All downloads will be uploaded as .sim files from now since that is the preferred file type. Will be uploaded to I will try to upload to the sims 3 website (when my sims 3 launcher allows it) but all files will be uploaded to Here I’m going to link the download, but if you want the sims 3 website, let me know and I’ll try to upload the sims.  Most sims will contain at least one item of Custom Content since I have eye and skin defaults. I will link those. If you want a full list of CC used, please refer to my simblr, There are full list of CC there under the downloads tab. It would be too cluttering to upload and list it here. But, if you have a questions about where to find CC just ask, I will try my best to remember and link you to the right place.

Terms of Use: I’v decided to be easy-going with this now since I realized I was being a little unrealistic. All I want is if you do the use the sim that I created, just give credit where is needed. I’d appreciate it. Thank you. 

If you have any other questions, please just ask. I will try my best to answer.

Defaults/CC I use:

Aikea Guinea Default Replacement Skintones (Barbie Versions, bodies, child-toddler, and faces) found at Club Crimsyn found HERE

Spectator: An Escand Eye Edit by Simtzu found HERE    (Decided to go with new ones, but if you liked the old ones you can still download them)

Converted Coholics V2 Eyes of Shady by Moonskin93 found HERE

Euphoria 12 Non-Default Skin Slider (the “berry” skins that will be used in this rainbowcy) by Fawkes found HERE

Eyebrow slider by brntwaffels

Generation One

Meringue (Meri) Moscato ( //ts3 site)

Apple Green (

Tangerne Sherbet (

Persimmon Moscato ( )

Lemon Loquat Moscato ( )

Generation Two

Clementine Moscato (

Strawberry Shortcake (

Almond Cashew (

Choc Bean ( // ts3 site)


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