Good Days, Bad Days

Hi there. I realize its been wayyyyy to long since I’ve simmed and even thought about my sim projects.

I started chemotherapy on 4/27 and unfortunately, had a very bad reaction because I developed an infection. That meant I had to be admitted to the hospital because infections and chemo are a very bad combo. So I was in the hospital for three days and then I was having trouble with sleeping and withdrawing from school because there was no way I could finish the semester on a good note. Very frustrating.

Then, this past week I went to visit my mom because my dad’s side of the family is too overbearing. They only seem to focus on the negative side of this disease and it makes them worry, which makes me anxious and emotional. Spending mother’s day with my mom and a few days with her was peaceful and relaxing. But, of course this past weekend I had to run to the ER due to new symptoms that came up that I need to monitor.

Then today, my second cycle of chemo got rescheduled because my white blood cells were too low, so that was a long day haha but I did have a good day finally. I seem to have really good days, but then I have those bad days. But, I’m hoping to get a lot of simming done this week! I’ve been working on the next installment of the simself legacy and couldn’t be happier 🙂Plus, its something positive in my life and can’t focus on the negative as I’ve had to repeat to many of my family members. I’m hoping to be around a little more now.