with myself this whole time. I was just so worried about everyone else, when I should be worried about my family instead. 

“What about Apple?” I whispered

“Who?” Gum asked in surprise

“Apple is her best friend that lives here in town. The Lime Family you know? Apple, December and Clover. Coffee Bean will know all of our connections. I don’t associate with anyone except Meri, and well now you. But, if he finds out that Meri has friends, he’ll hurt them to get to us.” Tangerine explained

“Oh, well I can make sure to keep an eye on her family. She knows nothing of this I take it?” 

“Berry no, this would kill her. Its going to kill her knowing I won’t be here for our children to grow up together. She can’t know.”

“I will make sure someone watches that house and the family members.” Gum reassured

“Thank you.” I piped out, fighting the tears

“Now, are you setting up arrangements for making the big move, or will you need help with that. We have a great Relocation Program among area. We work in cohorts with Sugar Valley on this, and its very secretive.” 

“We would like help on that. I trust that you will be secretive and efficient with it. Thank you.” Tangerine thanked him






From that night on, we had to wait for the signal for when our departure was. It would be a taxi that would drive by our house at three o’clock in the morning and would park down the street so no one would see us get in. This was all becoming so surreal. In a matter of two weeks I had to mentally prepare myself to say goodbye to my childhood home, all the memories that were left in that house. Even the family pictures. All I took with me was my mother’s diary and my dad’s lucky pendant. Those couldn’t be left behind, no matter what. I was starting a new life, but with the same name. Tang was all on board with this. I had a feeling he was used to being on the run and starting over. I wasn’t. Everything I knew was vanishing before my eyes. I had to say goodbye once again to my best friend, whom I’d probably never see again. It was just me and Tangerine once again. Hopefully starting off our lives with no worries.

Our relocation was very far away. In a whole different berry sweet country actually. We were relocated to Champs Les Sims. Its a city in France. Our house looks over the rive that run town. Its a beautiful sight, and our new home is huge. So many rooms, and a basement! I don’t know what they were thinking give us that much space. I just hope I can settle in here, and get used the new people and new sights. 


Alrighty 🙂 That’s it for Chapter Eleven! One more chapter and then I’m thinking an heir poll will be up! Hehe, I just have to get done redecorating their house, and have them get pregnant! Sorry for the length, hopefully next chapter won’t be so long! 

Chapter Ten

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I’d also like to give credit to berrysweetshoppe and akuiyumi for the poses used in this chapter.



The first night he was home, almost felt like a dream. After he had woken up, the doctor wanted to see how stable he was so he had to stay for a few more days but I wasn’t too worried. He was released and he came home with me. Yes, he is now my roommate again. And I would almost say my permanent roommate. I was so happy to finally have him with me, and he felt the same. Its like we were both giddy teenagers in love.  That night, we did a lot of catching up. Both verbally and physically. Right before we were going to bed that night, he put his arms around me and whispered how much he missed this. I couldn’t help but smile and blush. I missed too.

“I see your room hasn’t changed much since I was last here.” he playfully teased

“Maybe I was waiting for you.” I winked

“Oh is that so? Well, I’m here now. What do you want done to it?”

“Hmm, what do you want to do to it?”


He first smirked at me and took my hand so he could lead me over to the bed. I couldn’t help but smile and giggle because I didn’t think he would actually play along and I thought it was cute. That’s when he whirled me around and put his hands around my hips and kissed me softly.

“We could start by changing up these sheets, they look too nice.” he whispered

“I can agree to that.” I kissed him again





The days following his homecoming we were just enjoying each other’s company once again. Its like we just started dating or were a married couple on their honeymoon. I didn’t care, I was enjoying every minute of it. This is what I wanted all along. I wanted a man that just loved being with me, and didn’t care if we did do anything or if we just went out to the diner for the night. Nothing special. And what I wanted most of all? Him. I wanted Tang this whole time, it just took me a little bit to realize it.

“I hope I haven’t lost all of your trust yet.” he pulled me into a hug one night while raking the leaves with me

“Not completely. But, then again you keep treating me like this and I forget about what happened.” I said softly

“Oh? Well that’s good. But, if you ever do feel suspicious of something I want you to tell me okay? I’m assuming we are in a relationship by now right?”

” Uh…well I thought so. I mean we already exchanged “I love yous”.”

“I was just making sure we were on the same page. But, like I was saying. I want us to have an open relationship. Meaning we don’t keep anything from each other even if it seems small. We didn’t really start off having a lot of trust, so I want to make sure we have that.” he explained

“Agreed. That sounds good to me. I like honesty. Plus, I think we can manage that.” I agreed

“I’m glad.”



I don’t want to say I was impressed that he suggested that, but I was definitely surprised. And we can officially call ourselves a couple now?  I liked that. Not that titles are what matters, but would be nice to refer to him as my boyfriend instead of a man I’ve slept with and love. I was glad things were finally starting to look up for both us and I could feel even more changes coming that would only make things better. As long as those changes involved both us. He might not be the perfect guy, but he was perfect for me.

*A Few Months Later*




Today, Tangerine surprised me with a bouquet of flowers! I was surprised but he always knew how to make me smile. Even if it was for a spontaneous occasion. He was such a sweetheart.

“Flowers ma’dam?” he asked smoothly

“Flowers? Oh my berry what for Tang?” I smiled big with shock

“What? A guy can’t buy flowers for his Sunshine?”

“Haha no of course not, he can definitely do that any day.”

That’s when he pulled me into his arms and kissed me.

“Well that’s good, because we’re going out tonight.” he winked

“Oh we are? Where to?” I asked curiously

“That Sunshine, is a surprise.”




Turns out we were going to the Fall Festival, or as I found out when we arrived. But, specifically we were here to pick pumpkins for the upcoming holiday, Berryween. I couldn’t help but laugh because I never took him as a man who gets into the holidays. He was playfully offended but I made up for it with a kiss. I guess he’s a man just full of surprises.

“Uh, Sunshine?”


“How do I pick pumpkins?” he shyly asked, his cheeks becoming a brighter shade of orange

“You mean to tell me you brought me here to pick them, but you don’t know how to?” I teased

“Well sorry we aren’t all urban farmers like you.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at him because he gets flustered so easily. One difference between us that’s for sure, but I liked it.

“Here, let me come over here and help you. I already picked one, and we need another one.”

“Oh you’re going to help now? I thought you were going to stand here and continue to gawk at me.” he stuck his nose up

“Awe no, I couldn’t do that to my little Tangerine.” I kissed his cheek

Eventually I helped him pick a pumpkin so we could go home and crave them. That’s when I thought we were ready to go, he grabbed my hands and gave me a look of smolder. He was good at that.

“Wait, not so fast.”

“You have more plans for us?”

“You bet I do Sunshine, we are going to bob for apples, go through the haunted house and maybe even pie eating contest. But then after that, when it gets darker i want to talk you to the tree farm in town.” he smiled

“Hehe okay, that sounds good to me.” I smiled back



And we did do all of those things at the festival. Bobbing for apples I think was the best part. Seeing him try to catch an apple in his mouth was hilarious! His favorite was seeing me scared and screaming in the haunted house of course. We opted out to do the pie eating contest since the sun was starting to set and he wanted to go to the tree farm like he planned. I was a little suspicious as to why since that was a random spot to visit out of all the attractions in town. But, I have to say the view from the plateau was beautiful at night. Almost breath-taking. But, I had to ask what we were doing here.

“Tang, why did you bring me here?” I asked quietly

“Why? Well simple really. The night sky is beautiful tonight and I wanted you to see it from up here. Plus, its nice to have a little alone time outside of the house right?” he smirked

“Yeah, I guess.”




“I also had something else planned, but couldn’t tell you because I wanted it to be a surprise.”

What? What did he mean by surprise? This made me very curious as to what he had up his sleeve. That was when he motioned his hands to give him a minute. My thoughts started to run around every possible idea of what was about to happen. But, I couldn’t keep it in, I had to find out what he was doing.

“Tang, what are you doing?” I asked quickly, as he started to get down on one knee

“Shh Meri, everything is fine. Calm down.” he said softly

That’s when I stopped for a moment, and focused on his small grin. I calmed down and was quietly waiting for what moment was about to happen. That’s when he pulled a small box from his blazer pocket. I wanted to blurt something out, but I remained quiet even though my mind was racing with thoughts.




“Meringue Moscato, will you do the liberty of being my Sunshine forever? he smiled big

Oh my berry he is proposing!? At his moment? and to me! Is that real ring? Oh my its so beautiful! Oh my berry! These were all of the thoughts that were rushing through my head the moment he opened that small box to reveal a diamond ring. The ring was breath-taking and I couldn’t believe he wanted to put it on my ring finger? I wasn’t even thinking clearly and once again just blurted out what came to mind.

“Oh my berry Tang! Is that real ring? Are you seriously asking me this? I blurted out

“Haha yes, Sunshine its real, and I am really asking you this. I really mean it.”

“Oh my berry! Yes! Yes I will!”





“Ha, well good because I don’t know what I would of done if you said no. ” he chuckled as he slide the ring on my finger

“Oh my berry Tangerine! We are seriously engaged now? I can’t believe this happening right now.” I frantically asked, overwhelmed with excitement

“Well you better believe it, because you have some planning to do now. Plus, I can’t wait to see you in a wedding dress.”

His cheeky smile said it all.  He really wanted us to be married and couldn’t wait for me to be his wife. I smiled back at him. He really was something else. I knew he was different from the moment I first met him until now. I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him, and start our lives together. It was a big step, but we were ready to take it.

” I love you more than you’ll ever know.” I whispered, wrapping my arms around him

“I could say the same to you.” he kissed my earlobe

*A Few Weeks Later*



It had been a few weeks since Tang proposed to me, and we were just settling in to the idea of being engaged and soon a married couple. I almost forgot that I didn’t tell Apple, and she’s one of the people that needed to know. Plus, she would help me with the planning and finding a dress. That’s right up her alley, and she’s been waiting for this moment to finally happen to me.

“So I brought you over here because I have some good news!” I smiled

“Yeah, I had a feeling you did. So what’s up?” she nodded




“Hehe okay, well recently a few weeks ago….”

“Meri! You have me all excited don’t take your time with it!”

“Okay okay! Tangerine proposed!” I cheered

“Oh my berry! He did!?” she shouted with excitement

“I know right? I was so surprised! Look at the ring! Isn’t this all exciting?




“Meri I can’t believe you’re getting married! This is so exciting! How did he do it!?”

“Hehe he took me the tree farm, when the sun just set and the starts were barely coming out. He didn’t waste much time and he got down on one knee and opened the up the jewelry box to reveal the ring.” I bragged

“How romantic! He such a sweetheart isn’t he?” she agreed

“He really is something else. I have to say.”

“I’m so happy for you. You finally found your prince charming.”

“Thanks Apple. That means a lot coming from you, it really it does.” I repeated

“I know it does. I’m sorry it took me awhile to realize that, but I am truly happy for you.” she gave me a hug



“We have to get you a dress, and so much planning to do!” she pointed out

“I know right! So much to do, but I don’t want to go over the top.” I agreed

“You want a small, romantic wedding?”

“Yeah, I wish we could have it outside, but since its getting colder out it’ll be have to be at the church in town. But, I don’t want to drag this out for a whole year. I don’t have that kind of time.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. But, if you need help with anything, I’m here at your service.” she grinned

“Thanks Apple. I can always count on you.” I smiled

*About Two Months Later*



Today was the day of our holy matrimony. Myself, and along with Apple’s help made the church setting look beautiful and we found a dress that fit me perfectly. I was so happy and excited for this day to finally be here. My nerves will all over the place, and I was anxious to see what Tangerine looked like and how he would react to my dress and the decorations. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding to take place.




“You look stunning Sunshine.” he whispered

“You don’t look too bad yourself Mr. Sherbet.” I winked

As we stood there facing each other waiting for the guests to take their seats so we could start the ceremony. I kept on smiling. Everything was perfect in this very moment and nothing could change that. I was the happiest I’ve ever been and I knew that only more happy memories were to come.





We opted not to write our own vows because we decided on what we want in this marriage and we’ve said it all before when it really mattered. We exchanged rings and repeated the traditional binding marriage verses. We sealed it with a kiss and looked out on the guests with big smiles on our faces. I looked back at Tangerine with even a bigger smile. This was the best day of my life and I was glad I was sharing it with him. I couldn’t imagine my life being any different.



We ended the night with a buffet and slicing the cake with our small party of guests. It was exactly what I wanted. Small and romantic. Tangerine seemed to enjoy it too even though he barely knew anyone. But, he told me he didn’t mind. He never had time for friends and and the more people who knew him would only make it easier for Coffee Bean to find him. It was a little unsettling for such a happy day, but I had to be reminded that he was still after him. No, after us. I could only hope he wasn’t that close behind us.

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Chapter Nine

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Everything became a blur after I found Tangerine lying on the floor lifeless. All I remember is tears instantly streaming down my face and my mind jumping to conclusions. I remember searching vigorously for his phone so I could call or help. I eventually found it and dialed nine one-one. I tried to tell the operator about what happened and what I found but the words wouldn’t come out. Only tears and “help him” over and over. Luckily they have the technology to locate me because by the time they notified me they were on their way, my legs gave out and I collapsed to the floor. Everything didn’t seem real. I wanted it to be a dream, but I knew it wasn’t. And one thought kept racing in my mind, “I did this to him”. I made him go down this path, and it was my fault. Wht kind of person does that? I couldn’t help but blame myself the whole time. From being in his apartment to waiting in this room beside him. I felt like the worst berry in the world.

When we reached the hospital in Briocheport, I was attended to for shock. Eventually I calmed down and  searched out Tangerine’s room. At first they wouldn’t let me in because I wasn’t family, and I quickly told them that he didn’t have any. I was the closest thing he had. They were skeptical but allowed it. As I walked in, it was hard to fight off more tears. He looked better than before, but it was hard seeing him in a hospital bed with all these tubes connected to him. I just sat down and waited until the doctor came in to tell me what was going to happen. The waiting was the hardest, I could see Tang’s head doctor talking with the nurse who would be tending to Tangerine. I tried reading their faces and it didn’t seem good. This made me nervous.



After I watched them for awhile, the nurse looked over and noticed me sitting here. She nodded to the doctor and he turned his head to see me. That’s when they both proceeded into the room. I sighed and took a deep breath. This was it, the dreadful news I’ve been waiting for. I was as prepared for it as I was ever going to be. Which wasn’t at all.

“Miss? You have relations with the patient?” the doctor cleared his throat

“Uh, yes I do. I’m the one that found him and I’m his girlfriend.” I lied

“Oh, okay. Well we want to go over our finding and prognosis with you since it seems he doesn’t have any other kind of family.”

“Uh, sure. Yes. Okay.”




“Have you been told anything yet?” he asked first

“Um no, but I’ve made my own observations so far.” I sniffled

“Okay, well I’m sure you know that the patient overdosed on prescription pills and there was consumption of alcohol along with the pills.”

“I figured out that much.”

“Okay, well the pills that he swallowed were not his own. In fact, the pills he has our painkillers and looking at his medical history there is no need for him to have those pills. I can’t exactly tell you why he did this, but it could of been a form of suicide.” he explained carefully

Suicide, the word I was hoping wouldn’t come up. After he finished I could feel the tears rushing to my eyes, I couldn’t hold them back any longer. All I could do in response was cry, and manage to say thank you. But, he wasn’t done.

“That’s not all though, Miss?”

“Moscato. Miss Moscato.”

“Ah right. Now, that part was the bad news. But, there is good news as well.” he half-smiled

“There is?” I cried out

“Yes, due to the fact that you found him in a timely manner and called for help he isn’t in such a critical condition as he would. The only thing that is concerning is his breathing, meaning he’ll have to eventually be taken off those breathing tubes in order to survive and function properly and there are concerning contusions on his body. Do you know if those are old or new wounds?”

“Contusions? I’ve never seen any since I last saw him.”

What? What does he mean by wounds? I thought this was a overdose? I was so confused



“Okay, well we’ll be looking into that just in case. If you know anything, please don’t hesitate to tell us.” he said

“I won’t, trust me. Is that all?” I asked softly

“Mostly. But, as for when he’ll wake up and start breathing on his own, I can’t give you can exact timeline. I expect him to wake up before he can fully breathe on his own, but that’s just my medical guess. We will let you know if anything else comes up, and you are allowed to stay with him as long as you want. Should we put you down as emergency contact and as the primary?”

“Yes, please put me down and thank you.”

His medical guess?! That wasn’t comforting at all. He could be unconscious for two months for all I know! I couldn’t help but continue to cry all my emotions out. I wanted to go hug Tangerine and tell him everything was going to be fine, but I can’t. I can’t be in his arms. I couldn’t believe all of this was happening. I just wanted someone to tell me he was going to be fine, or a sign to jump out and tell me. I needed to know he was going to be okay.



I managed to calm myself down that first day in the hospital from crying and tearing up at every sight and thought of Tangerine being hurt me causing it. That first night, since I couldn’t sleep I took a long hard at the facts and played scenarios over in my head. This is where blame and disbelief set in. Why would he do that to himself? Its because I wouldn’t accept his apology. But, he can handle rejections right? Why and where would he get pills that weren’t his own? Oh right, its Briocheport Meri. A place full of corruption. Why didn’t he call me if he was feeling this low? Oh right, you drove him away. Didn’t he have any friends here? Nope, he worked too much.

“Tangerine, I really wish I knew why you did this to yourself and what’s going through your head right now.” I sighed



Of course there was no answer, I wasn’t really expecting on anyway. I just want him to hear my voice, even though its been frustrated, angry and sad. I hope he is really hearing me and can’t wait to talk to me. I can only hope. He looked so peaceful as he slept there. I hoped he was having happy thoughts and not remember the events that lead him here. I also noticed he had a large cut on his face that was starting to scar up. Self-inflicting wounds now? Tangerine why didn’t you tell someone about your pain, anyone would of listened. Even me, if you would of. I might not of liked how you lied, but I wouldn’t of listened if you were hurting this much. I only wish there wasn’t something else I could do other than sitting here beside you.



It had been a week since I’ve stayed with Tangerine. One grueling week. I guess my absence was well noted by Apple too because eventually she called my cellphone wondering where I was. I told her what happened and she sighed with disappointment. I was a little confused since she said she would support me with pursuing this relationship with Tangerine. Maybe she was lying,  I don’t know. I could tell in her voice that she really didn’t see the point of me putting so much time and effort into this man and our broken relationship. To her love should be flawless and graceful. But, I know that’s not always the case .Sometimes it takes passion and work in order to make it happen.  I told her I was staying with him as long as he needed me, even if he wasn’t appreciative of it later on. It still means something to me. I was very surprised when she showed up one day to come see me.

“What are you doing here Apple?” I snapped

“Look, I know that you probably hate me for saying I was on board with you and Tangerine and than saying I wasn’t the other day.” she closed her eyes, avoiding eye contact

“Yeah, I guess you could say that.”


Once again after I answered her non-rhetorical question she avoided eye contact by looking over at Tangerine.

“Do you really think he tried to kill himself?” she asked quietly

“Yes I do, and that’s what the doctor told me. But, there are some questionable bruises and the cut on his face that leave no answers.”

“You really love him don’t you?”

“Yes Apple, I do. Even though being connected with him has head to mostly heartbreak, I can’t help but want him, and need him. I get the feeling he needs and wants me too. Even if he can’t tell me right now.” I smiled looking over at him

“I’m sorry for being a little two faced. I just don’t want you to waste your time on him and it turns out he doesn’t want you. You know? Only looking out for you. But, then again deep down something tells me he does appreciate it but has a hard way of showing it.” she explained

“I know your worries, I have them sometimes too. But, he doesn’t have anyone. And, quite frankly all I have is you, and I can’t keep putting my burdens on you of being lonely. You have your own family to worry about. Its like in a way, we’re eachother’s family and support system, you know?”



“I’m sorry Meri, and I really mean it this time. i don’t know if its my motherly instinct that is kicking in or I know that you are a fragile woman and I don’t like to see a man walk all over you, but I’m truly sorry. I promise it this time and this will be the last time I hope to ever be apologizing to you or something so cruel.” she pulled me into a hug

“Apple its okay. We’re friends and ever since we were small you’ve stuck up for me. You’re just doing your job as my bestfriend. Again, look how skeptical I was about Deci and now he’s your husband and the father of you’re little girl. We all make mistakes and have trouble grasping what we can’t understand. I just need an apology and explanation is all. I’m hoping to be home soon too, so you won’t have to come searching for me again.” I smiled

“Just be careful okay?”

“I promise.”


“So, how is he doing?” she nodded in Tangerine’s direction

“Well, they said he should be fine. Just a matter of when he starts breathing on his own and wakes up.” I looked at the floor

“You have doubts?”

“I don’t think he’s going to wake up anytime soon and that worries me. I don’t have a good feeling about it, but I try to stay positive.”

“Awe I’m sorry Meri. I’m sure he’ll pull through and everything will be okay. It might just take some time is all.” she reassured

“Thanks Apple. I hope you’re right.” I half-smiled

*Roughly a Month later*


Yes, its been about a month and Tangerine is still in the hospital. Still unconscious. But, the good news is that he is finally breathing on his own, that happened about a week ago. When that happened, Apple told me that I should probably come home at least once to take care of my garden and do things around the house. I didn’t want to, but I knew she was right. A breath of fresh air and familiarity would do me some good, plus I’m sure Tangerine would be fine for a day or two without me. Even though it killed me to do so. It feels like I haven’t left the hosptial in weeks, and I had to tell myself, uh yeah you haven’t. Literally.  I was surprised when the summer air was gone, and there were fall leaves starting to show up around my house. Its even become a littler cooler and started raining more. Hard to believe its been that long since I found him. I just hoped it wouldn’t be that long until he finally wakes up.

*Tangerine’s POV*




*muffles around under the covers and slowly opens his eyes*

 “Wow feel like I haven’t slept like that in years.”


“Wait, what? What the berry? Where am I? Why am I sleeping in a room that is pure white. This isn’t my apartment?”


“Did I die?….am I dead? This is probably what berry heaven looks like. Or pretty close to it.”

I wasn’t really sure where I was at first. To be honest it did look like I’ve been sent up to the pearly gates of berry heaven by how pure everything looked, and I felt like I got a good night’s rest. That never happens. That’s until I tried to get up.

Screenshot-48 Screenshot-49

“Wait, what? IV’s?! I survived!?” I gasped

No I couldn’t have. I was pretty sure I was a goner for when I felt those pills shoved down my throat and  was kicked in the stomach. I couldn’t even move, that’s how helpless I was. All I could was lay there and hope to berry I’d go quick.

“So if I’m alive, who found me?”

I don’t know anyone and I made sure no one knew my address on purpose except Coffee Bean’s thugs, of course they knew where I lived. He was a man that knew everything, and I even tried to make myself hidden. I was so puzzled.



I quickly scanned the room. I noticed three chairs at first.  Yep, this is definitely a hospital. So someone found me? To say the least I was intrigued, and curious as to who in the berry world found me. I hope no one I owe something too. That would be hell of a thing, be saved by the person you have debts to only to make sure you own up to them. The room was rather bare. I didn’t have any contact with my loved ones anymore, so I should expect this. That was until I noticed by the bedside a yellow flower. A daffodil I believe they are called? I could be wrong. It reminded me of Meri. My beautiful Sunshine, and her lovely, golden eyes. And her soft hair. I really missed her. Wish I could take back time and would of never met her so then I wouldn’t be feeling so much guilt and sadness about her.

I spoke too soon.

Screenshot-50 Screenshot-51


I quickly heard the door swish open, my eyes bolted to the door. That was when I found my beautiful, ball of Sunshine standing there with her mouth wide open in complete shock.

“Ohmyberry!? Is that really you Tang! Oh my berry! I can’t believe its you! You’re really standing and awake!” she squealed

“Uh, hey Sunshine.” a cheeky smile came across my face

She was the one that found me!? Oh please berry no. Not her.  I can’t believe she had to see me like that. Poor girl. I can only imagine what she thought, and what hell and emotions she’s been through…ehh how ever long I’ve been here. But, it was good to see her. She looked more beautiful than ever. Her bright hair and eyes glimmering like never before. It was nice to see her smile and light up. I really missed that. She smiled, but quickly turned to a frown and cried.

“I really can’t believe that I’m seeing you in the flesh. I thought you weren’t going to make it. You’ve been like that for a month now, and I honestly didn’t think you would hold out any longer.”

A month? Holy berry! I had no idea. She’s been by my side this whole month?



 I was still trying to make sense of everything, she walked over slowly. Her eyes looking very sad and apologetic. Something was definitely wrong. I had the feeling this wasn’t going to be that warm of a homecoming as we first acted.

“Tang, I’m so so sorry I didn’t believe you that night when you came to see me. I really am. I know I can’t take back what I said. But, you need to know that after you left and I thought about things I felt horrible. I really missed you, and I even came to see you. That’s when I found you like you were though. I don’t know how to express my regret, but I do. I’m sorry I was blind and couldn’t see that. ” she pleaded

She shouldn’t be the one saying sorry. I was the one that lied and screwed things up. She had every right to feel betrayed and angry. She was only acting on her feelings naturally. She’s been holding onto this burden for far too long.

“Don’t worry about it Sunshine. I was the one that messed up and lied. You felt those things because they cut deep. I understand that, I only wish I would of told you sooner and better yet, not gone along with it. I really missed you too .You don’t know how happy I am seeing you here right now. Even though you had to see me in such a state.” I soothed

*Meri’s POV*




I could tell he really meant what he said, and he took my words to hear to. We were amending for our mistakes and creating a fresh start, even if it did start with him almost dying. Sometimes that’s all it takes. He smiled at me, and I couldn’t help but smile back. I wanted to blurt out right there “I love you” but I didn’t want to rush it or ruin the moment. I couldn’t help but eye his body up and down. I know this might seem inappropriate, but I missed his body just as much as him. His arms wrapped around me, his body pressing up against mine. He made me feel safe, and it showed me how much he wanted me.

That’s when he caught me staring. I instantly felt my face start to flush, and I let out a small giggle. His smile widened and he pulled me in for a hug.

“I definitely missed your shyness, and that cute giggle of yours.” he whispered

“I missed you calling me Sunshine.” I whispered back

That’s when he quickly pulled away and raised his eyebrows in surprise, as something just occurred to him.

“So I honestly survived the whole ordeal and I’ll be okay?”

This made me very confused.


Screenshot-70 Screenshot-72

“Um,  yeah I guess? Weren’t expecting not to though? You seem a little surprised for someone who tried committed suicide?”

“What? Suicide!? That’s not what happened. Who said anything about that?” he shouted

“Um, well that’s what the doctor and investigators concluded. Plus, when I found you that’s what it looked like to me.” I explained

“Oh..I didn’t think about that. That’s not the point though. It wasn’t suicide, trust me. And no I’m not in denial, I’m telling you the truth. I would never try to harm myself. That wasn’t on purpose by any means. Those pills were forced down my throat, as well as the alcohol by Coffee Bean and his men. That man you met awhile back that night?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Yeah, well since I quit working for him he made it a point to make sure I pay for doing that. Ruining everything for him basically. I didn’t want him to hurt you, and he plans on doing so once he gets me out of the way. His men were waiting for me in my apartment, and tried to kill me but obviously didn’t succeed. They threw me to the ground and kicked me until I couldn’t stand up. Then they forced pills and booze down my throat to make it look like a suicide. The cut on my face is living proof of that.” he described the whole set of events

“Yeah, the doctors said you had questionable bruises and I was concerned about that scar on your face.” I quietly replied




“So basically that means that man, Coffee Bean tried to kill me and get a way with it. Are you understanding what I’m telling you Sunshine?” he asked one last time

What? Someone tried to kill him? I heard the words but didn’t comprehend the actions. What did this all mean? What happens now? Is he still in danger? Am I involved now? Oh my berry, so many frightening questions. All I could do was gasp in fear.

“Tang, that’s scary!” I screamed in fear

“I know Sunshine. That’s why I’m telling you. I’m in deep berry trouble with them, and once news reaches that I’m alive they’ll be after me once again. They won’t stop until I’m dead.” he said sternly, looking away

“But, no! You can’t be a target! You just recovered!”

“I’m not the only target, you’ll become one too.”

“What!?” I was livid

“I’m sorry Sunshine. Please don’t hate me. I never thought this would come to this nor would I develop feeling for you. I don’t want you to be in this, but you are whether you like it or not. He’ll know we’re in contact and that you’re the one that saved me. Plus, you’re the whole reason I quit associating with him. He didn’t like that very much either.” his tone quickly turned apologetic


“Tangerine, I’m scared.” I whimpered


My face started to frown, and I wanted to start crying for the both of us. What a horrible thing to find out after he just recovered. I have to fear for my life now? I don’t know if I can handle that.

I could feel Tangerine’s eyes on me, but I didn’t care. Tears started to swell in my eyes, and it would only take seconds for them to start streaming along my face. That’s when he pulled me into an embrace and held my face in his hand looking at me.

“Shhh don’t cry Sunshine. It’ll be alright. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but I promise it will. I have a plan and I’ll protect you.” he whispered

“I love you.”

The words barely came out of my mouth before he kissed me, and pulled back.

“I love you too.”

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Chapter Eight

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Thirdly, the family tree has minor spoilers just letting you know. I know there’s a warning already on that page, but just thought I’d give a heads up. And lastly, I changed my editing style with these screenshots, and like them way better than what I’ve been doing, so they might look this way from now on. I want a new editing program, and hopefully get a little more photochop savvy so they can look even better.

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And this chapter will have the same POV throughout, Meri’s.



Well here we are again. Or at least I am. Once again, left in the dust with a broken heart from another berry fudging man. I don’t see why this keeps happening to me. I’m not like other women who fling themselves at men. I’m reserved and shy.  I let them in too easily, that’s what it is. I’m right aren’t I? Berry fudge, I just want this cycle to end! I deserve to be happy and to stay happy. The only happiness that’s lasted is having Apple here in town and having someone to talk to endlessly. I can’t say I was truly happy with Strudel because I wasn’t, he just wanted to use me and make me the perfect berry woman. As for Tangerine…..I, I can honestly say I was happy when he was here. I don’t know what it is, but something about him just makes my face light up and my stomach have butterflies. But, that feelings is gone. All I feel is a big hole in the pit of my stomach. A big chunk of my heart was ripped away too. I’m hurting, and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to bounce back from this one.



Apple wasn’t too keen on hearing my woes and moping around about Tangerine, so she made a few suggestions to me. Both of us know I want to have someone to call mine. That may sound like rushing things, but I’m not. I just want someone I can call all my own, and he do the same. Life isn’t running short nor is my biological clock for that matter, but I don’t want to be waiting forever and I do want a family someday. A family with a marriage and kids. I’ve never been known as a jealous person, but seeing Apple and her family makes me earn for that. I’m sure she knows that and sees that. I think that’s why she’s done with my moping and bawling around. She suggested to try online dating, and then looking the guy up before I meet them? I don’t know if I should invade their privacy like that though. But, I did make a profile and did meet someone on here. We recently had a date too. His name is Bourbon Fountain. He’s very cute and nice.


He seemed sweet and he made me smile, but something told me this wasn’t what I should be doing. I don’t know if its because our date wasn’t a huge success or I was being close minded. I just couldn’t shake that feeling that this wasn’t right. I tried blaming it on the date the whole time. We went to the summer festival and when we arrived, it started to rain and hail. I starting taking that as a sign that this wasn’t supposed to happen. He apologized, but I told him it was fine and that mother nature can’t be predicted.

Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16

The second sign was that I could see differences within us early on. Now, I’m not saying I don’t appreciate differences within people. I wouldn’t want everyone to be like me obviously, but to me this was something important being that I am a garden baby. I love the outdoors, and every season. Winter isn’t the best since it puts me out of a job, but its still beautiful and fun. I got the feeling Bourbon didn’t like anything other than sunshine and seventy-five degrees.

“Oh berry no! Its starting to hail now! Ouch! I hate this kind of weather.” he complained

“What? Why? This is mother nature’s way of replenishing the earth and making everything prosper.” I chimed

 It seems stupid, but something was giving me these signs.

Screenshot-17 Screenshot-19

I do have to say though he made the best out of the weather. He joked and asked if I wanted to enter the eating contest. I laughed and told him he was crazy. But, he wasn’t kidding apparently. So, that’s what we did. We actually entered the contest, and boy was that a bad mistake. He seemed excited and looked like a man of food, and who enjoyed food. Which, is no problem by any means. I’m not that kind of girl. I’m glad he had fun at least, me on the other hand almost threw up in front of everyone. Which, didn’t make the rest of the date too much fun. I felt sick the whole time.

Screenshot-20 Screenshot-21

But, towards the end of our date that’s when I realized what I was actually feeling, and why nothing seemed right.I wasn’t ready to move on yet. I rushed things to make myself feel better. Feel that empty void in my heart. Poor Bourbon, he had to take me on a meaningless date. I wish I could of took back time, but I just had to let me know the truth. He seemed nice enough to understand and I thought maybe we could be good friends. It just wasn’t fair to him. The whole time I thought of what Tangerine would do if he was here, or what would we do? Tangerine is still all I thought about.

“Bourbon, I have something I need to say.” I frowned

“You didn’t like the date did you?” he frowned back

“Oh no no, it was a fun date! I just need to tell you that I couldn’t enjoy the date and your company because I’m still not over the last man I had relations with. I’m sorry. I know that’s not fair to you and I thought I was ready. But, truth is I’ not. ”

“Oh. Well that’s okay. I understand, I wouldn’t want you to dive right into something you weren’t ready for. I’m glad you told me too. This last guy must of really had an impression on you huh?”

“Yeah, he sure did.” I felt a small smile come across my face

“Well, if you ever want to do something again, give me a call alright?” he smiled

“I’ll definitely keep that in mind.”

Screenshot-9 Screenshot-10

Over the next week, I found myself getting more distressed and sad over Tangerine and his antics. I been trying to fight through it the best way I know how. I couldn’t go anywhere without thinking or being reminded of him. He’s been in every inch of my home, in my garden, the beach, and everywhere else around Apple Loosa Pie. I wasn’t sure if it was a blessing or a curse really. All I know is that these tears were real and falling far too often. I was hurt and alone. But yet, I missed him. I hate to admit it, and I sound crazy for saying it. But, I really do. I miss him and I just want to see him again. Even if its just see him or talk to him one last time. That’s all I want. No, that’s what I need.



I know Apple didn’t want to hear about this, but I needed her to know. I didn’t want to go do this and surprise her later on. She may be a good friend, but she can snap very easily and has no problem giving up friends. Even if we are best friends. She needs to know how I feel and what I intend to do. I was both scared and nervous to tell her, but she’s my friend and always knows what to say.

“Okay, so what did you want to talk about now?” she huffed

“Its about Tangerine.” I answered quietly

“Meri, I told you I didn’t want-“

“Just wait a minute though. I’m not defending him or anything.”

“Ugh, okay. What about the scumbag 0f a berry then?” she scoffed

“Its just that, well lately…no, ever since he left….” I stammered


“I miss him. I truly miss him. I don’t know why, but I can’t help but want to see and talk to him.”

“You miss him? How? After what he did to you?” she asked, her anger slowly rising



“Well I’m not defending what he did. He was a menace for lying and doing that to me.” I scowled

“Oh don’t even get me started on what he did to you. What kind of man does that to a girl he knows has strong feelings for him?”

Apple didn’t like Tangerine from the start, and she certainly isn’t his biggest fan now. She had every right not to be, but I had to try to make her understand my feelings. If this was December we were talking about, and she was in my place she’d feel the same way.




“I wish I could tell you why and how, but I can’t help but yearn for him.”

“Yeah, I wish you could tell me too Meri. But, I can tell you really mean it. You really do miss him, I can see it in your eyes.” she sighed

“I think I might eve….love him.” I whispered

“Wait, what? Now you love him?”



“Yes, I do and I would really like your support. You are my best friend and over this past year you’ve seen my lowest points and high points. I want you to support me and my feelings about him. It seems so wrong, but yet so right. I’m telling you this because I know you will be there for me.”

“Oh Meri, I’m sorry for being a bad Apple about it all. I just want what’s best for you and don’t like to see you hurting.” she pulled me into a hug

“Thanks, and I know you’re only doing your job as a friend. But, I don’t want to do anything drastic without telling you either.” I admitted

“What do you mean drastic?”

“I’m going to go see him Briocheport. I know you probably think that’s crazy but that’s the only way I’ll ever see him again, and I’m going to apologize to him.”

“Are you sure about that? Is that right thing to do, go surprise him?” she asked

“Probably not, but I need to see him and sort things out. What else can I do? This isn’t a phone conversation and he would ignore my call even if I tried.” I explained

“Well, alright then. Just be careful and don’t do anything stupid.”



And so that’ what I did. Of course I did some minor planning and saving up money. It took me about two weeks to put everything in order and be prepared. I bought my train ticket, mapped out my journey, looked up Tangerine’s address, and worked up what I was going to say to him. This all seemed crazy then and now. I would of never thought I’d be the one chasing a guy down. But, I feel good about this, with a little bit of hesitation on the side. The train ride wasn’t long at all, but took longer since I don’t have a car and really don’t like to drive. Eventually I managed to flag down a taxi and told them the address. I was dropped off at the corner by his apartment complex. I was in total awe when I got out of the car. I was surrounded completely by tall buildings and it was so noisy from all the bustling berries and traffic. It was definitely a different pace than Apple Loosa Pie, and explained a lot about Tangerine.




I walked into his apartment complex and couldn’t believe how small the lobby was. Why did city berries think smaller and compact is better? I can’t believe he lives like this. I could never live in an apartment. I looked over at the directory, and there were so many names. Apple told me you usually had to buzz to be let in. I quickly scanned to find his name. I stopped when my finger was pressed firmly over his name. Just seeing his name before my eyes made my heart flutter. This was it. This was the dreaded conversation that would either give us closer or end us.

I stopped before pressing the button next to name to collect my thoughts and run everything over in my mind. I was starting to have second thoughts and was conflicting with myself. I had to keep telling myself you came all this way for a reason, and that reason being you want him. But, the other side kept telling me that he might just fill you up with more sadness and doubt and you’ll regret this decision for the rest of your life. So many thoughts, and so many good reasons behind each one.

Nope, I wasn’t backing out of this. I was going to press that button and talk to the man I love. I clicked the buzzer, and was buzzed in automatically? I thought that was weird since they usually ask who it is. But, I didn’t dwell on it. I head my breath as I stepped onto the elevator.


Screenshot-42 Screenshot-43

When I got off the elevator, it was a single floor with two apartments. the floor was very small and I looked at both apartment numbers to find Tangerine’s. I stared at his door. I smiled, but quickly frowned remembering this might not turn out to be a happy meeting.  I knocked on the door calling out his name. No answer. He knows its me and isn’t going to answer the door.

Great. I thought to myself.

But, I had to keep trying. I knocked again and called out his name. I tried saying that all I wanted to do was talk and wanted to see him. But, no response. I put my ear against the door and listened to see if I could hear him moving around. But, all I could hear was the tv blared and it was starting to become fuzzy like it had been left on for quite some time. This made me a little worried. I tried not to think of what could of possibly happened, but I made the choice to just go in. I turned the knob, and the door was unlocked. I let myself in and came to see the tv that was giving off so much noise.




I stood there taking in the apartment, it was quite small and looked like no one lived here. It was so cold and strange.

“He lives here?” I said quietly.

It was quiet and unfamiliar. There was no personal touches of Tangerine, it was bland with color and style. I got the impression he barely spent his time here whether he likes it or not. Usually in berry culture you’re house reflects your berry nationality. I expected bright hues of orange to be scattered around, but its white and dull. The only thing that looked disturbed was the small kitchen table. I walked over to it slowly, not realizing that its obvious no one is probably home or he might be sleeping. I don’t know why I didn’t check the rooms when I first came in? When I walked over the tiny wooden table, I looked down with horrified eyes. At least three bottles of different kinds of alcohol and beside one, scattered pills.

Oh Tangerine no. He didn’t look the type to be into pill popping or have a drinking problem. Oh berry, what if our arguemnt lead him to this!? My eyes darted to the bottles and pills at that point. No, this can’t be my fault?But, what if it is?  My heart started to pump faster and I scanned the room once more. This made me nervous and sick feeling. I ran into the bedroom and swung the door open looking for him. He wasn’t there. There was one more place to look. The bathroom. I was so scared and chilled to the bone. I didn’t want to look, but I had to.



I slowly walked to the bathroom door and once again pressed my ear to it, and I heard nothing. That gave me a sigh of relief and terrified me. What if he was in there and something happened to him? What if he tried to harm himself? All of these thoughts running through my mind. I slowly gripped the knob, and turned it. The door creaked open against the linoleum. That’s when I saw a pair of bright orange legs. I gasped and opened the door more, afraid to know what I’m about to see. I stared at the floor, looking at Tangerine laying there lifeless. Tears started forming in the corner of my eyes as I looked around at the two bottles and pills next to him. He tried to kill himself. What if this is because of me?



I threw my hand over my face, I didn’t want see this horrible sight anymore. I didn’t want to believe this moment is real. I had to do something, but was frozen. I needed to call for help! I pulled my cellphone dialing nine, one-one vigorously. I could barely speak to the operator on the other end. All I could make out was overdosed and bloodied face as I looked at him and screamed over the phone through my cries and tears. This couldn’t be happening. Not now, when I was going to make everything right.

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Chapter Seven

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It had been a week in a-half so far since he left to go back home. It still doesn’t seem real, and I keep feeling sadness about him leaving. In fact, it seems like its rained here in Apple Loosa Pie everyday he’s been gone.  I know that I’m feeling too much for this man I met and spent four-almost five days with. That’s not enough time to develop such strong feelings for someone is it?  I don’t know anymore. My feelings are all over the place, and one thing keeps coming to mind. I want to see him again. No. I want to be with him again. I never realized, until he stayed here how much I really loathe being alone. I think for all these past three years I kept telling myself I liked the quaint and quietness of my own company, when really  I was just fooling myself and everyone who asked.



From the day he left, I check the computer multiple times a day. Looking for a message from him. Anything, even if its just a simple “hi” or “hello, how are you Sunshine?”. Even though I really hated that nickname, I liked hearing him call me it. Made me feel special. Sometimes I would find an excuse to stay on the computer all day just waiting or some notification to pop up from him. But, nothing. After two days of silence, I started to feel discouraged that he just lied to me and lead me on. I didn’t want to think that though. I couldn’t. There was something different about him. I just know it. He was genuine, wasn’t he? I don’t know. I just know I can’t give up on him so easily.



After moping for almost two weeks straight, Apple noticed my absence from life, and invited me out to the library. I didn’t hestiate or decline, since I knew I had to get out of my own prison of a house. Plus, I’d be meeting my niece for virtually the first time. Apple was pretty protective of her when she was first born since she had that new mother syndrome. Totally understandable, I would be the same way.  But, she would always send me pics of her, and she was the cutest little girl ever. She looked just like Apple, but with December’s hair color. She even had the cutest name. They named her Clover Lime.



I have to admit I do love being an aunt. I’m an only child, so its a role I take very seriously. Clover is a fun little girl too, just like her mother. I hope I get to see more of her, and I can’t wait to see her grow up into a beautiful, young girl. Apple is such a lucky woman to have a husband and daughter. A family. Makes me extremely jealous. I want to have someone to call my own and someone to call me “mom”.  Its not that I’m getting older and my biological clock is ticking. I’m just lonely and want change.  Something in my life needs to change. Everything seems so repetitive, and nothing good has really happened. Except for meeting Tangerine.



“Meri my sweet yellow berry, where have you been?!” Apple delighted

“Oh you know, just been at home really. Sulking….” I shyly admitted

“Why?…is this because that guy, Tang…was it? Left?

“Umm, yeah. He said we’d keep in touch, but I haven’t heard from it. I’m probably just being too paranoid about it.I know.”

“You and your worrisome self.” she teased

“I can’t help it with him. I really like him.” I shouted



“He still hasn’t called you yet? Its been two weeks since then?


“I hate to say it Meri, but I maybe he’s just leading you on and getting your hopes up for nothing.” she blurted out

“See, that’s the thing. I just know he’s not. I can feel it. There’s something different about him.  I know it.” I explained




“I don’t know Meri. I mean if he really didn’t want to leave you and promised to keep in touch, wouldn’t he of done so already?”

“Well, maybe but-“

“But, what? Don’t make excuses for him Meri. You don’t deserve this, you are worth much more than that.” she interrupted

“I wasn’t making excuses. He is a busy guy, I mean he had to take five days off, I’m sure he has a lot of catching up to do.” I finished

“Well okay, if you say so. Just don’t get your hopes up okay? For me?”

“Alright, but you’ll eventually see that he’s different.”




After Apple basically made me feel berry hopeless and definitely pointed it out, I really just wanted to unwind. I also figured I would check my email one last time, and then start to think over my feelings  about Tangerine. Maybe Apple was right? Or she was just being overly concerned like I was with her dating December. I don’t know. All I know is that I wanted to talk to him at least one last time.

As I hopped into my wooden computer chair, my heart was racing like it always did when I thought of Tangerine or thought about seeing a message with his name next to it. It almost made me feel nervous. Even when he’s not here, he has a way of making me weak. A good kind of weak. I logged in with my username and much to my surprise there was a message from him! Received earlier today when I was with Apple. I knew he wouldn’t let me down, I just knew it! I quickly double-clicked and couldn’t wait to open it and read his words

 Hey Sunshine. I’m sorry I didn’t get to this sooner, I really am. Been busy with work and making my apartment looking like someone lives in it again. I hope I didn’t worry or upset you too much. I would of called, but most nights I don’t get home until very late and I don’t want you to lose sleep over me. Things look like they might start dying down, and I might be able to come see you soon. I hope that sounds good? I know you’re always home, so I might just pop up one day. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind. I can’t wait to see your smile again. Until then.


It felt so good to read his words. Even thought  I couldn’t physically hear him saying the words, I could hear his voice in them. I knew he cared about me. I read his words with a smile on my face, and there was the beloved nickname. Sunshine. I could hear him saying it now. I quickly replied back, telling him I was fine and it was good hear from and all that. I can say however, I went to bed happy that night.

*Tangerine’s POV*


When I sent that email to Meri I wasn’t sure if I really believed what I was saying. I mean most of it was true, I was busy with work and a little part of me did miss her. I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to see her again. Or I wasn’t sure if I could face that smile. She was a sweet girl and didn’t deserve my acquaintance, and quite frankly  I didn’t deserve hers. But, in a way fate brought us together and so did my way of life. I just don’t want to hurt her, but I think its too late to be saying that now. As I’m about to walk into the worst meeting, all concerning her.



Where or what was I walking into you ask? A meeting with my client. Errr let me rephrase that. He’s my client, but I think in actuality I’m his client. Yeah, I didn’t know it was going to turn that way when I first took on his case. Trust me, lately I’ve been starting to regret ever hearing his message on my phone. See, I’m a small-time lawyer living in the big city trying to make it big. I deal mostly with business claims, but word has spread fast that I’m a dirty player. Which I am. I won’t deny it. I’ll do anything to ensure my client’s win, and my paycheck. Sadly, that’s the exact type my client is looking for. He’s a dirty player too, and knows how to get what he wants. His name is Coffee Bean. I’m sure you’ve heard of him, he owns all of Briocheport essentially.

What does he want with me you ask? My talent, or specialties? Well as I said, he owns most of Briocheport and is looking to branch out and that my berry friends is Apple Loosa Pie. Starting to put things together yet? Well I’m hired for his business expenditures and the legal troubles he’ll run into as he starts to monopolize Apple Loosa Pie. Small town people don’t like when big companies move to town. How does this entail Meri? Well to put it simple, her lot is so far the cheapest to attain, and even though I’m his lawyer, I’ve now become his guinea pig to scope out who lived here and woo them over the idea of either moving or turning over their land to Coffee. Little did I know that met wooing over the woman that lives there. At first I was fully there for the job, but I didn’t know she would so sweet and I’d really develop feelings for her. That’s why I’m starting to regret this whole ordeal.

When I walked into his office, he was alone with a bottle of wine on his desk. He was that type, drink throughout the day and chase all the woman that want him. He also has his usual thugs in the room, but tonight was different I guess.

“Tangerine, my man!” he cheered

“Hey.” I greeted him quietly

“How goes our business deal?”




Did I want to tell him the truth? Of course not. But, do I want to get paid, yes. Its a conflicting situation, trust me I’ve been over the choices over and over. But, I think I’ve come to my final choice in the matter.

“It goes. Everything has been going smoothly so far. Just didn’t help that you called me or an update and I had to leave. That puts a damper on our timeline. But, everything should fall into place.”

“Ha! Excellent. I knew this plan would work perfectly. And its so berry-fudging easy! Ha, man I love being me.” he soaked in his own ego

“Oh, and I’m sorry or calling you. You weren’t giving me any updates, and you know what happens when I don’t know what’s going on with my jobs.”




He was truly a vile man. I had no berry idea why I agreed to work with him.

“Yeah I had a few things to say about this particular “job” actually.” I sighed

“Oh? You have an even better way of doing this? Gah! I love how great minds think alike!” he gushed

“Uh, not exactly. I’ve decided that I want to opt out of this business agreement. I’m sorry, but I’m not cut out for your way of working. I thought I was, but I can’t.”

I didn’t want to tell him the actual truth because Meri doesn’t need to even more involved with this man than what she already is. Plus, she doesn’t even know she is.




“What did you just say to me?

“I said I can’t do this anymore. I’m quit-” I started

“QUITTING? You don’t just work for me and then quit! What do you think you’ve reached the ranks to do that all of sudden, I don’t think so!” he interrupted furiously

“I-Look, I-“

“No one quits out on Coffee Bean, especially my lawyer! You WILL FOLLOW THROUGH with the job you have to do, do you hear me?”



I jumped back at his anger. I had no idea he was going to flip out like that. I can imagine I looked like a deer caught in the headlights about to meet his demise. I took a deep breath, but couldn’t say anything to counter him. I admitted defeat too easily, but what do you say to that? I wasn’t sure what to say, or even what to do.




“I don’t think you fully understand the guidelines or our agreement. When you know the inner workings of Bean Industries, you can’t just opt out.You better take a good look at your choices here. There’s only one way out, and I think you know what it is. If you cross me, expect the same back. I have a feeling that girl is very precious to you now? It’d be a shame to lose that wouldn’t it?.”  he warned

He was right. I did know that “one way” but I never actually thought it would be used one me. I mean, what did he expect when we were done working with together? So many questions came flowing to my mind, and the thought of Meri being hurt angered me. No one would hurt that wonderful berry of a woman.

“You wouldn’t dare to touch her. She has no part in this, leave her out.” I spat


“Oh she has everything to do with this. If it wasn’t for her or you, you wouldn’t of toyed with this idea of “quitting.” Remember that the next time you see me. I don’t hesitate and always follow through. “

“We’ll see about you. Remember I’ve been to the lowest of the low, and I’m not afraid to take certain measures if I have to. You think you can threaten me and I’ll just take it? I don’t think so. You better watch what you say around. I may look polished now, but I was once a thug just like you.”

“Oh don’t be so naive Tang.” he shook his head at me

I didn’t say thing in return. I said what I had to. I was done. Done with him, done with this corrupt job of mine and done with this town. I had to see Meri and tell her the truth. The truth will hurt her, but she needs to hear it from me. I can’t handle this burden I’m carrying anymore. So I walked right out that door, and drove straight to the only sunshine in my life.



I drove all night to make it in time to Apple Loosa Pie. I’m sure Coffee Bean knows by now I’m not backing down. I intend to get out of this mess one way or another. By the time I reached Meri’s house it was already midday. I forgot how far apart we really are. I parked down the street  a ways. I don’t know why, but I felt like I should. As I started walking up towards her house, seeing that yellow siding put a smile on my face. I forgot how being close to her is like a big, gust of fresh air. As I approached closer, I noticed she was outside on her wooden lounge chair. She looked so happy and peaceful.

This was going to be harder than I thought. How do you tell the woman you developed feelings for her that everything they did together was a lie? I wasn’t prepared, but it had to be done.




I was about to approach her, when I saw her legs swoop to one side of the chair and she perked up her head. She must of heard my feet shuffling through the grass. Nothing gets by her sometimes. That’s when she turned around. Her eyes widened at the site of me. I could see my orange reflection in her eyes. She smiled, but it quickly turned into a frown she seemed to be fighting. I could tell she really missed me. It was bittersweet to see her. I missed her too. She quickly got up and rushed over to me, pulling me in a gentle, but heartfelt hug.

“I can’t believe its really you.” she whispered

“I can’t believe I’m here either.” I said

“I’ve missed you.”

Those words meant so much, but hurt so much. I took a deep breath, and prepared myself for a broken heart.

“Sunshine…I mean, Meri. Listen, there’s something I need to tell you. Its very important and you deserve to know.”



“Oh..umm alright.” she was puzzeled

“Here goes nothing.” I mumbled under my breath


“You know when my car broke down just along the road here?”

“Yes, it was only a month ago.”

“Yeah…it didn’t really break down. That was a lie.  I actually had different intentions when I rang your doorbell that night.” I let out a breath of relief




“Then what were your intentions? I’m confused.” she asked

“Before I tell you, I want you to know my feelings are true for you. I do have feelings for you, just the things we did weren’t genuine. The reason I came that night was because of my-“

Just as I was about to pour out the truth I’ve been hiding for a month, I saw him walking up behind her, toward us. No. This can’t be happening, he’s already here!? But, how? This can’t be happening. I just stood there, frozen. I couldn’t speak. I had the words right there but my mouth wouldn’t open. I was waiting for him to make his move.

“Yes, Tang please tell us what were your real intentions with this young woman.” he smiled at me like a sly dog




“Wh-who are you?”

“Who am I? I’m his employer dear. And I’m sorry to hear that one of my employees would lead on you romantically for his own personal gain.”

What? No! That’s not true, I had to put an end to this!

“What? Meri no, don’t listen to him. He’s lying. Meri, don’t you dare think that’s true!”

Meri just looked at me clueless to what’s going on and what’s being said to her.

“I can’t believe I had some berry scum like that working for me.” he  played

*Meringue’s POV*


Did I just hear this man correctly? Tang used me for his own personal gain? I couldn’t help but shutter at the idea. Once again, another berry man that has walked all over me.  What is with this repetitiveness? Why would he do that? I just closed my eyes and wished for everything to go right for once. To be taken away from this moment in time, and having something good happen to me. I really liked him. I needed to know why. I didn’t care at this point. I need to know why he would fill my heart up with so much love, and then tear it out without hesitation.



“Why in the berry would you do that to me!?” I snapped

“What? Meri are you seriously going to listen to him? I came here to confess this to you, he’s trying to fill your mind up with lies! He’s a vile berry, listen to me!” he pleaded

“That doesn’t matter. Why would you lie in the first place? I don’t care about your confession. There should be no confession!”

“Meri, at least I had the confidence to come up here and tell you myself. He doesn’t want you to know the truth because its about how corrupt of a man he is!”



I just looked at the ground in disbelief of his lies. I can’t handle anymore lies. I just need the truth from him.

“No more lies Tang. Tell me the truth. Now.” I softly asked

“Are you serious? I’m not lying! What can I do to make you believe me? Honest to berry I am telling you the truth. I already lied once, I don’t need to keep digging myself a bigger hole. He’s the liar. He wanted me to come here so he can try to obtain your property!  But, you don’t deserve this, that’s why I came here tonight.” he frantically argued

“I don’t know if I can believe you now. I don’t know who or what to believe anymore. I’v been lied to so much, and your’e not helping.”




I kept looking at the ground until I could tell Tangering walked off in distress. I couldn’t even look him directly in the eyes anymore. His eyes were once a safe place, but now are desert of lies. I wish I knew what to do, I really did. I’m just so confused and don’t know what to think. I want to crawl up in a ball and cry until I can’t anymore. That was until the other man walked up to me with sympathetic eyes.

“Meri is it? I’m sorry you had to witness this man and his true intentions. If I knew that’s what he really had in mind, he wouldn’t be employed for me. You don’t deserve this kind of treatment. Please, let me know if there is anything I can do for you. ” he offered

“No, there’s nothing you can do for me. I don’t want to see another berry man ever again. Especially on my property. You can both leave. I don’t need to see you two ever again. I’m done.”

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Chapter Six

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There are adult scenes in this chapter that involves NSFW and alcohol consumption. As for the NSFW, it is simply just sim nudity, but I need to warn you because that’s my duty. The only nudity will be a shirtless woman, and with two consenting adults commemorating their feelings for each other (sex). IF THIS BOTHERS YOU OR YOU CANNOT HANDLE IT, PLEASE DO NOT READ. 

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I woke up this morning, I scanned the room and listened quietly to hear if my house guest was up as well. I didn’t hear any noise, so I assumed he was still sleeping. When my feet hit the floor, my memory came flushing back and it hit me. We shared a kiss last night, a steamy one if  I remember right. No. I didn’t have to remember, I could still taste his kiss lingering. Oh boy. This cannot be good.


I quickly jumped out of bed and started scratching my head and looking around the room. Oh berry no.  Did we both mean for that kiss to happen? Did I want it to happen? What if he regrets kissing me? I’m not even sure if I regret the whole thing. This is going to make things so awkward! All of these thoughts came rushing back, the same thoughts that were floating around last night. Why must my over-analyzing self kick in at this moment? I really didn’t want to face him, with is killer smile. What do I say to him? Do I just ask like it never happened or give praise that it did. So many thoughts and so little time to deal with all of them. I needed coffee to calm my nerves.



I walked out to the kitchen, trying to to wake up Tangerine and hopefully avoid the whole “morning after” ordeal. There was so sign of him, so I continued with coffee brewing. That was until I could feel his eyes on me. My eyes shifted to the doorway of the kitchen, and there he stood with that cheeky smile of his. I froze, waiting for him to say something. I wanted to say something first, but nothing came up through my throat. I just stood there.

“Mmm Good Morning Sunshine, did you have a good time last night? he smiled wide

Say something Meri! Say something!

“Oh…good morning…and….hehe yes I did.” I mumbled

I felt my body start to shake, why was I so nervous and shy? Its like the sight of him made my legs weak, and I could barely stand up. Get it together Meri! I hated acting this way in front of him, but yet I loved the feeling he gives me.



“You must had a really good time to make you become so shy all of a sudden. Hopefully I can make you more comfortable.”

I could feel his breath on my neck. It was hot and sent thrills up and down my spine. But, he was right. He has a way of making me more comfortable just by him having his arm around me. I never felt more relaxed all morning. I couldn’t help but smile and feel giddy.

“Oh stop it, I’m already comfortable as long as your arms are around me.”

Did I just say that out loud? Maybe too comfortable when he’s touching me.

“Oh is that so?” he playfully raised his eyebrow

“Haha yes, too comfortable apparently.” I giggled

“Well if you were that shy and nervous all the time, it would make it hard to live with me wouldn’t it?”

“Yes, very true.”




The rest of the morning we spent drinking our strong coffee and reminiscing about last night, and anything that came to our mind. There was lots of giggling and fondling. We eventually made our way into the living room where we cuddled up and watched the news. He was curious about what was going on in Briocheport, and I curious  about the news about local berries. Truth is our eyes were glued to each other. First we cuddled harmlessly, I snuggled into him with his arm around me, but that lead to more physical contact.



Our feelings obviously weren’t fulfilled last night with just a kiss and going to bed separately. I could tell in his kiss he really wanted this, and I didn’t object. I wanted it just as much as him. Our hands exploring the other’s body, and our lips lingering on one another’s.

I’m not sure why he made me feel this way, but this was just so unlike me. I’m that quiet and reserved girl. But, when I’m with him my emotions are all over the place and I just want to feel him surround me. I really liked him, more than I’ve ever liked anyone. Even more than having a high school crush on him. My feelings for him were strong, and I didn’t want them to fade.




Eventually we did get up from the couch and do some productive things. Like showering haha. I worked in the garden and he had to get in touch with his demanding boss, he also had to check on his car. It was one of those perfect days. Even though I spent most of the afternoon wondering when I’d be in his arms next. Which I found wouldn’t be that long.

“Sunshine? You have a minute?” he called out

“Oh? Yes I do. What’s up?” I asked cheerfully

“I was um, wondering if you wanted to go out again tonight?”

“With you? Of course I would!”

“Great! Its a date then! And I want you to dress nice this time!” he winked

“Oh fine, if you say so!” I teased



We went to a live show that night. I thought it was a movie, and I was a little mad that I got dressed up for that. But, he reassured me that my attire served purpose. We went to the entertainment club, or dinner theater as they call it now days? In Apple Loosa Pie its still called the entertainment club from the twenties. We went and saw a lovely play. Well, a comedic play. It was lots of fun and its nice to meet a man that appreciates the arts! We had many laughs, too many laughs at best. Let’s just say the table next to us didn’t enjoy our enthusiasm. We caught the late show and afterwards, we went the little bistro next door. It was happy hour and here in town they were really laid back and didn’t care who you were, as long as you kept spending your money.



I’m not much of a drinker, but I’ve had alcohol and drank in moderation. One or two glasses of wine at a party or wedding. Nothing hardcore. But, that wasn’t the case. Tang made me one drink, and I could tell it was more heavy on the alcohol than the chaser. I told him I couldn’t drink it, but he started to tease me about how I couldn’t handle his “lifestyle”. So I went to prove him wrong. He seemed to bring the worst out of me. And I mean the worst.  We both downed one drink, and he poured us another. With the alcohol content in these drinks, I was started to feel woozy by drink three. By this time, I became the bartender and I kept the drink flowing. I could feel my body starting get warm from the drinks, and Tangerine started having trouble standing up, as did I.




By the fifth or sixth drink? I’m not really sure I lost count and I was drunk by end of the night anyway. We were at that giggling and falling over each other by the time we left the self-serve bar a the bistro. We were so obnoxious and loud I’m surprised we didn’t get kicked our or arrested for all I know. Tang kept flirting with me, and I soaked up every minute of it. Even if it was sloppy and his words were slurred.

“Hehe you’re a hot drunk.” he giggled

“Haha only for you handsome!” I winked

“You know where we should go do?”

“What’s that you have up your sleeve?”




Before he answered he hiccuped and spontaneously kissed me. His breath smelled like the boos consumed, but passionate. I loved it, even in my drink stupor. His hot breath, breathing one me and my hands pulling him in. But, he pulled away with a big smile wanting to finish what he was saying.

“Hey now, get those gorgeous lips away from me! I’m gonna keep kissin’ them and we won’t get to do what I really want to.” he playfully complained

“Hehe my lips are gorgeous now? Maybe I want you to keep kissing them.” I winked

“Well I can continue to do so but when we’re at the beach swimming!”

“You want to go swimming?”

“Yes, Sunshine! I want to see that perfect body in the moonlight.” he flirtatiously said

“Oh hehe, then let’s go!” I giggled back




When we managed to flag down a cab to take us to the beach, we ran down to the shoreline. We both stood there first, taking in the view and the breeze. It was pretty and I felt alive. I was taking in the view and the colors of the night sky. I was interrupted by Mr. Drunkberry stripping of his clothes and running head-on into the water. I started laughing at how ridiculous he looked, until he coaxed me into the water.

“Hey Sunshine, get your pretty little butt in here!” he screamed

“Just hold on! I’m wearing more layers than you!” I yelled back

“Hehe the less layers the better.”

“Keep dreamin’ “


“Okay, okay I’m in the water now.” I swam towards him

“Ooh don’t you look good Sunshine?” his eyes tracing the lines of my body




We swam around for awhile, splashed each other, and played in the water. Yes, we kissed and held each other too. In fact, we were in the water all night. It was dawn by the time we got out. The reflection off of the water made it beautiful out.  He lead me back onto the beach, where we could catch our breaths and strength from treading water.

“Your skin looks beautiful under the moonlight.” he slurred, too drunk from the alcohol

“Awe hehe thanks Tang. You’re too sweet.” I giggled, feeling the alcohol still lingering in my body

He gave me that cheeky smile he always gives me, and pulled me into a deep and passionate kiss. This time, I could tell he wanted my body. His hand were exploring my body, as were mine. Soon enough, we both stopped to inhale the salty air.

“Maybe we should take things back to your room Sunshine.” he whispered

“Mmm, maybe we should.” I whispered back



We we both got back to my place, emotions were running high. The alcohol was starting to wear off, but still leaving traces. I barely walked through the door and Tang pulled me close to his wet body. His arm wrapped firmly around my chest, pulling me close for a deep kiss. Except this time, the kissing didn’t stop. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it at first, and I didn’t want to regret it so I broke up the kiss and admitted my fear.

“Tang…I’ve never…I’ve never done this….”

“Shhh its okay Sunshine. I’ll go slow and you tell me what you want. I won’t do anything you don’t want.”

And he did. He wasn’t as exciting or rushing like before. He slowly lead me to my bedroom. I wasn’t sure what all happened, but I remember him asking if I was okay so far with everything. I told him yes, and kisses him passionately. It was the response he wanted, because eventually I was shirtless and we were lost in each other’s bodies. I did want this. I wanted him and he wanted me.




I woke up the next morning with a heavy head and a weak stomach. Tang was still out of it and would be for awhile from how much he drank last night. I forced myself out of bed. That’s when all the backed up nausea came. Oh did feel like youknowwhat. I’m never having alcohol or Tang make me a drink ever again. I managed to hold me dinner from last night down and take some medicine. Once again, the past night’s events were playing over in my head and I stopped when I got to the two of us having sex last night. I didn’t really feel any regret about it, but I didn’t feel extremely happy about it either. I wasn’t sure if that’s normal? I mean I enjoyed and he was a gentlemen about taking things slow. I guess I wasn’t sure how I really felt about it and needed to talk it out.




I decided to call Apple since its been awhile since I’ve seen or even talked to her. She’s really the only person I can confide in without judgement. I can’t talk to Tang about this because he’d get the wrong idea. Also, Apple is in the final stages of her first pregnancy and I want to see her belly!

“Okay, so what’s the problem Meri?…..Oh my Berry did you guys finally do it!?” she cheered

“Shh Apple not so loud! He’ll hear you!”I hushed

She knew about Tangerine and everything that’s been going on. She thought it was strange like me, but had her premonitions about what would happen between us and wanted me to take advantage of his staying here with me. So she might not have the best judgement basis for this conversation, buttttt I bad to talk to her.




“Look its not like that, that’s not what I wanted to really talk about. Well, it kinda is. I don’t know how to explain-“

“Meri, just spit it out. You didn’t call my eight month pregnant self here to mumble what you want to talk about.”

“Okay, sorry. Then yes, we had sex last night.” I confessed

“Sooooo, what’s the problem?” she asked in confusion


“What do you mean? It was my first time Apple! I’m not sure how I feel about it! Or what I should be feeling!”

“Oh, sweetie. I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was your first time. Well how do you feel?”

“Uhhh indifferent? I don’t know. I definitely don’t regret it, but its not like I’m jumping off the walls telling every berry that passes by about it.” I chuckled

“Haha, well that’s good you aren’t going around and telling people. I think the first time is always awkward, even if everything goes right. Maybe that’s what you’re feeling. That first time funk. I wouldn’t worry about how you feel the morning after, unless its regret. Which you clearly are not feeling. What matters is how you felt during it or before it.” she explained

“Yeah, maybe you’re right. I just needed to talk it out with someone.”

“That’s my job as your bestfriend.”


“Speaking of sex and outcomes, how is our little baby Lime doing?” I smiles at the sight of her growing belly

“Oh he or see is going great! Making it hard for momma to work or do anything, but I’m glad to be having a baby with Deci and can’t wait to see what she or she looks like!” she gushed

“Oh I bet. If its a girl, she’s going to be just like you. Do you have names picked out?”

“Yes we do Aunt Meri. If you have a niece, her name will be Clover, and if its nephew, we’re going to name him Bud. But, I’m secretly hoping for a girl as you know.”

“Haha me too, we each have to have mini versions of us.” I laughed

“Oh my berry that would be great!” she agreed




Eventually after gushing over married life and motherhood, Apple decided that she should probably go since she isn’t supposed to be on her feet as much due to the fact that her pregnancy was entering its final days. I understood and abide her goodbye and finally went insight to talk to Tang the first time today. Except, when I walked through the door he was already waiting for me.

“Sunshine, We need to talk.” he stated

“Um…okay? What’s up?” I said quietly




The feeling in the air was much different than it’s been between us. I didn’t like it. It was a chilling, and eerie feeling. That’s when I knew something was wrong. I tried to stay positive going into this conversation, but the tone in Tang’s voice wasn’t a good sign either. It was the sex I knew it. They say it ruins everything and that’s what was happening between us. He didn’t like or how I reacted or something, so he was going to tell me those words I really don’t want to hear.

“I called up on my vehicle today, and they told me it’s finally ready and in top shape. I can come pick it up anytime they said. I’m sorry Sunshine, but I have to leave as soon as possible and get back to work, and back to my life in Briocheport. My boss needs me in the flesh, and I’m sure there are people back home that are missing me. “

No. This wasn’t happening. He was leaving me? No, he can’t. I don’t want him to leave. I want him to stay here and be wit me. Make me feel the way he does. He completes everything that’s in my life. I just know it. I’ve never felt this way with anyone, and I know he feels it too. Why was he doing it? I tried to stay straightforward with him, but I could feel the tears starting to stream down my face.

“But, but..why do you have to leave now? Can’t you wait until the weekend or something? I mean, aren’t you going to miss me? I mean where does that leave us Tangerine!”



I wanted to say more, but all I could do was cry. Felt like nothing could go right for me, nothing at all. I finally found someone who makes me feel wonderful and I enjoy being with. But, no. He’s just throwing everything back in my face like nothing happened.  Its like my life was a joke and I was realizing it finally. I couldn’t even look at him, I threw my hands over my face and cried.

“Oh, Sunshine please don’t cry.” he piped in

“Oh no!? Why shouldn’t I, everything is coming down on me.” I shouted back



“Sunshine, is that what you think? If it is, that’s not true. Don’t think these past few days didn’t mean anything, they meant everything to me. I have very strong feelings for you. I hate to see you like this, and believe me I don’t want to go.”

He wrapped his arms around me, enveloping me in his arms tightly. He meant what he was saying, I could tell. But, I still didn’t want him to leave .

“How strong of feelings?”

“Very strong Sunshine. ” he vowed

“And you’re not just saying that?” I whimpered

“No, of course not. I’m not some kind of cruel berry. If I could stay I would, but I can’t.”

“But I want you to….”

“I know Sunshine, but how about this?” he kissed my neck

“What?” I sniffled

“How about I stay the night and leave tomorrow morning. Its going to have to be early though.”

“Hmm…okay. That’ll make me feel better.”



I guess I could agree to that right? That might make it hurt less if he stays the night and leaves tomorrow morning. I just know I didn’t want him to leave that very second. I wanted one more night with him, and he did too. So, we went to bed and spent the night in each other’s arms. It was nice and I didn’t want it to end. I barely got any sleep, and was dreading the appearance of dawn. I knew he would leave then.

In the early hours of the morning, when the black sky turned a shade lighter is when Tangerine got out of bed. I could feel the weight of his body scoot over. I started to get up myself, I wanted to be sure to kiss him goodbye and talk to him. He was surprised I was up, but glad.

“Oh, did I wake you Sunshine?” he mumbled through his kiss

“No, I didn’t get much sleep. I was up all night.” I admitted

“Oh. I’m sorry sweetie. I hope you’ll be okay.”

“Me too….I don’t want you to forget about me.”

“What? Sunshine I’d never do that to you. Besides when I get home I’ll be sure to call and email you, you can count on it.” he smiled

That game me a glimmer of hope, but I was still apprehensive and sad. But, I wasn’t a wreck like last night. I did feel better.

“Okay. I’ll miss you and can’t wait to hear from you.” I sighed

Before I knew it, he kissed my forehead sweetly still in his boxers, and then he was waving goodbye, fully clothes while I was still in shock of how fast he came, and how fast he was gone.

Alrighty!  That was chapter six 🙂 I hope you guys liked it and didn’t mind the little nudity! I had fun writing this chapter even though its sad 😦 I’m hoping to get Chapter Seven out soon! But, I am switching over to another project I have for a tiny bit, and then I’ll be back to The Moscato’s! 😀