Generation Two: Chapter Six

Well its only been about 4 months since our last update…..yeah, I’m very sorry about that. I got caught up with school, having a relationship and other sim projects that were just has neglected. I always put too many projects on my plate, but that’s because I can get bored easily with plotty stories and sometimes you need a break. But, I’m here and plan on updating this legacy for awhile! I’m hoping to get a few chapters out before I switch to a different one 🙂 I’m sorry for the long awaited chapter.

Anywho, there is a lot to mention about this update. First, as for pictures its very short, than usual. Why? Because its going to be more word heavy, this is also one of the major plots of this generation so its an important chapter. Now for the warnings and disclaimers…….

A few NOTES to be aware of:

1. Sim-related violence is displayed and wrote out in this chapter. I would consider it to be graphic, and uncomfortable to many people. Mainly violence against women in this chapter, and it could strike a cord with some people, so please do not read if this makes you uncomfortable or angry.

2. Brings me to the fact that violence is portrayed in this chapter, as well as other STRONG and ADULT themes. If you are not of age to be comfortable with these themes, please, please DO NOT read. I don’t want complaints or people to be offended.

3. Graphic poses will be used to give life to the situation and action. I will credit those creators at the end, but just to note in case it may make you uncomfortable. This is solely for story-telling purposes.

4. Profanity will be used most likely. Again, for character development and story-telling purposes only.

5. Sim nudity or NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) is in this chapter. Nothing too realistic, but its there. Mainly just a shirtless female, and shirtless male. But, important to note if you don’t want to see that while reading.

6. Lastly, I DO NOT condone any kind of violence against any organism on this earth that is unjust. This is a story. This does not reflect my views, and again only for story-telling purposes. I don’t have anything against women, or men. Purely a story, and nothing more. 

Now, if I haven’t scared you away, we will begin the chapter. I just want to make sure everyone knows what is expected in this chapter before they dive right in. It may be a story, but these are real situations that could happen to anyone and readers need to be aware.  

Oh, and as usual chapter will be told from Clemmy’s POV. Time also seems to pass kinda fast in this chapter. Anddd since I recently downloaded/bought Supernatural a few weeks back I’m still figuring out the best editing for when sims our outside. I don’t use fancy photoshop because I don’t see it necessary, but the sims might seem a little dark and unclear but I did my best to edit without overdoing it. 


Screenshot Screenshot-5

“So!? Tell me about your date with mr. coffee creamer!” Straw laid on the floor next to me

“Isn’t that kind of personal?” I thought outloud

“What? Nooooo! Girl this is what friends are for! Spill the berry beans to me!”

“Oh my berry Straw. He is the perfect man, every berry girl’s dream guy. “

“Oh really? How so?” she giggled

*swoons* “Ahh he’s just so perfect. He likes to read, I like to read and I write. He’s in the medical field, so he likes to help people. Admirable trait if I do say so myself. He’s just so sweet and caring. He has a sense of humor, thinks I’m funny. I also seem to come out of my shell with him. Most men aren’t capable of that. Its a weird feeling with him. I can just tell he really likes me and I like him.” I swooned lying on the floor, spilling every last detail to her.

Screenshot-13 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-18

“Oh my berry!!! I’m so happy for you Clemmy!”

“Really? You mean it? You think he could be the one?”

“Of course he could be!” she cheered, pulling me into a hug

“Well, I know that being monogamous isn’t really your thing, so I want your honest opinion.” I admitted

“Oh. Well, I have been in relationships before. I just want to have fun for the time being. Plus, I know its important to you and I won’t lie to you. I mean, I would have to admit him to give you my full opinion but let’s not jump to conclusions.” she smiled

“Yeah, don’t need that right now.”

Screenshot-22 Screenshot-26 Screenshot-31

“But, I will say this just because I’m your friend, and a woman. Please be careful okay Clemmy? I’m not saying mr. coffee creamer is-“

“His name is Choc.” I cut in

“Oh, right. That doesn’t mean Choc is a bad guy, but not all guys are good even if they come off being perfect princes. I don’t want to see you get in deep and then have your heart ripped out and stomped on is all. I have your back, but you have to have your own skin too. Please do that for me?” she said

“I don’t know if Choc is really like that Straw. I mean he has got to be the sweetest man alive.”

“Clemmy. I mean it. I’m saying this as your friend, not your mother. Plus, haven’t you been hurt in the past?”

That’s when I reverted back to my sweet, innocent teenage years. Yes, yes I have been hurt before. That led to some of the emotional problems I still battle today. I let people in too easily, and I end up getting hurt one way or another. I was told love, and all I knew was love from that sweet boy and then he ripped it out of my hands like it was nothing.

“Yes, I have. I almost forgot…..I’ll try to be careful.” I half-smiled

About Two Weeks Later:

Screenshot-34 Screenshot-37

A few weeks later, it seemed that Choc was all I could think about. I kept seeing his million dollar, milky white smile and his dark, brown eyes everywhere I went. He made it difficult for me to concentrate on my studies and and many creative writing papers that I seemed to have piled up. I wanted to really work on my novel idea more too, but what kind of strong-willed, independent woman falls in love that quickly and that’s what seems to be happening to me as the days slowly go by without speaking to him.

Choc Bean. I found myself repeating his name over and over in my head. Eventually, that lead to Mrs. Clementine Bean. Hmm, has a nice ring doesn’t it Clem? Oh my berry. Its like I’m a teenager all over again, foolishly in love with a man I barely know. But, I couldn’t help it. He was my dream guy, literally. Its too good to be true. But, you know its real when you can’t stop thinking about that one person. He penetrates every thought I have. He’s like that favorite berry candy you can’t seem to resist every time you see it.

It didn’t help that I kept thinking about what Straw told me too. “Be careful”, those two simple words were floating around in my head all week. I wasn’t sure if I should just shrug them off and just go with my heart’s content or if foreshadowing was going to take place and Straw had a way of knowing these things. What if he ended up not being the man I thought he was or want. I don’t want to be that lovestruck girl who gets hurt again.

Screenshot-40 Screenshot-46 Screenshot-48

Later on that day, while I was walking to the kitchen for my fifth cup of coffee, I heard my phone ringing. I quickly set down my mug, and swiped the screen. It was Choc calling. Oh berry.

“Hello?” I said

 “Why hello there. Is this the lovely Ms. Moscato I am speaking to?” he chimed

Oh berry he did know how to charm a girl.

“Why yes it is. This is Choc I presume?”

“Haha yes it is. I’m calling to inquire whether you would want to go see a movie with me this upcoming Friday night?”

“Hmm this Friday I might have to check my non-existent social calendar to see if I can make it.” I chuckled

“Haha oh I’m not worth it now? Your lips tell a different story.” he shot back


“Haha you caught my bluff. I would love to go see a movie with you.”

“Great! I’ll pick you up around six-thirty?”

“Sounds like a date.” I smiled


Maybe this will the date where I really decide what my gut is trying to tell me about Choc. I know I can’t wait to see him again, and that cheeky smile of his. I can only hope I’ll have as much fun as last time I was with him.

That Friday Night:

Screenshot-52 Screenshot-55

The whole week flew by and next thing I knew it was Friday evening and I was preparing for another amazing date with Choc. At least I think we’re calling it a date. I decided just to be casual the whole time, and take in everything wit ease. I’m not going to worry about whether he’s a good guy or not. Presumed innocent until proven guilty right?

“Well there’s the woman I just have been dying to see all week.” he smiled big

“Haha oh really? Well, here I am.” I smiled back

“Are you ready to go then?”

“Yes. Have you picked a movie out or do you need help deciding?”

“Ohh I think I got it under control” he teased

“Just checking.” I let out a chuckle

Screenshot-57 Screenshot-60

Turns out he picked a sci-fi warfare type movie. I was a little surprised. I pictured him taking me to a romance or romantic comedy. It was interesting. A movie about an invasive virus infecting berries and turning them into man-eating carnivores. It was a little scary, but gave us something to talk about shortly after the movie. He’s more of the type for conversation then physical actions. I admire that about him.

“You sure do know how to pick em'” I laughed

“Haha is that a hint of disapproval I sense?” he teased, grabbing my hands

“No of course not. It was interesting, just surprised that’s what you chose.”

“Ahh well I figured since most of our conversations are intellectual and I’ve come to realize you’re very different than most berry women I meet, I wanted to pick that brain of yours. You’re a very intelligent woman Ms. Clementine Moscato, and that I admire.”

“Awe Choc. You’re too sweet.” I gushed

“Not as sweet as you.” he slowly leaned in for a kiss

Screenshot-62 Screenshot-72

After he kissed me, he slowly turned and started to walk me home. We weren’t in any hurry, so we kept our pace rather slow. I liked how his hand felt holding mine. It was so warm, and inviting. He knew how to make me feel comfortable and safe with him.

We talked about everything under the berry sun once again. Most about the movie, and how that could potentially tie into our real world. Plus, him having the medical background his perspective was intriguing to listen to. He seems to really enjoy my opinions as well. How could I even think that he is one bad berry? He’s so nice and down to Earth. I don’t know why Straw had to go and say that to me. He’s done nothing to make me think otherwise.

That’s when we decided to take the bike trial that leads right to my backyard. It was romantic in a sense. The moonlight glow on us, the wind slowly blowing the leaves and the crisp air. Reminded me how fast summer is ending. While I was admiring the scenery and the perfect moment we were in, Choc let go of my hand and turned to face me.

“I am curious though, how many lucky guys have you been with?” he let out a small smile

“Why is that important?” I questioned

“I just want to know. You’re such a sweet girl, it must not be that many.”

“That’s kinda private Choc. I don’t really feel comfortable telling you.”

“Awe please? I won’t judge. I’m just a curious fellow.” he stepped closer, smiling wider

“I’m sor-sor-sorry I can’t. You’re making me too uncomfortable. Maybe another time.” I winced



That’s when he stepped closer, cupping my chin in his hands. He slowly lifted my chin up too look at him, and he smiled.

“Well, maybe instead of telling me you could just show me.” he whispered, his voice becoming huskier

I wasn’t sure how to react, I was still really uncomfortable with the topic he wanted to discuss, and I wasn’t sure what he really meant.

“Wha-wha-what do you mean?” I stuttered in confusion

“I mean you could show me how experienced you are with men.”

He slowly moved his hand from holding my chin up, down to my hips, and shifted closer to me. His face inches from mine, looking deep into my eyes. And, how experienced I was? But, I’m not. I don’t. I mean? No. This is too unfamiliar to me and makes me uncomfortable.


It felt like a lifetime with him just staring at me with no emotions and no words. I didn’t know how to react or what to say. That’s when he leaned to kiss me, but I didn’t want that. Or this whole conversation. I pulled away and tried to push him away.

“What, what are you doing Choc? I do not want this. Not now and definitely not here. I told you I am uncomfortable with it still.” my voice quivering

“Its just one little kiss Clementine. Don’t make a big deal out of it.” he mumbled in my shoulder

“No, this is not just a kiss. This clearly means something much more than that and I am not ready for that. I think its best I just go home and we talk about this later.”

“What? You are not leaving. I brought you out for a good time and we are going to finish having a good time.”

His tone had shifted from playful to serious. I didn’t like how it sounded. It scared me, and I just wanted to leave. This was not the man I originally came out with.

(Quick reminder: These are adult themes that are next and graphic images. Please if these make you uncomfortable, do not read. Some sim nudity is displayed as well. Again, for storytelling purposes only. But, please do not look at the pictures or read if you are uncomfortable)



I tried to walk away, but he quickly grabbed my arm and whipped me around, forcing me closer to him.

“You are not going anywhere. You are going to enjoy yourself by yours truly. I want you and I will have you.” he gritted through his teeth, his grip tightening around my arm

I was speechless, and fear was starting to set in. I did not want this. I wanted to say something, but I opened my mouth and nothing came out. my legs started to shake, and I couldn’t stand on my own for much longer.

“Oh? Looks like someone is ready for me too. You do know how to make a man happy Clementine.”

That’s when he forced me to the ground, and climbed ontop of me. He pinned my arms and legs so I couldn’t escape by any means. He tore my clothes off, and undressed himself. I started to close my eyes.

“No! Don’t you dare close your eyes. I want to see the look in your eyes as I give you the night of your life.” he ordered

I just wanted it all to end quickly. I opened my eyes, and tears started to swell up. I didn’t want this. Why me? What did I do?….That’s when he slowly thrust himself into me, I cried with every minute he was pouring himself in me. I wanted it all to end. I wanted to beg him to stop, but my voice was gone. I was so scared I couldn’t say anything. Just emotions. He kept telling me how I was enjoying myself and how lucky I was to have a man like him treat me so well. It seemed to go on forever, until I could see the sun start to come up. That’s when he finished.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself Ms. Moscato. I know I did, and I know you’ll always remember it.”


As he walked off, I started to cry harder. I just wanted to crawl up in a little hole and leave the reality I was forced into. Everything hurt. My body, my feelings and my whole world was just shaken to its core. A man I just trusted betrayed me, and acted as if I wasn’t even worth being a berry. That man violated me in the worst possible way.

He, he raped me.

I am sorry if anyone was offended or uncomfortable. But, I like to make these stories come to life. I hope that all of the warnings I gave were appropriate, and if not, please let me know if  I could of said something differently. I apologize if this upset anyone, was not my intention.

Pose Credits:

Trunk of Poses 4 by SiMul8rReviews

Couch Couple Pose by chibikins/Fairsteadsims

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Let’s Talk Right Pose 4 by Leith Drew

Thank you for reading and waiting four long months, and even until 2015 for this update. I’m hoping chapters and storytelling will be easier as the ideas are flowing now that I got the main plot out.


Chapter Six

Guessss what? Can you say record time in between chapters? Hehe I played all day yesterday since I had free time…well my car wouldn’t start so I couldn’t go to work really haha. This chapter I think isn’t any shorter than the last like I promised, but I like this chapter. I think you guys will too 🙂 I have an urge to finish this generation since the ideas and creativity is flowing, so I’d expect a lot of updates. (I also want to see Generation Two they are going to be Gorgeous!)  I have some disclaimers and warnings before we get into the chapter though.

Poses Used were created by: Skylar, Simchology, and Nightlockfallen, I want to say thank you to them for sharing their wonderful poses and the way that they made this chapter possible.


There are adult scenes in this chapter that involves NSFW and alcohol consumption. As for the NSFW, it is simply just sim nudity, but I need to warn you because that’s my duty. The only nudity will be a shirtless woman, and with two consenting adults commemorating their feelings for each other (sex). IF THIS BOTHERS YOU OR YOU CANNOT HANDLE IT, PLEASE DO NOT READ. 

Hopefully that message above is clear and concise. If it is not, I am sorry. I tried to make it very clear and if you failed to read or pay attention to the red text and you comment showing failure to do that, it is your own fault. Thank you for understanding.




I woke up this morning, I scanned the room and listened quietly to hear if my house guest was up as well. I didn’t hear any noise, so I assumed he was still sleeping. When my feet hit the floor, my memory came flushing back and it hit me. We shared a kiss last night, a steamy one if  I remember right. No. I didn’t have to remember, I could still taste his kiss lingering. Oh boy. This cannot be good.


I quickly jumped out of bed and started scratching my head and looking around the room. Oh berry no.  Did we both mean for that kiss to happen? Did I want it to happen? What if he regrets kissing me? I’m not even sure if I regret the whole thing. This is going to make things so awkward! All of these thoughts came rushing back, the same thoughts that were floating around last night. Why must my over-analyzing self kick in at this moment? I really didn’t want to face him, with is killer smile. What do I say to him? Do I just ask like it never happened or give praise that it did. So many thoughts and so little time to deal with all of them. I needed coffee to calm my nerves.



I walked out to the kitchen, trying to to wake up Tangerine and hopefully avoid the whole “morning after” ordeal. There was so sign of him, so I continued with coffee brewing. That was until I could feel his eyes on me. My eyes shifted to the doorway of the kitchen, and there he stood with that cheeky smile of his. I froze, waiting for him to say something. I wanted to say something first, but nothing came up through my throat. I just stood there.

“Mmm Good Morning Sunshine, did you have a good time last night? he smiled wide

Say something Meri! Say something!

“Oh…good morning…and….hehe yes I did.” I mumbled

I felt my body start to shake, why was I so nervous and shy? Its like the sight of him made my legs weak, and I could barely stand up. Get it together Meri! I hated acting this way in front of him, but yet I loved the feeling he gives me.



“You must had a really good time to make you become so shy all of a sudden. Hopefully I can make you more comfortable.”

I could feel his breath on my neck. It was hot and sent thrills up and down my spine. But, he was right. He has a way of making me more comfortable just by him having his arm around me. I never felt more relaxed all morning. I couldn’t help but smile and feel giddy.

“Oh stop it, I’m already comfortable as long as your arms are around me.”

Did I just say that out loud? Maybe too comfortable when he’s touching me.

“Oh is that so?” he playfully raised his eyebrow

“Haha yes, too comfortable apparently.” I giggled

“Well if you were that shy and nervous all the time, it would make it hard to live with me wouldn’t it?”

“Yes, very true.”




The rest of the morning we spent drinking our strong coffee and reminiscing about last night, and anything that came to our mind. There was lots of giggling and fondling. We eventually made our way into the living room where we cuddled up and watched the news. He was curious about what was going on in Briocheport, and I curious  about the news about local berries. Truth is our eyes were glued to each other. First we cuddled harmlessly, I snuggled into him with his arm around me, but that lead to more physical contact.



Our feelings obviously weren’t fulfilled last night with just a kiss and going to bed separately. I could tell in his kiss he really wanted this, and I didn’t object. I wanted it just as much as him. Our hands exploring the other’s body, and our lips lingering on one another’s.

I’m not sure why he made me feel this way, but this was just so unlike me. I’m that quiet and reserved girl. But, when I’m with him my emotions are all over the place and I just want to feel him surround me. I really liked him, more than I’ve ever liked anyone. Even more than having a high school crush on him. My feelings for him were strong, and I didn’t want them to fade.




Eventually we did get up from the couch and do some productive things. Like showering haha. I worked in the garden and he had to get in touch with his demanding boss, he also had to check on his car. It was one of those perfect days. Even though I spent most of the afternoon wondering when I’d be in his arms next. Which I found wouldn’t be that long.

“Sunshine? You have a minute?” he called out

“Oh? Yes I do. What’s up?” I asked cheerfully

“I was um, wondering if you wanted to go out again tonight?”

“With you? Of course I would!”

“Great! Its a date then! And I want you to dress nice this time!” he winked

“Oh fine, if you say so!” I teased



We went to a live show that night. I thought it was a movie, and I was a little mad that I got dressed up for that. But, he reassured me that my attire served purpose. We went to the entertainment club, or dinner theater as they call it now days? In Apple Loosa Pie its still called the entertainment club from the twenties. We went and saw a lovely play. Well, a comedic play. It was lots of fun and its nice to meet a man that appreciates the arts! We had many laughs, too many laughs at best. Let’s just say the table next to us didn’t enjoy our enthusiasm. We caught the late show and afterwards, we went the little bistro next door. It was happy hour and here in town they were really laid back and didn’t care who you were, as long as you kept spending your money.



I’m not much of a drinker, but I’ve had alcohol and drank in moderation. One or two glasses of wine at a party or wedding. Nothing hardcore. But, that wasn’t the case. Tang made me one drink, and I could tell it was more heavy on the alcohol than the chaser. I told him I couldn’t drink it, but he started to tease me about how I couldn’t handle his “lifestyle”. So I went to prove him wrong. He seemed to bring the worst out of me. And I mean the worst.  We both downed one drink, and he poured us another. With the alcohol content in these drinks, I was started to feel woozy by drink three. By this time, I became the bartender and I kept the drink flowing. I could feel my body starting get warm from the drinks, and Tangerine started having trouble standing up, as did I.




By the fifth or sixth drink? I’m not really sure I lost count and I was drunk by end of the night anyway. We were at that giggling and falling over each other by the time we left the self-serve bar a the bistro. We were so obnoxious and loud I’m surprised we didn’t get kicked our or arrested for all I know. Tang kept flirting with me, and I soaked up every minute of it. Even if it was sloppy and his words were slurred.

“Hehe you’re a hot drunk.” he giggled

“Haha only for you handsome!” I winked

“You know where we should go do?”

“What’s that you have up your sleeve?”




Before he answered he hiccuped and spontaneously kissed me. His breath smelled like the boos consumed, but passionate. I loved it, even in my drink stupor. His hot breath, breathing one me and my hands pulling him in. But, he pulled away with a big smile wanting to finish what he was saying.

“Hey now, get those gorgeous lips away from me! I’m gonna keep kissin’ them and we won’t get to do what I really want to.” he playfully complained

“Hehe my lips are gorgeous now? Maybe I want you to keep kissing them.” I winked

“Well I can continue to do so but when we’re at the beach swimming!”

“You want to go swimming?”

“Yes, Sunshine! I want to see that perfect body in the moonlight.” he flirtatiously said

“Oh hehe, then let’s go!” I giggled back




When we managed to flag down a cab to take us to the beach, we ran down to the shoreline. We both stood there first, taking in the view and the breeze. It was pretty and I felt alive. I was taking in the view and the colors of the night sky. I was interrupted by Mr. Drunkberry stripping of his clothes and running head-on into the water. I started laughing at how ridiculous he looked, until he coaxed me into the water.

“Hey Sunshine, get your pretty little butt in here!” he screamed

“Just hold on! I’m wearing more layers than you!” I yelled back

“Hehe the less layers the better.”

“Keep dreamin’ “


“Okay, okay I’m in the water now.” I swam towards him

“Ooh don’t you look good Sunshine?” his eyes tracing the lines of my body




We swam around for awhile, splashed each other, and played in the water. Yes, we kissed and held each other too. In fact, we were in the water all night. It was dawn by the time we got out. The reflection off of the water made it beautiful out.  He lead me back onto the beach, where we could catch our breaths and strength from treading water.

“Your skin looks beautiful under the moonlight.” he slurred, too drunk from the alcohol

“Awe hehe thanks Tang. You’re too sweet.” I giggled, feeling the alcohol still lingering in my body

He gave me that cheeky smile he always gives me, and pulled me into a deep and passionate kiss. This time, I could tell he wanted my body. His hand were exploring my body, as were mine. Soon enough, we both stopped to inhale the salty air.

“Maybe we should take things back to your room Sunshine.” he whispered

“Mmm, maybe we should.” I whispered back



We we both got back to my place, emotions were running high. The alcohol was starting to wear off, but still leaving traces. I barely walked through the door and Tang pulled me close to his wet body. His arm wrapped firmly around my chest, pulling me close for a deep kiss. Except this time, the kissing didn’t stop. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it at first, and I didn’t want to regret it so I broke up the kiss and admitted my fear.

“Tang…I’ve never…I’ve never done this….”

“Shhh its okay Sunshine. I’ll go slow and you tell me what you want. I won’t do anything you don’t want.”

And he did. He wasn’t as exciting or rushing like before. He slowly lead me to my bedroom. I wasn’t sure what all happened, but I remember him asking if I was okay so far with everything. I told him yes, and kisses him passionately. It was the response he wanted, because eventually I was shirtless and we were lost in each other’s bodies. I did want this. I wanted him and he wanted me.




I woke up the next morning with a heavy head and a weak stomach. Tang was still out of it and would be for awhile from how much he drank last night. I forced myself out of bed. That’s when all the backed up nausea came. Oh did feel like youknowwhat. I’m never having alcohol or Tang make me a drink ever again. I managed to hold me dinner from last night down and take some medicine. Once again, the past night’s events were playing over in my head and I stopped when I got to the two of us having sex last night. I didn’t really feel any regret about it, but I didn’t feel extremely happy about it either. I wasn’t sure if that’s normal? I mean I enjoyed and he was a gentlemen about taking things slow. I guess I wasn’t sure how I really felt about it and needed to talk it out.




I decided to call Apple since its been awhile since I’ve seen or even talked to her. She’s really the only person I can confide in without judgement. I can’t talk to Tang about this because he’d get the wrong idea. Also, Apple is in the final stages of her first pregnancy and I want to see her belly!

“Okay, so what’s the problem Meri?…..Oh my Berry did you guys finally do it!?” she cheered

“Shh Apple not so loud! He’ll hear you!”I hushed

She knew about Tangerine and everything that’s been going on. She thought it was strange like me, but had her premonitions about what would happen between us and wanted me to take advantage of his staying here with me. So she might not have the best judgement basis for this conversation, buttttt I bad to talk to her.




“Look its not like that, that’s not what I wanted to really talk about. Well, it kinda is. I don’t know how to explain-“

“Meri, just spit it out. You didn’t call my eight month pregnant self here to mumble what you want to talk about.”

“Okay, sorry. Then yes, we had sex last night.” I confessed

“Sooooo, what’s the problem?” she asked in confusion


“What do you mean? It was my first time Apple! I’m not sure how I feel about it! Or what I should be feeling!”

“Oh, sweetie. I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was your first time. Well how do you feel?”

“Uhhh indifferent? I don’t know. I definitely don’t regret it, but its not like I’m jumping off the walls telling every berry that passes by about it.” I chuckled

“Haha, well that’s good you aren’t going around and telling people. I think the first time is always awkward, even if everything goes right. Maybe that’s what you’re feeling. That first time funk. I wouldn’t worry about how you feel the morning after, unless its regret. Which you clearly are not feeling. What matters is how you felt during it or before it.” she explained

“Yeah, maybe you’re right. I just needed to talk it out with someone.”

“That’s my job as your bestfriend.”


“Speaking of sex and outcomes, how is our little baby Lime doing?” I smiles at the sight of her growing belly

“Oh he or see is going great! Making it hard for momma to work or do anything, but I’m glad to be having a baby with Deci and can’t wait to see what she or she looks like!” she gushed

“Oh I bet. If its a girl, she’s going to be just like you. Do you have names picked out?”

“Yes we do Aunt Meri. If you have a niece, her name will be Clover, and if its nephew, we’re going to name him Bud. But, I’m secretly hoping for a girl as you know.”

“Haha me too, we each have to have mini versions of us.” I laughed

“Oh my berry that would be great!” she agreed




Eventually after gushing over married life and motherhood, Apple decided that she should probably go since she isn’t supposed to be on her feet as much due to the fact that her pregnancy was entering its final days. I understood and abide her goodbye and finally went insight to talk to Tang the first time today. Except, when I walked through the door he was already waiting for me.

“Sunshine, We need to talk.” he stated

“Um…okay? What’s up?” I said quietly




The feeling in the air was much different than it’s been between us. I didn’t like it. It was a chilling, and eerie feeling. That’s when I knew something was wrong. I tried to stay positive going into this conversation, but the tone in Tang’s voice wasn’t a good sign either. It was the sex I knew it. They say it ruins everything and that’s what was happening between us. He didn’t like or how I reacted or something, so he was going to tell me those words I really don’t want to hear.

“I called up on my vehicle today, and they told me it’s finally ready and in top shape. I can come pick it up anytime they said. I’m sorry Sunshine, but I have to leave as soon as possible and get back to work, and back to my life in Briocheport. My boss needs me in the flesh, and I’m sure there are people back home that are missing me. “

No. This wasn’t happening. He was leaving me? No, he can’t. I don’t want him to leave. I want him to stay here and be wit me. Make me feel the way he does. He completes everything that’s in my life. I just know it. I’ve never felt this way with anyone, and I know he feels it too. Why was he doing it? I tried to stay straightforward with him, but I could feel the tears starting to stream down my face.

“But, but..why do you have to leave now? Can’t you wait until the weekend or something? I mean, aren’t you going to miss me? I mean where does that leave us Tangerine!”



I wanted to say more, but all I could do was cry. Felt like nothing could go right for me, nothing at all. I finally found someone who makes me feel wonderful and I enjoy being with. But, no. He’s just throwing everything back in my face like nothing happened.  Its like my life was a joke and I was realizing it finally. I couldn’t even look at him, I threw my hands over my face and cried.

“Oh, Sunshine please don’t cry.” he piped in

“Oh no!? Why shouldn’t I, everything is coming down on me.” I shouted back



“Sunshine, is that what you think? If it is, that’s not true. Don’t think these past few days didn’t mean anything, they meant everything to me. I have very strong feelings for you. I hate to see you like this, and believe me I don’t want to go.”

He wrapped his arms around me, enveloping me in his arms tightly. He meant what he was saying, I could tell. But, I still didn’t want him to leave .

“How strong of feelings?”

“Very strong Sunshine. ” he vowed

“And you’re not just saying that?” I whimpered

“No, of course not. I’m not some kind of cruel berry. If I could stay I would, but I can’t.”

“But I want you to….”

“I know Sunshine, but how about this?” he kissed my neck

“What?” I sniffled

“How about I stay the night and leave tomorrow morning. Its going to have to be early though.”

“Hmm…okay. That’ll make me feel better.”



I guess I could agree to that right? That might make it hurt less if he stays the night and leaves tomorrow morning. I just know I didn’t want him to leave that very second. I wanted one more night with him, and he did too. So, we went to bed and spent the night in each other’s arms. It was nice and I didn’t want it to end. I barely got any sleep, and was dreading the appearance of dawn. I knew he would leave then.

In the early hours of the morning, when the black sky turned a shade lighter is when Tangerine got out of bed. I could feel the weight of his body scoot over. I started to get up myself, I wanted to be sure to kiss him goodbye and talk to him. He was surprised I was up, but glad.

“Oh, did I wake you Sunshine?” he mumbled through his kiss

“No, I didn’t get much sleep. I was up all night.” I admitted

“Oh. I’m sorry sweetie. I hope you’ll be okay.”

“Me too….I don’t want you to forget about me.”

“What? Sunshine I’d never do that to you. Besides when I get home I’ll be sure to call and email you, you can count on it.” he smiled

That game me a glimmer of hope, but I was still apprehensive and sad. But, I wasn’t a wreck like last night. I did feel better.

“Okay. I’ll miss you and can’t wait to hear from you.” I sighed

Before I knew it, he kissed my forehead sweetly still in his boxers, and then he was waving goodbye, fully clothes while I was still in shock of how fast he came, and how fast he was gone.

Alrighty!  That was chapter six 🙂 I hope you guys liked it and didn’t mind the little nudity! I had fun writing this chapter even though its sad 😦 I’m hoping to get Chapter Seven out soon! But, I am switching over to another project I have for a tiny bit, and then I’ll be back to The Moscato’s! 😀