Generation Two: Chapter Two

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Screenshot Screenshot-4


I started the semester going strong, even if I literally had no friends and lived in a house with two strangers. I’ve basically been spending my days studying, and enjoying the coffee shops around town. I wanted to spend time at home but Strawberry is an art major and spends most of the daytime working on projects and her art and its very awkward being in the same room as her. You could hear a pin drop when both of us are in a room. A cold draft envelopes the room when she enters, its very unsettling. I would hang out and spend time getting to know Almond, but he’s a Political Science major and is super busy since he’s a second year and is trying to get his foot in the door early on. He has an internship right now and a full time student schedule so he’s barely home and if he is, he’s usually sleeping. I’m very alone, and starting to become depressed about it.



But, as of lately I’ve been studying and working on final projects because these two weeks are finals and I’m finally understanding what people mean when they say “crunch time”. The library and laptop have become my best friends these past few days. I guess this is what happens when you’re a English Major haha, lots of writing and reading. Minimal studying really which is nice, just have to convey creativity and knowledge of concepts. Just tough because this so-called “college experience” has been pretty sucky and non-existent. I just hope things can get better.

A Few Weeks Later:



My finals went really well, very impressed with myself. I survived my first semester of college and my parents are just as excited when I sent them the letter. Its now the first holiday of the year. We go to school all year around, and just take vacations that are short in length, but frequent. ¬†I was going to go home, but my parents informed me I couldn’t come home because they’ve had some suspicious things happening and are worried that bad man finding out I’m their daughter and something happening to me. I think they worry a little too much, but I respected their wishes. But, I had my own problems at my house. Strawberry apparently doesn’t have anyone to spend the holiday with either because she stayed back too. Just my luck. Dreading my holiday with the one person who hates me the most, and tears me down every time I see her.

When I would come into a room she was in, she would narrow her eyes and her mouth would quiver in anger. One day her negatively and hatred really got to me. I started breaking down in our bedroom. She was out of the house thank berry, but I was so embarrassed and ashamed. I felt so guilty even though I did absolutely nothing except defend myself against her hurtful words. I just wanted to make one friend while I was here, and I can’t even manage that. How pathetic is that? I should of just stayed home and meet people. Starting to lose all sense of what I’m really supposed to be doing on this Earth. Doesn’t seem like anyone wants me around.



Except, about a week later after my moping and pity party Strawberry actually spoke words to me. At first, I thought it was a dream and that I should wake up at any second because someone who hates you that much doesn’t just talk to you out of the berry blue.

“Uh, hey Clementine? That’s your name right?” she quietly asked

At first I ignored here because I was washing dishes and focusing on other things, and didn’t really hear her.

“Clementine? Clementine Moscato?”

“Hmmm, oh?……what?” I broke my focus

“Can I, uh….can chat with you and ask you something?” she asked again

“Oh, umm….sure?”



She didn’t say anything at first when I turned to face her. Her eyes awkwardly darted around the room, finding the words to say. Was she apologizing? Maybe? Better be sincere if she is. I couldn’t think of any other reason she had to acknowledge my physical existence. I kept staring at her trying to figure out her game, but nothing was coming to mind except apology so I just came out with something to start somewhere, even though this woman didn’t deserve it.

“What’s up?” I blurted out

“Yeah, uhh I was wondering since its just you and me here that if you’d go out with me? All my friends went home for holiday, and I don’t go out alone.” she said quietly, staring at the floor

Wait what? You still hate me but want me to go out with you? Berry I’m confused now. What is this? You don’t invite out the berrymate you hate the most to have a good time? Is she pretending nothing happened? She really knows how to play people I bet.

“What? Why do you want to go out with me? Thought you hated me and wouldn’t want to be seen with me?”

I regretted saying that.



“Oh I still do. Its taking every ounce of me just to face you and speak with you. I still don’t trust you and don’t like you. Something’s your sleeve and I just don’t know what it is yet.” she reaffirmed


“I’m just asking you to go out so I have someone with me and some guy won’t get any funny ideas. Can’t trust everyone that goes to the bars, trust me. Unfortunately, you’re the only one I can ask and my last hope. So you’ll go?”

“Uh, I guess. Sure.” I sighed

“Alright, get ready to look good because I don’t go out with people who look like berry ¬†losers, even if they may be one.” ¬†she complained

Oh great. I’m going out with a berry woman that hates me, and now she has high expectations.




A few hours passed before we were going out and supposed to get ready. I put on my best “going out” dress, and just pulled my hair back in a nice pony tail. I thought I looked rather attractive and was kinda glad to finally go out, even if it was with Strawberry and under weird circumstances. I went into our shared bedroom and Strawberry was in front of the mirror. Swinging her hips around, and primping herself up. She had a short, babydoll dress on that looked great on her. I could feel my body start to cower in her self-confidence. She knew she looked good and made sure everyone know she was confident in herself. My body started to tense up and fill jealous. I wish I could feel that way about myself. I’m such a coward when it comes to my self-worth. I’m shy and awkward and see no point in my existence most days except I’m the third child my parents wanted. I was excited to be going out, but scared of what’s about to come.




As I was staring and memorized by her self-confidence and how fawning over how beautiful she was, she quickly spun around and smiled a fake smile. She was excited to go out, but I knew not with me. She knows how to put on a great act.

“Are you ready to go?” she smiled

“Uh, yep. Sure am.” I replied

¬†We made our way down the only college-aged bar in town, its a dive bar of course and where most of the college guys hang out because that’s what the girls want. A place where guys are crawling all over the place. One thing I will never understand. Why finding love or just sex is so important early on in a women’s life. Its stupid and so time consuming. I think that’s why Strawberry goes out, to have a fan fondle over her and she can just forget about things for a night or two.

When we got there, we were carded and she immediately rushed to the bar to order a few drinks for us. She didn’t talk to me or look at me. In fact, she didn’t even acknowledge I was there with there. What I expected. I just drank about two or three drinks slowly and looked around, keeping my distance from people and being awkward. I watched Strawberry throughout the night just so nothing bad would happen with her. By that time, she was very intoxicated and stumbling all around the floor. That’s when she signaled me to come over there by here, which I did. She spotted a guy she wanted to “youknowwhat” with and had to tell me I guess.

” Ohmyberry do you see that guy Clemmy?” she shouted

Clemmy? I have a nickname now?

“Yes, he’s a student. I think medical school. Why?” I replied

“He is SOOOOOO cute. Omg I’m going to go say hi. I have to have him.”

“His name is Mocha Bean…I think.”




And so she did. She went over and started flirting with him immediately. Mocha Bean was just soaking it all up because he was intoxicated too. This is basically a hunting round for male and female animals who are feeding on alcohol. Definitely the reason why I don’t come here often. A huge waste of money. I went back to sit at the bar and just hope that the night would fly by fast and soon enough we’d be getting a cab home. No one around the bar was interested in talking to me except maybe the bartender, but he had other ideas and that wasn’t going to happen. I slowly drank another drink and kept looking around at all the stupid berries.

Screenshot-53 Screenshot-54

But, of course Strawberry was getting as drunk as she possibly could so a few minutes after I sat down she yelled out my name, and I got up, and oh my berry was that uncomfortable.

“Clemmy! Clemmy! You need to come meet Mocha’s friend!! He’s such a cute berry! Come over heeeerrrrreee!” she slurred

I could feel my face starting to flush quickly, and my teeth suddenly biting my lower lip in embarrassment. I really didn’t want to go over there. I just wanted to go home at this point so I got up and looked at his so-called good looking friend, and we made eye contact an then he showed a face of disgust. He didn’t like what he saw, go figure. This made me even more embarrassed. So I looked at the floor and put one hand around the back of my neck. “Why the berry did I come again?” I kept repeating to myself. Trying to be a good fake friend? I mean there’s no real purpose I’m here except I’m being nice to my enemy.

I sat back down at the bar and put my hands over my face. My cheeks were flushed and hot. I wanted to bury myself in my arms and hope people just think I’m too drunk and they’ll leave me alone. Or maybe jump behind the bar? Stay in the ladies room until closing time? I was thinking of every idea to be hidden from everyone. Nothing would work or even seems plausible and I knew that. Just trying to make myself feel better about this social situation. I could really just be at home and work on my novel.

Screenshot-56 Screenshot-58


Eventually I got sick of sitting down and decided to get up and just stand by the bar like I was waiting for a drink or something. It was believable and no one would bug me. They might stare, but I can handle that. I really wanted to leave, but something kept me from doing so. I guess I was just being a roommate tonight instead of trying to be friends with Strawberry. I was being a good roommate by not leaving her. Or maybe I should? I was going to go to the bathroom to do more self-loathing  but I got a tap on my shoulder.

“Oh great what is it now.” I mumbled as I turned around.

“You need to get your berry butt dancing! I can tell you aren’t having fun and that’s not why I brought you. We are going to dance until you have fun andddddd smile!” she once again slurred

“Oh…uh alright?”

That’s when she went up to the jukebox and chose a dance party song, and grabbed my hand, dragging me out on the dance floor with her. No one else was dancing so I was awkwardly standing there as Strawberry started to dance. She scolded me and demanded I dance, so I attempted to do what is called “dancing”. After awhile Strawberry started to laugh and shout. I could help but smile and laugh because she was acting so stupid haha. I have to admit, I was starting to have a little bit of fun only because in her drunken stupor,she was actually being nice to me and treating me like a friend. This is the Strawberry I wish I could see on a daily basis. Even though we ¬†are opposites, I think we could still get along and be cordial.



The rest of our time was spent at the bar was spent dancing and laughing hysterically at each other. Believe it or not I did have fun with her, even if she might forget everything she we did. We managed to flag down a taxi to take us home. We each paid half and I helped her stumble into our house. That’s when she all of sudden had a energy boost and ran into the kitchen yelling about how hungry she was and she needs food. So we each took out a plate of the salad I made the other day, and sat down on at the table. I definitely wasn’t prepared for the following conversations that I was going to be apart of.

“Oh my berry yayyyy my favorite! You make the best food Clementine. Even though, its ummm healthy, its still really good!” she cheered

“Uh, thanks?” I chuckled


“What’s up with us? I mean, what are we going to do about this relationship between us?”

Screenshot-69 Screenshot-71

*Cough* “What? What do you mean?”

“Well I mean before we went out, we’ve avoided each other all semester and I was very rude to you. I think we should make amends or start over. I mean you’re really nice and agreed to come out with me even though I was such a berryhole.” she explained

“That’s true, you were very rude and hurtful. Thanks for realizing that. That takes a lot to do, and shows you’re a bigger person. Honestly I would like to be friends with you because you’re the opposite of me, and I could have a lot of fun and learn from you.” I smiled

“Really? Even after how I treated you?”

“Yeah, why not? I mean why not start over. Some people deserve second chances.”

“So do-over then?” she looked up at me

“Yes, do over.” I agreed




“You know, when I said you were judgmental and that smug type, I realized tonight you really aren’t. I’m sorry. Its just I don’t make friends easily when it comes to other women. They always have some issue about me that they don’t agree on, even though its my life. I shouldn’t of based that off of your looks, but you looked like a person who would have something to say about my lifestyle.” she apologized

“Oh no. I would never do anything like that. I wouldn’t be confident enough to tell you that if I did think that. I always try to welcome everyone with open arms. Haha sometimes that can be a flaw because I’m too nice. I get it from my mom. I thought you were very beautiful and I”m quite jealous haha.” I complimented




“Haha ohmyberry really? Thank you so much. You’re pretty too! You have to have confidence girl! You’re just a little shy, and that’s alright. Not everyone is open and confident. I mean we are women haha. You’re pretty cool Clemmy. Oh, do you mind me calling you that? Seems fitting for you.”

“Well its just my mom doesn’t have much confidence and I have two older brothers who ¬†were and still are very protective over me so its hard to be comfortable around guys especially. Its so hard being around so many guys. I definitely lived sheltered life haha that’s why I live here and am going to school here. Its all so confusing and I’ve never felt so naive. Oh, and I don’t mind if you call me that. Never had a nickname so its fine.”

“Oh well good, you can call me Straw too. Its what I prefer anyway. And don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find some guy that will love you and cherish you. ¬†And if he doesn’t, well the’s not right for you because I can see you’re a really nice person. As for me, I don’t like being tied down so I just go out with different people.” she ¬†said

¬†For about an hour after that we talked about anything and everything under the berry sun. It was a nice change from being hated and alone. I really enjoyed it too since she was slowly starting to sober up. Its nice to see the true Straw come out and to know she’s not really that mean. She’s a lovely person and strong. I still wish I could be like her, minus the drunken part and many guys. But, she has reasons for that which I respect. But, soon enough the sobering lead to her falling asleep on my shoulder and then I let her sleep on the couch while I went to bed.


Screenshot-82 Screenshot-84 Screenshot-85

The next morning I woke up and Straw was up early making a batch of coffee and lattes for us. She must of had a hangover from berry hell. I wanted to laugh and say something witty, but didn’t know where we stood on our relationship so I kept it to myself. I just walked out and grabbed one of the lattes she made and sat down next to her.

“Haha we sure did have fun last night. I’m definitely feeling it tonight.” she laughed

“Haha well what can I say, drinking heavily and dancing doesn’t always go together I’m sure.” I shrugged

“Yeah, probably not. Still sorry you came out with me. I know that’s something you’re not into, but I appreciate you came. Like I said, I don’t trust everyone at the bars so its good to have a wing-woman.”



“Hey its no problem. I mean I was confused as to why I said yes and why you asked the whole night, but turns out things turned out well right?”

“Well I guess, but really who does that with someone who was a berryhole to you? Haha Clemmy you are something else. Like I said, I don’t have much friends and you are the official friend I think I’ve made at the university. If that’s okay with you?” she quickly asked

“Oh my berry yeah? Why not? I don’t have any friends and I think the do-over we had last night marks us as being friends. Hopefully we can do more stuff together when school starts back up. Go out for some coffee haha.” I agreed

Screenshot-92 Screenshot-95

“Awe thanks, and yes we will have to do coffee and if you need anything let me know.” she stood up and opened her arms for a hug

“Yes, definitely. I’m a writer and coffee is my fuel so we will have to. And you’re welcome, oh, and thank you!” I giggled

 Definitely a good start for my first friendship.

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Chapter Eleven

Can you believe we’re already here at Chapter Eleven? Hard to believe I’d be at this point when I started this rainbowcy back in July. But, I’m glad to be nearing the end so we can have a new generation reign ūüôā Generation Two hasn’t even been born yet! Haha, I’m getting on it though! There’s a lot of redecorating I had to do and I’m still not even half way done with it. Anyway, there isn’t much I have left to say except that this chapter is rather long as well. There’s no way I could of broken it up in two parts. This chapter contains a lot of dialogue. It couldn’t be avoided haha, so hopefully you won’t mind.¬†

Also, I had a picture of Coffee Bean but somehow it got lost while editing, soooo…you’ll have to use your imagination a little bit.¬†

I’d like to thank and give credit to Arosia for the one pose I used, and Simmoa for the Champs Les Sims that will be featured in this chapter.¬†

Oh! and POV will shift in this chapter, it will be noted. 

NOTE: Minimal Strong Language May Be Used 





Its been roughly a month, maybe two months since we got married now. I can say that I love married life so far. Spending most of my time with Tang is the best thing I could ask for. Knowing he’ll never leave me again, and feeling the love we have for each other. ¬†Couldn’t ask for more. Tang doesn’t want to start working again because if his name gets around town, Coffee Bean is sure to hear of it. I can’t say I like it to be that way all the time, but its nice to have him home with me so he can help me around the house. Or we just end up getting lost in each other. Apple keeps asking me when we’re going to have children. I told her I don’t even know if he wants them, or if he wants a lot. I, of course want children. But,I don’t want to rush things and ruin our relationship. We’re still in that honeymoon phase, and I’m really enjoying it. We’ll have kids eventually, even if it is just one.¬†









Plus, I don’t think I have the attention span for taking care of a child right now. I’m too focused on Tang and our relationship. Its like we’re two teenagers deep in love, and I can’t get enough of it. We’re silly together, and I love the spontaneous kisses, hugs and little gifts we give to one another. Even though we didn’t travel somewhere extravagant for our honeymoon, it still feels like we’re far from reality and I love it. I think he likes it too. We love spending all of our time with each other. We try to limit how much we go out just in case, but I don’t mind. Staying home is just as fun.¬†





The other day Tang let me sleep in later in usual, and he went out and bought more pumpkins for us to carve for the upcoming berry holiday. Berryween. Its a holiday were berries dress up like warlocks, witches, monsters and ghouls for fun or to receive candy if you’re a child. Its a fun holiday and Tang thought we should have some decorations up, so we carved pumpkins together one afternoon.¬†

“Now, I want it to be a surprise and see what you come up with!” he teased

“Okay, okay. I’m not very good at this so don’t laugh!” I playfully warned

“I wouldn’t laugh at your carving Sunshine.”

“Well good, because that’s not allowed.”




“Alright Sunshine, I’m all done! How’s yours coming along?” he announced¬†

“What? Hold on! I’m not done, don’t look!” I gasped

“Hehe its okay sweetie. I’ll wait patiently for you. I’m sure it looks great.”

“Might even look better than yours!”

“Hey now, I wouldn’t get too confident over there.” he chuckled

All I could was laugh because I was having so much fun with him, but we doing something so simple. Carving pumpkins, but yet it felt like I was having the time of my life. 

*Tangerine’s POV*







Tonight I had get some air. It was already eleven-thirty at night and I was bored. I don’t sleep much anymore due to the fact that I’m scared Coffee Bean or one of his berry goons is going to come into the house and try to kill me. Plus, I worry for Meri’s safety. She doesn’t need anything to happen to her, and she’s already taken a big risk of sticking my side. I’m grateful for that woman. I don’t know what I would do without her. That’s why I stay up and keep watch most nights, but lately I’ve been feelings stir crazy staying cooped up in that house. So I went out for a drink to put my mind at ease. I walked into the local bar here, and there wasn’t much going on. There was a bartender, failing at making drinks. It was pretty dead and that’s the way I wanted. I sat down, ordered a typical drink. Something with enough alcohol content to calm my nerves down. I was drinking it slowly since I would have to go back home, and I didn’t want Meri to think I don’t enjoy sleeping there at night or anything.

My thoughts were all over the place, to the point where I couldn’t think straight. I briefly scanned the room. More people have arrived and it was starting to get a little noisy. I guess the “party” crowd had finally arrived. I smiled, remembering when I was young and could be careless like the people in the bar. I kept scanning the room, looking and studying the people, and that’s when I saw it.

Screenshot-24 Screenshot-25





No, not it. Him.¬†It looked like he was hiding behind a few people on purpose, but he didn’t see me so maybe he just showed up by chance. I don’t know, but I definitely knew that it was Coffee Bean. He wasn’t wearing his usual, expensive suits. Looked like he was trying to blend in with the people here. He was looking for me. I just knew it. I jumped back in surprise and fear. This was not good. I had to get out of here, quick without him seeing me. If he saw me, I’d be a goner. I didn’t want to stick around and let me spot me. I quickly paid the bartender, and ¬†evaded the dreaded berry who was looking to have my head. Once I got outside, I surveyed the area. Did he come alone? No, of course not. He wouldn’t do that. He never does anything by himself. He’s a master of manipulation. It looked clear, but instead I look the long way home. And I went on foot. I walked through the wooded area, and ran as fast as I could home. Meri needed to know about this. We’re in danger.¬†

*Meringue’s POV*






“Meri, Meri! Wake up! Sunshine, please wake up!” I heard Tang quietly shouting by the bedside

I wasn’t sure what he wanted, or why I had to get up right at this moment, but I fought my sleepy eyes and slowly rose up.¬†

“Mmm, what is it Tang?” I rubbed my eyes

“I need to talk to you, we have a problem.”

“Huh? Talk to me? Its one in the morning! What could you possibly have to talk to me about at this time?”¬†






“Meri, this is serious okay? I was out tonight and I saw Coffee Bean. In the flesh, we aren’t safe here.” he quickly said, with one hand on my shoulder¬†

He went out tonight? When? I know that shouldn’t been the first thought to come to mind, but it did. I know Tang doesn’t really sleep anymore because he’s too afraid too. Even with me by his side. But, he worries about my safety too. He went to a bar though? and he saw Coffee Bean? What? The two things weren’t connecting together.¬†

“So what does that mean?” I sheepishly asked

“What does that mean? Meri, were you listening to me at all? That means we need to get out of here, fast.”

“What? Leave? Now? We can’t.”







“Well, I didn’t mean right this second, but preferably as soon as possible we should get out of here. Its not safe anymore.” he sighed

“Leave here? But, where will we go. This is our home.” I winced¬†

“Meri, you knew this might happen. We might have to live our life being on the run sometimes. This is nothing new.”

“But, we can’t leave here. We just got settled in together, and we’ve barely got to enjoy our first home. Plus, this is my parent’s house. I don’t know if I can just leave it be, sitting empty and have someone else living here. Its an heirloom, and what about Apple? My friends are here.”¬†

“Sunshine, are your friends and this house more important than your life? I don’t think so. I want you to be safe and alive.” he scoffed






“What was that? Don’t you ever snub off my friends and family Tangerine. These are people and things that are important to me. You should know that, and we need to work this out together instead of everything being your way.” I raised my voice

He didn’t like that, but he frowned realizing that what he said sounded heartless. I shouldn’t of reacted that way, but he should care about those things. They mean something to me. He quickly apologized for his words.¬†

“Look, I’m sorry I said that. I shouldn’t have. I just want what’s best for you and for you to be safe, and not have to fear for your life every second of the day. I’m saying that moving might be our only option at this time.”¬†

“Ugh, I really don’t want to move Tang. You know that right?”

“Of course I do Sunshine. I didn’t want to bring it up, but I don’t know what else to do.” He answered softly

“We could get in touch with the authorities?” I suggested

“We could, but something tells me they won’t be all that helpful. But, we can. If you want.”

“How about we do that, and if they can’t help, we’ll leave.”¬†

“That sounds good Sunshine. I’m sorry for hurting your feelings.” he kissed my cheek

“I know you didn’t mean it, I overreacted too.” I whispered back¬†



Shortly after our discussion about future plans and our future altogether, I was mentally drained and couldn’t go to sleep. I told Tang to go to bed and I’ll stay up so he doesn’t have to worry. He nodded in agreement and went to bed. I plopped myself in the living room. My head was starting to hurt from all the scenarios and what the right choice is at this point. I was exhausted, yet I just woke up. He was right, I did know that this was a possibility. I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon, and so suddenly. I just wanted a little more time here with him and my friends. I guess I’ll have to get used to living like this, even though its quite an emotional ride. I just hope I can get used to it.





I stayed out in the living room until dawn. The moment the sun came up I called down to the local police station. I know it wasn’t much, but I needed answers and guidance. Plus, someone had to know about this horrible man that was after us. The man on the other end of the phone didn’t seem convinced when I asked for their best detective to come over so we could talk to him about our “problem”. My patience was running short so I had practically yell for him to send someone over. I was already in a bad mood, but now I was in foul mood and wasn’t standing up for anything that I didn’t like. This was going to be a rough meeting, but it had to be done whether Tang agreed or not.¬†

We didn’t have to wait long, because soon enough there was a knock at our door and a sharp dressed berry walked through the door. He smiled and then his face became mute. He introduced himself as Detective Gum, and he was here for our service. I greeted him, introduced me and Tang. Tang, gave me the look to wait in the other room, so I did.¬†



“So what did you folks call me down for?” he asked immediately

“We have someone who is on the hunt for us. His name is Coffee Bean, he’s originally from Briocheport. He’s a sleazy and corrupt businessman. He plays dirty and I used to work for him. He wants me and my wife since we got in the way of his dirty schemes. I saw him last night at the local bar, so I know he’s already here. We’re just not sure what to do next. I know that we can’t stay here, but she wanted some reassurance from the police.” Tang explained


“So you need err or want me to take him down? But, yet you’ve done nothing illegal in the matter?”¬†

“Well I used to use dirty tactics when I worked with him, but that was back in Briocheport. I quit working for him quite a few months ago. See, he wants this property because he plans on monopolizing Apple Loosa Pie and this lot is the cheapest. ¬†Well, we aren’t giving it up that easily. He’s already came after me once and tried to kill me. He didn’t succeed so he’ll make he does the next time.”

“Ahh okay. Well I don’t have jurisdiction in Briocheport anyway, but if he’s here I can bring him down.” Detective Gum smirked



“Thank your listening and coming down on your own time. Hopefully we can figure something out together. If you wouldn’t mind, we can talk about it with my wife in the other room.” Tang stated

I listened the whole time. I wasn’t about to be left out of the plans and discussions. I was just as involved as Tangerine. I wasn’t as scared as I used to be about this whole situation. I was more worried, but it wasn’t fear. At least not yet.¬†

“I’d be happy to talk to the both of you and devise some sort of plan. This sounds like a serious issue and I can tell you are living in fear.”¬†

Screenshot-70 Screenshot-74 Screenshot-76


All three of us sat down in the living room, and waited for someone to speak first. I didn’t have anything to say just yet, so I waited for Tang or Detective Gum to say something first.¬†

“So how do you plan on finding evidence against him, so it will be enough for probable cause? ” Tang spit out

“Well you might have to help us with that. Do you have any papers, phone calls or anything against them?” Gum asked

“Currently no. My apartment in Briocheport was ransacked by them when they attempted to kill me. All I have is my testimony. Not enough I understand, but I do know his true plans. I guess it’ll only be a matter of time until the truth will come out.”

“We’ll find something I’m sure. You can’t give up that easily. We might have to work with Briocheport police force as well. As long as you’re telling the truth, there will be some loophole.”¬†

“I highly doubt it. No one will be able to get to him. He’s too powerful and has too much status. I’ll believe it when I see it.” Tang argued¬†

“You’ll just have to have some faith. What’s the reason you called if you don’t think ¬†I can help anyway?” Gum raised an eyebrow






“That you’re going to have to ask my wife about.”¬†

“Oh, well, what is your concern ma’am?”¬†

“Protection. Tangerine doesn’t believe we’re safe living here, and quite frankly I don’t want to leave this place. This is my home. This has been in my family. I can’t just get up and leave. Is there any way you can provide protection so we don’t have to leave?” I laid out

“Hmm, well if I can be honest?” he looked at both of us for approval

“I’d prefer you do.”

“Meringue is it? Ma’am, in this type of high risk situation, you’re husband’s plan might be the best plan. Relocating would be your best bet. That way your enemies don’t know where you are, and if they come for you, you aren’t here just simply waiting for him.”¬†

“What? There has to be some other way! Relocating is the last thing I want!” I disagreed

“I’m sure it is. Leaving one’s home is never easy, I’ve seen it many times. But, safety is what matters in this situation.” Gum noted







That’s not what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear that there would a way we could stay here. I stood up immediately. I didn’t want them to see the tears swelling up in my eyes. I tried to stay calm and convince myself this was the best option. But, that’s not what was happening. I wanted to lash out and yell at them for being fools for not seeing my way. But, that wouldn’t solve anything. Its hard to accept this way of life, and I have a feeling I’m going to be at war with myself this whole time. I was just so worried about everyone else, when I should be worried about my family instead.¬†

“What about Apple?” I whispered

“Who?” Gum asked in surprise

“Apple is her best friend that lives here in town. The Lime Family you know? Apple, December and Clover. Coffee Bean will know all of our connections. I don’t associate with anyone except Meri, and well now you. But, if he finds out that Meri has friends, he’ll hurt them to get to us.” Tangerine explained

“Oh, well I can make sure to keep an eye on her family. She knows nothing of this I take it?”¬†

“Berry no, this would kill her. Its going to kill her knowing I won’t be here for our children to grow up together. She can’t know.”

“I will make sure someone watches that house and the family members.” Gum reassured

“Thank you.” I piped out, fighting the tears

“Now, are you setting up arrangements for making the big move, or will you need help with that. We have a great Relocation Program among area. We work in cohorts with Sugar Valley on this, and its very secretive.”¬†

“We would like help on that. I trust that you will be secretive and efficient with it. Thank you.” Tangerine thanked him






From that night on, we had to wait for the signal for when our departure was. It would be a taxi that would drive by our house at three o’clock in the morning and would park down the street so no one would see us get in. This was all becoming so surreal. In a matter of two weeks I had to mentally prepare myself to say goodbye to my childhood home, all the memories that were left in that house. Even the family pictures. All I took with me was my mother’s diary and my dad’s lucky pendant. Those couldn’t be left behind, no matter what. I was starting a new life, but with the same name. Tang was all on board with this. I had a feeling he was used to being on the run and starting over. I wasn’t. Everything I knew was vanishing before my eyes. I had to say goodbye once again to my best friend, whom I’d probably never see again. It was just me and Tangerine once again. Hopefully starting off our lives with no worries.

Our relocation was very far away. In a whole different berry sweet country actually. We were relocated to Champs Les Sims. Its a city in France. Our house looks over the rive that run town. Its a beautiful sight, and our new home is huge. So many rooms, and a basement! I don’t know what they were thinking give us that much space. I just hope I can settle in here, and get used the new people and new sights.¬†


Alrighty ūüôā That’s it for Chapter Eleven! One more chapter and then I’m thinking an heir poll will be up! Hehe, I just have to get done redecorating their house, and have them get pregnant! Sorry for the length, hopefully next chapter won’t be so long!¬†