Generation Two: Chapter Seven, Part One

Hello hello again! 🙂 I am back with another chapter, but this one is a two-parter, as you’ve been warned. I’m sorry last chapter had such strong themes, and was quite depressing 😦 and fair warning, this chapter isn’t much better….

I’m hoping to get part two done this week too, and hopefully strive for chapter 8 this week, but we’ll see how that goes Lol. Don’t want to get too ambitious. Part one is relatively short, like 25 pics? I’m hoping part two isn’t that long either.

Otherwise, things to note…….

1. Profanity will most likely be used, you’ve been warned. 

2. Disregard the unforeseen outfit change Clemmy does when she is in the water/ocean, just pretend she’s wearing her actual clothes lol, I haven’t figured out how to have it so they don’t automatically change in swimwear XD 

3. Time also kinda moves a little fast in this chapter….

4. Anddd this chapter doesn’t directly address a strong theme of death, but if you read into it closely and carefully you’ll be able to figure out. If it makes you uncomfortable, or is too much for you, please do not read. I apologize in advance.

And as usual, told from Clementine’s POV, unless stated otherwise.


About a month later:

Screenshot Screenshot-10

Um. Yeah. Wow. Its even harder to write it down.

Its….its been a month, since that day. I don’t know,…know how much I can talk about it, but I’ve read its healthy to talk about it, so I’m trying.

Luckily no one was home, when I stumbled in tears through the front door. I slowly shut the door, and collapsed to the floor. I don’t know how long I cried, his face and voice kept ringing in my ears. His hands, and his body. I could still feel all of it. No matter how many showers I’ve taken, and am still taking. I can’t wash him off or out of me. I feel so degraded. I threw out any clothes I wore around him, trying to box away his memory. But, everyday his sly and sneaky smile creeps into my mind. The first few weeks I would wake up in a cold sweat and breathing frantically. I had to lie to everyone telling them it was just a bad dream. But, in reality it wasn’t just a dream. It was a true nightmare.

Screenshot-16 Screenshot-30

I tried keeping busy, by changing my clothes and look so I wasn’t reminded of what he “liked”, working on my novel, and even looking online for information. But….nothing worked. I couldn’t write about a strong female character when my soul has been shattered into tiny pieces. I didn’t have the guts to admit what happened, even to a stranger online, and changing my clothes didn’t help either. He had me wrapped around this twisted game, and I was running around blindly with no way out.

Other days, the good days as I call them, my body just becomes lethargic and I lay around everywhere mopping in self-pity. I call these good days because instead of hysterically crying and tearing myself at the seams, I’m just feeling sorry for myself and am more somber.

Screenshot-53 Screenshot-58 Screenshot-64

Yesterday was one of the hardest days I had, and I’m still not quite recovered from it. I was sorta waiting for how long someone would realize I haven’t really been myself for this past month. I haven’t talked to anyone in the house, especially Straw. I did’t think it would take her this long to realize I didn’t gush over my so-called date, but I think she was busy winning over some new boytoy. Which is fine. I needed the distraction. I was worried she was going to ask me the morning after, but I managed to elude her. That was until yesterday.

“Hey hey, Ms. Moscato, how did that date go of yours? Its been a month and you haven’t given me any of the juicy ideas yet?!” she came into the room smiling and playfully noted

I quickly cringed at the idea of my “date”. “Yeah, some date. If only you knew.” is what I thought. But, she mustn’t know. No one can know. Would only make things worse. I slowly sighed, and then something snapped. His voice and face came flooding to my mind, and it was like he was right in front of me again. I broke.

“What is it to you?! So what if I didn’t tell you, its my personal life okay!” I screamed



Unfortunately, my tone was hoarse and very serious. The total opposite of what I’m normally like, and Straw could tell. She was very taken back with how I reacted, and wasn’t sure what to do. But, my blow up wasn’t finished yet.

“Whoa, okay, sorry. I was just asking since you seemed-“

“Well just forget about the whole thing. Just forget I told you about him, and how I felt about him. Its not important and you shouldn’t care. Its not your life to worry about, so just stay the berry butt out! “

Screenshot-88 Screenshot-95

That’s when I whipped my head around in angst and waited for her to walk way and just forget about the whole conversation and the existence of that berry of a man I mentioned to her. But, the damage was done, and it would take more than an apology to talk to her again.

“Fine. If that’s how you want to be.” she quietly responded

I didn’t say anything, because I was fighting back tears and sobs. She couldn’t see me like that.

“Well when you decide to get rid of the berry foot that’s stuck up your ass, you let me know. Also, when you want to stop being a bitch, apologize and explain yourself, let me know. Otherwise I don’t see any reason to talk to you further if you’re not going to be my friend and accept my friendship. I thought we had trust.”

Screenshot-98 Screenshot-102

I didn’t bother establishing eye contact with her,  I was too angry, sad and ashamed to look her in the eye. I waited until she stormed out of the house, probably to go blow off steam. I rushed into the bedroom, I couldn’t hold in my feelings any longer. All I could do was cry and let the tears stream down my face.

Great, now I pushed one of my friends away. I didn’t want to, but thinking about him plays with my emotions violently. I either get irate or clinically depressed. I’m on a emotional roller coaster and don’t know how to let people in. Worse yet, I don’t want to let them in. I just want to shut everyone out, and be in the corner by myself.

Screenshot-106 Screenshot-110

I just don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t talk about, but I want to open up. But, I can’t. It feels impossible. I can’t walk around with such a burden and heavy heart. I just, I need air. I’m feeling suffocated in this house of people I trust and know but yet, can’t tell them the one thing I know I have to confess.

I need to walk it off and clear my head.

Screenshot-114 Screenshot-119


I didn’t care if it was storming out and pouring rain. I found it fitting actually, seems mother nature is feeling what I’m feeling and she somehow understands me. For awhile I just let the rain hit my skin. My skin was still burning from getting so worked up. The cooling sensation felt like a slow cleanse.

I took my time getting there, after all it was all the way on the other side of town. I avoided walking past the university in case someone I know or have made an acquaintance with saw me. Looking at all of the brightly colored houses, and little kids peering outside the window frowning because of the rain. I imagine that they wanted to go play in the rain, but their parents shook their fingers. Oh to be young and innocent. That’s when it was all easy. Being adult makes things complicated. You can be on top of the world one minute, and down in a six foot grave the next. Life was that ride you always wanted to take when you weren’t tall enough, but now that you are, you’re scared for your life and now want to get off as soon as you got on.

Screenshot-126 Screenshot-128

When I reached the beach the rain had slowly led up. It was just a drizzle now. I saw an open long chair, and decided to take a seat and gaze into the beautiful scenery. I watched every little ripple form from each water droplet landing o the surface and causing the disturbance. My mother was right, the beach here is beautiful. So peaceful. Reminds me of the real love my parents have for each other. I believe she said that this is where my dad first kissed her or told her he had feelings for her. Such a lovely place.

That’s when I looked at the water rippling around and splashing from some fish shooting out of the water. It made me smile, another organism who is free to swim and live with no betrayal. So liberating. I’m not entirely sure if it was that, or some unnatural force enticed me to get closer to the cold water and the small waves crashing into the beach. But, I wanted a closer look.

Screenshot-131 Screenshot-139

I slowly crept up to the shoreline. Staring through the water, looking at the sandy and muddy bottom. I just wanted to stick my feet in and feel how mushy it is….

That’s when I didn’t hesitate, I decided to go for it. I didn’t care if it was raining or cold out. The water was calling my name in little whispers and I obeyed them. I first went knee deep in. It was chilling, but invigorating. I almost had to gasp to catch my breath again. Didn’t expect the clear waters to take me by surprise.

That’s when I wanted to go farther and deeper into the water.

Screenshot-141 Screenshot-143

That’s when I slowly started to submerge my body into the clear blue sea, letting the waves hit him and push me every which way. It made me smile, the water felt so dense and cool against my body, as my clothes became drenched in them. It was just as calming as it looked.  I couldn’t help but twirl in the water, and swim around some. It was like I was a kid and it was bath time and all the cares in the world didn’t matter. I just had to become master of the sea.


That’s when I floated on my back, and looked up at the sky as more rain droplets kept hitting my face and the water surrounding me. I lifted my hands up to feel the rain hit my palms. That’s when I shut my eyes, taking it all in. It was so peaceful and serene. I didn’t want to open my eyes. I just let the water engulf me whole, and I slowly slide through the water, I only opened up eyes for a moment to see the sky start to darken as I slid further into the water .




As the world around me grew silent, I felt my lips slowly smile. Remembering what life once was, so easy and quiet. I want to get back to that. Maybe this was the only way to do achieve that once again.

Alrighty! That’s Part One! I hope it wasn’t too heart heavy for you as last one was :3 though, this one isn’t much better. I hope I didn’t provoke too many feelings of hurt or negativity, I tried to be subtle about it.  I didn’t want to warn you exactly what it was in the beginning because that would of ruined the chapter, but let me know if more of a warning would be appropriate please. Don’t want anyone offended.

Also, I can’t seem to find the sheet where I wrote done the creator of the one pose used :/ I’m sorry! I appreciate whoever created it though! As multiples uses.


I’m not sure when Part Two will be out. As of today and the past three days I haven’t been feeling the best. Not sure if I have a fever or my apartment is just really hot haha, and I haven’t had much of an appetite. Along with that had some lower right abdominal pain….which I know can’t be my ovary since I don’t have the right one anymore, and I’m wondering if its appendicitis since I have three of the symptoms, but I’m discouraged because the pain only comes when I’m laying down and ready to sleep? I think if it was appendicitis it would be constant, so hopefully its not that. Can’t afford that right now, once you have issues with your appendix they just remove it right away, and with school starting a week from today….I don’t think so haha.   If anyone thinks its appendicitis let me know haha because a second opinion would be nice. I know i should go to urgent care or ER but I was there oct-dec for abdominal pain and all they told me is that I have “painful periods” which it clearly is not since I’m not on my period, and they just tell me they don’t know what it is. So I’m not chancing it again to be there for 4 hours with no results.


Generation Two: Chapter Three, Part One

Hello hello! I told you I’d try to get the next chapter out as fast as I could. I had problems with the game crashing, but I made it through. This chapter is in two parts, but they’re very short parts. This chapter I think is only about 27 pics long. I haven’t mastered what the preferred length is haha so to me its short.

This chapter is more dialogue, and kind of a filler, but its still crucial to the storyline/drama. Also, once again imagine some time has passed. I hope you enjoy!

There shouldn’t be any profanity used in this chapter. 





After Straw and me had are talked and apologized to each other, our holiday vacation seemed to fly by. It was great to finally have a friend in the house that I could talk to. Especially who was a woman. Growing up with a farmer mom and two older brothers, you don’t get much talk about “female” things….if you catch my drift. I don’t know how to date, about men, or anything like that. Can’t say Straw is the most ideal person for that, but it will be nice to have someone to talk to. We went out for coffee and talked about guys most of the time haha. It was fun because the stories she has about guys are so funny!

Oh, and lately Straw has made it her mission to teach me how to play videogames. As she put it, this is the way to get through a college aged guy? Turns out I’m pretty good at it haha, Straw didn’t like that too much. Then again, I’m not a big fan of these video games. I don’t thinks he realizes that I’m not really into her type of guys. I like sophisticated and intelligent ones.


Screenshot-9 Screenshot-11

“Hey, I had a question for you though.” I shouted over the game

“Oh? Sure! Hold on!” she shouted back.


“So, what’s up?”

“Well I see that Apple Loosa Pie has a festival every season and there’s one currently going on?”

“Yep, that’s right. Everyone practically goes to them.”

“Well, I’ve never been and I was wondering if you wanted to check it out with me?” I asked

“Ehhhh well those type of festivals aren’t really my thing Clemmy. Its not that I don’t want to go for your sake or anything I just don’t want to ruin your time there because I can be kind of a downer at those type of things. You could always just go alone and try to meet more people since I now you want to make more friends and meet more berries.” she slightly frowned

 Screenshot-12 Screenshot-13

“I mean, I hope I don’t like a berryhole. I just wouldn’t want to ruin your experience is all. Plus, it would be good for you to get out by yourself and meet someone. Maybe a guy? You never know Clemmy. Or you could find someone else you to go with?”

“No no, I’m not mad. I wouldn’t want you to go and have a crappy time. Thanks for being honest. I’ll find someone to go with. I don’t really want to go alone because then I’ll be really shy around people. Its alright, I can focus on writing more on my book anyway. Its good encouragement for that actually.”

“Okay, as long as you’re sure. I don’t want to make you feel bad or anything.” her eyes narrowed, reading my expression

“I’m not mad. I’ll be fine.” I smiled

 Screenshot Screenshot-14

Since the festival wasn’t until the weekend after I asked Straw to come, I just stayed at the house.  I was a little disappointed that I had no one to go with, and there was no way I was going alone. But, Straw is right. I wouldn’t want her not to have fun. I wish I did know someone else but, sadly I don’t really. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a loner, and I don’t need a lot of people in my life. Plus, my family is basically living a secret and double life. That changes you, and you learn to become self-sufficient. Except, this college experience was supposed to help me come out of my shell and meet actual berries. I’m kinda failing at that. All this week I worked on a few chapters of my book, and lugged around the house. Everyone was so busy with their internships and working an actual job that pays that I was alone most days and nights.



Except for one night, I was watching some late night talk show with a rude berry whose main objective was to criticize every berrywood star. Hard to believe get paid to do that. That’s when I heard the front door open and waited to see who was coming home. I was going to be surprised if it was Straw. Its a Friday night, and she is never home then. That’s when Almond, the other roommate (who’ve I literally only talked to that one time since he’s so busy) plops down on the couch and lets out a big sigh.

I started frowning to myself because I was hoping it would be Straw, but I know that would take a miracle for that to happen. I casually moved my eyes to look at Almond. He was totally disregarding my presence. Then again, he’s so busy I don’t know when he as time to breathe. That’s when I started analyzing what I actually knew about him. He was a political science major, and has an internship at the local city hall working on a campaign for the upcoming elections. That’s when I started thinking to myself, he’s the type of guy that I like. Determined, hard-working, and intelligent.

Screenshot-2 Screenshot-4

I don’t know what compelled me to strike up conversation, but I figured this would be a good chance to finally get to talk to him again and maybe we could get to know each other more. Let’s just hope he’s responsive.

“Hey Almond, so how’s the internship going?” I blurted out

“Oh  hey, Clementine. Sorry I knew you were there I was kinda in my own little world. Sorry. The internship? Its going great! Definitely glad they chose me to be apart of this big campaign.” he smiled big

“That’s great! Its nice that you’re getting experience now right?”

“Ha, yeah. Just keeps me really busy and I miss casual contact with other people. You’re writing a novel or something right?”

“Yeah, I am actually. I got in two chapters this week. Its about a strong, female character overcoming many fears and struggles. I just hope its as good as I think it is.”  I explained

“I’m sure it will be.”




That’s when we were having a nice conversation of our projects, and I think Almond hasn’t spoke to anyone besides his coworkers or classmates and he needed to unleash his feelings on someone. Because next thing I know he’s pouring out all he feels about his internship and the people he works with. I was glad I could be there to give him someone to talk to. It was nice to have our second conversation. We each opened up a little bit more.

“Okay, I’m sorry but I have to just unload some things that have been weighing on my mind.” his hands start flailing as he talks

“Uh, okay?…” I said quietly

“My coworks are the dumbest berries I’ve ever worked for. How they were accepted for this internship is beyond my mind. I work with three other guys and there’s one girl. All that these guys care about is betting on who can score with her first? I”m sorry but this is an internship of a lifetime and critical to our future careers. It just makes me so mad. I’m the only that is taking it serious and they’re just acting like its a game. “

“Are you serious? I’m really sorry that you have to experience that. Some people just haven’t grown up like you have I guess.”

“I know right? We are adults and need to start acting like this. I mean you’ve seen how corrupt our society is. I mean they didn’t tell us in school that we are the future for nothing. It just really irks me that no one can be serious.” he complained

“No I agree. I’ve noticed the same thing around here. Its like everyone just cares about having fun, getting drunk and having sex with everyone? I don’t get it either to be honest. ” I agreed



“You know you’re really nice to talk to, thanks Clementine.” he said quietly

I could start to feel my face flush. Oh great, now I’m getting shy and quiet. You have to say something back Clem…don’t freeze up.

“Same to you. I’m happy to listen anytime you want.” I smiled back

“I’ll have to take you up on that offer then.”


Screenshot-31 Screenshot-32

An awkward silence fell upon us and the room turned really quiet. I guess we didn’t know what to say, and that’s when I noticed Almond look at the clock and he quickly jumped up and started scratching the back of his neck nervously.

“Whoa! I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to keep you up this late! Sorry, I guess I didn’t realize I was pouring out my feelings that long. I should probably let you sleep then.” he started rattling off

Almond gets nervous? Hehe…its kinda cute. I didn’t think I could make anyone that nervous. He is so nice, hehe and cute.



“Oh no no, its fine! I was up anyway, I don’t mind staying up to talk. Plus, its not like we’ve talked much. That is only the second conversation we’ve had. It was nice to get to know you a little bit more since you do live here and its usually a good thing to know  your roommate right?” I smiled

“Haha okay good, because you’re the only one who lives here that I’m willing to spill my feelings and thoughts too. Strawberry isn’t the really the one I’d want to tell stuff too haha. But, thanks again.” he smiled big

“No problem!”

Screenshot-41 Screenshot-42 Screenshot-43

“Hey! I just got a great idea!”

“Oh? What’s that?”

“I don’t know if you know, but there’s a festival that’s in town that celebrates the current season and we should totally go!” he said

“Really? I was trying to get Straw to go but she didn’t want to! That would be great! I really wanted to go.” I said

“So that’s a yes? You’ll go with me?”

“Haha yes. It should be fun. Can’t wait.”

“Me either. We’ll finally get to hang out and hopefully have fun haha.” he laughed

“Yes, hopefully haha.”

Alright, that’s part one and I’m going to try to work on part two! I have to work a few kinks, but it should be out soon! I’m shooting for this weekend haha but never know.

Chapter Four Part One

Hello hello! I’m so sorry for the long wait in-between updates! Hard to believe that its been a little over a month. I worked on my two other projects which took longer than expected, than my game started crashing so I had to get to the bottom of that, and then since thanksgiving break is this week and after that I’ll only have two-three weeks of school left its cram time. Soo that’s what’s been happening in Beth’s world. Its definitely been hectic, but I’m hoping with the long awaited Christmas vacation I’ll get a lot of simming done and that’s when I’ll get most updates out before school starts up again. So shall we get started? Oh, and yes this chapter is divided into two parts because there’s no way I could fit everything in one full chapter, it would of been way too long.  And remember all chapters will be told from Meringue’s POV.



After Strudel stormed out and left me there picking up the pieces of what just happened and how it all went wrong, all I could do was sit at the edge of the bed. I didn’t want to, but all I could do was cry. I felt the tears stream down my face, I wanted to stop, but couldn’t. Deep down I knew he wasn’t worth crying for after the way he just treated me. What kind of berry does that? I felt terrible, shook down to my core. I know Apple or Deci heard it all, and now what am I going to say? Apple is going to complain and offer to kick his berry butt I just know it. I feel so stupid, and just want to shut the lights off and sleep. Somehow I had to pick myself up from letting this horrible person in.




The next morning when I woke up, I was preparing to face either Apple or Deci. One of them would approach me and ask me about everything. When I slipped out of my room, of course Apple was right there with twenty questions. No getting past her anyway I thought.

“Meri, are you alright? I mean me and Deci both heard your fight with Strudel, and he had no right to say those horrible things to you. I’m truly sorry you had to endure that.” she said with sympathy

“No no, I’m alright. I just really have to look at things, and not be so trusting. Everything is fine.” I muttered, avoiding eye contact

“Meri? Are you sure, or do I need to go tell me off? Seriously no man should ever speak to a woman that way.”

“What?! No! He’s gone and and moved on. He’s not coming back, let him be. I don’t want to ever see his face again.”




“I feel so bad that I ever introduced you two. I feel so responsible for everything. I mean literally its not, but I can’t help but take the blame for how he treated you. I’m so sorry Meri.” she sighed

“Oh Apple, its not your fault by any means. How would you know what his true intentions were? Besides, I know you had my best interest at heart and in the beginning I thought he did too, but we both were wrong. ” I explained

“See, you say that and I honestly am understanding what you’re saying, but I can’t help but feel guilty still. “

“Well, I guess I can’t help how you feel but know its not your fault by any means. He was a great guy, but even greater at disguising his true self.” I frowned



We both stood there in silence not really knowing what else to say or what to think of the situation. I wanted to leave the house and go outside to clear my mind some more, but I had a feeling Apple wasn’t going to let that happen, and I was correct. She was the first to break the silence.

“Well enough dwelling that berry hole, I have some great news!” Apple practically cheered

“Oh really? What’s that?” I asked and a little surprised

“Deci proposed to me last night! We’re getting married!”




“Oh my berry! Really?! That’s great Apple! That is so exciting!” I smiled

In between our screams, cheering and jumping around, I just pictured what the proposal looked like. Deci wouldn’t of done it romantically, but he meant every word with all his heart. I can only imagine how excited Apple was last night and can’t believe she could hold it in that long before telling me haha. It was truly great. I couldn’t be happier for her, especially since she first came here because thing weren’t going her way, and now they’re looking up. But, now look at me. I’m in reverse.




“So when is it going to be?” I blurted out

Knowing Apple she’s been dreaming about his moment since she came out of her mother’s womb. So I didn’t hesitate to ask.

“I was hoping by the end of the summer. I know that seems quick, but I don’t plan on it being big, and its going to be low budget since I just want us to start living our lives together as soon as possible.” She replied quietly

“That’s perfect, and sounds good to me.”

“Oh, Meri we were wondering if we could stage it in your backyard by the garden?” Deci interjected

“Why is that?” I was a little surprised to that request too

“Well, first off you and Apple are good friends, and you’ve accepted me and I consider you a friend. Plus, Apple’s told me what you’ve done for her, and how she can’t repay you enough, and we both think your garden is beautiful for a summer wedding.”


“Well than of course you can have it in the backyard.  I don’t mind, and it would be an honor to host your wedding. It will be great moving out present.” I nodded

I was happy and sad when hearing the news. Happy because like I said, Apple has found her someone special. Someone who will always be there for her, and who she can start a family with and instead of worrying and me, she can worry about herself. I’m a little sad because that means once again I’ll be living alone here, and probably be alone again since she’ll be busy with being a newlywed and probably will start popping out babies. I’ll just go back to my usual routine with no spontaneous moments from her.



Over the next few weeks we started planning because we had to plan fast and accordingly. The end of the summer wasn’t too far off, only about two months if that. We had to get the decorations down, the color scheme and the set-up, and of course the dress. Apple was definitely in wedding bliss because anytime we would watch a wedding show, show would get super excited and be all smiles. It was fun for awhile, but I have to admit a lot of work goes into those weddings. I was more excited for dress shopping because Apple can pull off anything.




Which wasn’t too far off either haha, I think the week after we got all the logistics and technical planning done, it was time to splurge and have fun with the wedding dress. She told me not to get a maid of honor dress since I didn’t need one signifying who I was, and she was right. Plus, she told me to wear something nice and it’ll do. We went to the local retailer in town, and went on from there.

“What if the dresses make me look huge? Oh! and I don’t want anything poofy and ballgown like, some classy, and sleek.” Apple explained in front of the mirror


The first option pulled was definitely Apple’s taste, and what she wanted. To be honest I really liked it, it shaped her body well and she looked beautiful. But, Apple on the otherhand didn’t.

“Hmm I don’t know if I like the one shoulder or the design at the side, looks to berry carpet for me.” she  complained

“Well then, let’s try another one.” I suggested



Even though she said she didn’t want poofy or anything, she tried on a short, frilly one. I honestly didn’t like it, it looked like a cheap, prom dress or hamey-down prom dress. I did like the shoes though.

“So?” Apple turned around and asked

“Um, I don’t like it.” I whimpered

“What!? Why?”

“Its too frilly, and prom-dress looking. I don’t want you looking like that.”

“Oh. Yeah, I don’t need to be looking like a cheap prom date. Thanks Meri.” she smiled

The next one she put one was very elegant and classy for me. I wasn’t too keen on the halter top, but it still looked nice. I was sleek, classy and just a touch of fun in the front.

“Oh. my. berry. I think this is the one!” Apple squaled

“Really?! I do really like it! I think it has everything you were looking for!” I smiled

“Then its settled this will be my dress. Thanks for coming Meri.”




Eventually that long awaited day came too. We this beautiful, handmade arch that we decorated with flowers. Apple loved it, and along with wooden benches it was beautiful. I was so happy I could share this moment with her. When she left for college, I thought she’d be gone for good and there went my friend. Not that I wish any of the misfortunes she had, but I’m glad it lead her to come back home. Plus, she found a really great guy.





It was a beautiful ceremony. They both looked stunning, even if Deci dressed a little more casual. The lighting of the aisle, my garden and the stars just made everything emanate a romantic glow. I was truly happy for her, and excited that they chose to have it here in my backyard. All the other guests liked the location too, outside weddings were common here since berries love to show their closes, especially at weddings. I can now call them Mr. and Mrs. December Lime haha. I’m just kidding Apple would hate me for that, but its going to be hard to remember that for awhile. Hopefully I still see her frequently. I know newlywed bliss is inevitable, but hope she doesn’t forget about her single friends. Its going to be sad to see her move out next week into Deci’s place, but she cant’ live with me forever. It was marking a new era, and ending a remarkable one for both of us.

A Few Weeks Later:



Apple didn’t waste anytime moving out, which makes me a little sad since it makes me feel unimportant, but I know that’s not true. Like I said, I just went back to doing my normal activities.  Working on my garden and selling my yields. I also had to gear up for winter since that’s why I don’t have much income, but winter doesn’t last very long here in Apple Loosa Pie so its not all that bad.

I spend most times at home, unless I’m at the farmer’s market. I’ve debating about trying dating again, but it seems like there’s no one I like or who I think would be into me. There aren’t many guys my age at the farmer’s market, and I’m not into the corporate type, plus I’ve already tried that. I guess I’m really starting to realize how alone I am, and what Apple was trying to say. It makes me sad to think my life has come to this. I don’t want to be alone forever. I want a family of my own and a man who loves me for who I am. I think I have a lot of thinking to do over the winter.

A Few Days Later:



Oh my berry! I swear to berry there was something  or someone knocking at my door tonight! I am so scared and freaked out right now. Its close to midnight, and I just went to bed not too long ago, but right as I fell asleep I heard a few knocks. At first I thought  I was dreaming. What do I do? What if its somekind of berry killer or they want to steal from me? I slowly got out of bed, and they kept on knocking. I started walking towards the kitchen and I figured I’d peek out the window to see who it was, if I knew them.



When I made it to the kitchen, I stopped and stood there listening. Of course this person kept on knocking and most of the lights were off, so I was a little confused. I was still scared, and my heart was beating a mile a minute. I don’t do well with meeting strangers and I honestly don’t trust people not after what I had to deal with earlier in the summer. I stared at the door, then I figured I’d say something and see if I recognize the voice.

“Uh hello? Can I help you?” I called out

That’s it for part one 🙂 As you can see I had to leave a little cliffhanger since the chapter would of been too long. I’m hoping this is the only two-parter but we’ll see. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I know its a little fast, but it was crucial to building Meri’s character too.  Also, I hope you guys are and will be enjoying Thanksgiving! I’m hoping to get Part Two out by the end of my mini vacation.  Also, I wasn’t going to put December Lime up for download since he was a quick, madeover townie, but if you really want him let me know.